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Sacred 2 Save Game Editor
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    Vanyel posted on Mar 08, 2009 6:42:50 PM - Report post
    originally posted by DescentJS

    The first version of my save game editor for sacred 2.


    should work for any version you can find a save game decoder for.

    [Edited by DescentJS, 2/6/2009 8:51:41 PM]

    I've tried to use your editor but the game only tells me how much xp I need for the NEXT level, not my TOTAL xp. How do I find this?

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    Vanyel posted on Mar 08, 2009 9:13:20 PM - Report post
    NEvermind. I was able to find the info in the stats file
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    Vanyel posted on Mar 08, 2009 9:14:31 PM - Report post
    Any way to adjust the editor to change your character's quest flag from bronze to silver? I backed up my saved game and loaded in bronze... she kept her level, but it started over from the begining. I REALLY don't want to have to repeat 20-30hrs of gameplay
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    Vanyel posted on Mar 08, 2009 10:20:22 PM - Report post
    I've done some experimenting. I don't think it's possible to simply change modes on the fly for single player.

    I tested a few things after backing up my save files

    1) I took my main and restarted her on silver. Her quests were empty.

    2) I did a few quests then saved and exited.

    3) I went back to bronze and she was EXACTLY where I left her while in bronze with all her old quests

    4) Saved and Exited. Went back to silver. She was EXACTLY were in left her in silver mode with the few quests I did

    It seems like each single player "mode" isn't simply a value that can be changed. the save file seems to have space and "store" the bronze, silver, gold, and niob(sp?) levels seperately.

    I also ran another test.

    Made two NEW characters, all identicle, one silver, one bronze... and used hexedit to compare.. over 400 differences. This is a LOT more than a simple value for the game.

    So keeping in mind the tests I ran above, this would make sense.

    I think the only way, without some MAJOR tool, you will have to complete the compaign on one difficuly and RE DO it on a harder one until someone can release a tool that will switch your difficulty and copy all your quest progress from one section to another.

    Personally I think this was a STUPID choice on the part of the dev team to design a game this way.

    Multiplayer is different as it saved all multiplayer quests (Regardless of difficult in the same area of the save file)

    [Edited by Vanyel, 3/8/2009 10:21:14 PM]
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    MonkeyPoxxor posted on Mar 09, 2009 4:57:30 PM - Report post
    So maybe I'm retarded here, but I can't seem to coordinate with the Level and XP section of the editor. Entering info directly into the fields doesn't seem to work- only using the arrow keys has an effect. I'm trying to recreate a corrupted lvl 51 character, which has like 13million experience. Is there no other way to set the XP bar without having to press the up arrow 13 million times?
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    Karach0s posted on Mar 10, 2009 7:46:41 AM - Report post
    Hello all.

    I've found some curious things about combat arts. Mainly you can edit activation, level and modifications for each and every Combat Art. In the decoded save file of course.
    Below is the example and description how to do that. Read he, who is curious.

    At the end of the decoded file you can find such structures as (Hex Workshop is useful here, because it can view the readable representation of bytes):

    se_te_energieschild..,. N..?.....

    Now of course the names there represent the CA name. For instance se_ means it's a Seraphim combat art, cm_ means it's of class Celestial Magic and the rest (readable rest, of course) is the German name. Now lets look closer at the given combat art (Seraphim's Warding Energy). We have such bytes:

    F2 13 00 00 00 73 65 5F 74 65 5F 65 6E 65 72 67 69
    65 73 63 68 69 6C 64 01 0A 2C 00 20 4E 00 00 1A F2

    which correspond to string:

    .....se_te_energieschild..,. N..?.

    Now I've assumed that the F2 byte is the separator between combat arts. It's useful if someone would like to code it into the save editor or something, cause it's always there between the CAs.

    Lets review the bytes from the end. F2 is of course the separator, but the byte right before it tells the game which modifications we have chosen for the skill. For example the 1A there is binary 00 01 10 10 and it means that we have chosen top modification for bronze (last 2 bits - 10), top modification for silver (middle 10) and bottom one for gold (01 at the beginning) [if I've mistaken the bronze-silver-gold order, sorry . Played with it yesterday]. 00 at the very beginning stays 00. Knowing that we can change selected modifications if we think we have chosen the wrong ones. It is even possible to select all 6 modifications for each CA (binary 00111111, hex 3F) and the game will let us do just that.

    But be warned that the total amount of modification points is checked against the number of corresponding skill points (for Seraphim Warding Energy the skills are Revered Technology Lore and Focus). Now if we get both skills to lvl 100 or just one to lvl 200, we would have maxed available modification points (which are 15 and not more for each CA class). Now if we select just one modification more, the game will bug us about not spent modification points.

    Having said that I want to make clear, that it is possible to just set all the CAs to 3F (all modifications possible) and the game will not crash. Its just that it will think we have some unspent points, and the + sign near our toon face will keep flashing. One safe way to get all the modifications for one CA is to remove the modification from the other one. Each of us have some favourites, don't we? So if one wants to max modifications for Warding Energy and say Flaring Nova, other 2 CAs (eg. Divine Protection and BeEffGee) must be clear of modifications. The remaining one can have 3 modifications, provided we have maxed modification points with corresponding skills.

    One last word to say. If one sets more modifications than possible and triggers the modi-overflow situation (flashing + sign near our toon face and unspent modification points on the CA screen) than it's no longer possible in game to select more modifications for the given CA class even if we reach another modification point marker. So watch out.

    Now some other usefull bytes are the tenth from the end and the first after the name. It's 01 and probably (I'm not sure) means the CA is activated, meaning we've spent at least one rune for it. I'm not sure, cause my toon have all CAs active, and all have 01 byte there. I guess that inactive CAs would have 00 there but it's unconfirmed yet.
    The byte after that 01 is probably the CA number or something (0A in the example above). It's different for each CA.
    And last but not least the byte after 0A - the third after the CA name and the eighth from the end (2C above) is the CA level. In other words it means how many runes we have read for the given skill.

    That's all for now. I hope it's written clearly enough for someone other than me to understand.

    Editor writers (DescentJS or ase69_s) are welcome to use the knowledge and enhance their editors to edit Combat Arts.
    That's the main reason for posting the instruction here in this thread, to be honest.
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    JunkCollector posted on Apr 16, 2009 7:56:57 PM - Report post
    I'm gonna have to try this editor; I've got a char that I want to respec. Hopefully this'll help.
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    reanor posted on Apr 25, 2009 11:35:18 AM - Report post
    I've tried this editor but its not working for me. I decode the save file (appropriate exp and stuff), then change money amount to what i want and add some skill points etc. But when I get to the game its still the thame and even after I level up its still the same.
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