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ultra rare money word
the_chainer  posted on Dec 21, 2004 9:50:28 AM - Report post

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say "genie" in a chat room

if anybody finds any words, post them
e13moonsago  posted on Dec 25, 2004 9:36:17 PM - Report post

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ultra rare words-Amplitude, Antiquing, Baklava, Blatherskite, Bombardment, Bombastic, Cabbage, Cantankerous, Comatose, Doddering, Dressage, Emu, Epoch, Equinox, Fiddlesticks, Fisticuffs, Fortuitous, Goldilocks, Gorgon, Isthmus, Jab, Larval, Magenta, Oxymoron, Planetarium, Skullduggery, Stenographer, Stingray, Undulate, Vegan, Wisenheimer.
rare words-Aquarium, Awesome, Barnacle, Batteries, Behemoth, Blam, Blimp, Bonus, Boss, Camel, Carbon, Cavity, Chronological, Cinnamon, Cleaver, Consume, Crochet, Egghead, Ego, Encyclopedia, Enemy, Enigma, Enterprise, Fantasy, Fiber, Florescent, Gargoyle, Ginger, Glamorous, God, Granny, Hangnail, Hopeful, Hunchback, Incognito, Kingdom, Link, Magnificent, Mongrel, Mushroom, Nutritional, Oddball, Paranormal, Particular, Pastry, Peppercorn, Platypus, Poker, Protect, Python, Quantum, Rhapsody, Sleuth, Sonic, Spin, Stud, Stuff, Stupendous, Surgery, Sushi, Taxes, Trinket, Vomit, Wait, Warp, Waste, Wayforward, Wigwam, Wizard, Xylophone, Zoology.
e13moonsago  posted on Dec 25, 2004 9:45:18 PM - Report post

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uncommon words-Acne, Afternoon, Allergy, Alligator, Amazing, Answer, Argument, Asparagus, Attack, Average, Baboon, Bar, Basket, Beauty, Beverage, Bikini, Bloom, Blouse, Boil, Botanical, Bounce, Brat, Break, Brilliant, Buff, Busy, Castaway, Chance, Cheat, Chocolate, Clone, Code, Collection, Communicate, Conform, Consequence, Contract, Contribute, Corporation, Country, Creature, Criminal, Crossbow, Cruise, Crustacean, Delicious, Detention, Directions, Disaster, Discover, Dragon, Drama, Drive, Dubious, Eclipse, Ecology, Eggplant, Email, Engagement, Envelope, Evaluate, Excitement, Explore, Faith, Famous, Fat, Fatal, Finish, Flake, Foreign, Forget, Geek, Gift, Giggle, Giver, Goblin, Gothic, Grenade, Grotesque, Gullible, Gum, Handle, Heartfelt, Herd, Hiccup, Hidden, High, Hook, Hug, Huge, Hummingbird, Hunk, Infatuated, Inspection, Insurance, Jail, Judge, Kangaroo, Kissed, Lavender, Leader, Lick, Like, Liver, Loaf, Loose, Lover, Magazine, Makeup, Massage, Master, Maximum, Medication, Mediocre, Message, Mister, Molasses, Mysterious, Natural, Ninja, Northern, Notes, Obsessed, Oily, Opera, Outgoing, Oy, Pantyhose, Parents, Peanut, Personal, Persuade, Pie, Pigeon, Pillowcase, Pilot, Pimple, Pineapple, Pirate, Pixie, Pomegranate, Ponder, Potter, Pray, Precious, Predator, President, Princess, Promise, Property, Pumpkin, Queen, Radical, Rash, Religion, Request, Restrain, Restroom, Romantic, Saliva, Sasquatch, Satisfaction, Selfish, Seven, Sharp, Shoot, Shot, Sidekick, Simple, Single, Skinny, Skirt, Soap, Soothsayer, Spider, Spirit, Spit, Squid, States, Sticky, Sugar, Swing, Tasty, Tease, Tech, Thesaurus, Thin, Thing, Ticklish, Timing, Toilet, Toothpaste, Tradition, Trampoline, Tranquil, Trek, Trunk, Turnover, Turtle, United, Universe, Uranium, Vampire, Vegetarian, Velvet, Void, Vote, Wee, Weep, Weight, Western, Whale, Whirlwind, Wisdom, Yeti, Zipper, Zone
common words-Address, Airhead, Backpack, Bald, Band, Bandage, Baseball, Billion, Black, Bloody, Blue, Book, Bounce, Boy, Break, Breakfast, Broken, Brother, Building, Bunk, Cafeteria, Cake, Camp, Candy, Cash, Cat, Cell, Chat, Cheap, Cheerleader, Cheese, Chest, Chunky, Class, Coin, Cold, Cookies, Cool, Cry, Cute, Dad, Dance, Decorate, Detention, Digital, Dinner, Dog, Dollar, Dough, Dough, Eat, Empty, English, Failed, Fat, Film, Filthy, Fire, Flag, Football, Found, Frankly, Freak, Friendly, Galaxy, Game, Garlic, Geek, Girl, Grade, Greasy, Green, Grounded, Gym, Hair, Happy, Hat, Hate, Highlights, Historical, History, Homeroom, Homework, Hot, Hotdog, Huge, Hungry, Ice, Image, Introduce, Invent, Jacket, Job, Juicy, Ketchup, Kitty, Lab, Lame, Laugh, Liberty, Locker, Lol, Loot, Lost, Love, Lover, Lunch, Mask, Math, Meeting, Military, Mittens, Mom, Money, Monkey, Mug, Nasty, Neat, Nervous, Number, Old, Pants, Paper, Pencil, Phat, Phone, Pie, Pizza, Please, Poor, Pop, Popcorn, Portrait, Professor, Puppy, Purse, Rain, Recess, Red, Relish, Riches, Sad, Scarf, Science, Score, Shirt, Shot, Simple, Sister, Skate, Skinny, Sleepy, Snack, Snow, Soccer, Star, Stocks, Summer, Sunny, Supper, Teacher, Thanks, Thin, Tiger, Tight, Tipsy, Tired, Treasure, Trendy, Trouble, Ttyl, Universe, Upset, Video, Wallet, Wannabe, Water, White, Winter, Wireless, World, Yellow, Young
willy wonky  posted on Feb 07, 2005 6:13:31 PM - Report post

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gameplayer  posted on Mar 17, 2005 4:10:05 PM - Report post

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u know who typed those comman words must have a lot of extra time on their hands or else their a really fast typer like me.
bowser123  posted on Jan 02, 2006 12:17:57 PM - Report post

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i have have all the common words uncommon words rare words and ultra rare words
Kilala_kittE  posted on Oct 21, 2006 5:25:46 PM - Report post

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I am already bored with this game... I wished they'd added more to it.
dogpoo  posted on Jan 26, 2007 8:33:30 AM - Report post

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this game is phsyco
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