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editing skillpoints
Killa_B  posted on Jan 17, 2009 6:52:14 PM - Report post

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i know this game is old, and propably there arn't many people left who are interested in it.
but i wanted to play the game again, and i got a bit frustrated how long it takes to get enough skillpoints (or whatever they are called in this game) to increase the abilitys of the character.

it might be okay, to level slowly and not being spammed with points right away, but i want to be in control. =)

i tried editing the points in the memory of the game with artmoney, but the location seems to keep changing and sieving the results just ends up with an empty list.

but then i looked in the savegame-directory (vivisector/DATA/save) and found a way to get it to work.
every savegame consists of 4 files.
a .bmp with a 512x512 pixel sized screenshot from when the save happend
a .cfg with plaintext in it and rather small. (mine are at the current point of the game about 10k)
a .dat file wich is rather big with binary data in it. (mine are about 10mb each)
and a .save file wich is tiny (about 200 bytes) with plaintext in it, listing savegame name, levelname, savefile names and the date and time of the savegame.

before we do ANYTHING with those files, make a backupcopy of it!
i warned you and i'm not resposible if editing those files grants you world dominating powers!

we gonna take the .cfg file and open it up with whatever you like to use to edit text-files. notepad will work just fine for this.
then we scroll down until we find several lines starting with "@playerinfo.". you can search for that string, if you dont like scrolling. =)
it's about 2 pages into the file.

there you will finde the lines "@playerinfo.score = " and "@playerinfo.prevscore = ".
change those to whatever you like.

i havn't tested it, but i would recommend not to put in too high of a value, since that might break your savegame.
i also havn't tested what happens if you put in 2 different values.
but putting in the save in both lines works without any problems.

after you are done, save the file, boot up the game and load that savegame.
at the next checkpoint you will be able to spend all your skillpoints.

alternatively you can just edit the lines below the score-lines.
the one with "@playerinfo.speed = " and so on.
havn't tried, but i guess they tell the game what skills are allready leveled up.

and i just of now discovered how to level up the individual weaponclasses, like pistols, machineguns and optic rifles.

the last part of the .cfg-file is named "=== Player Statistics ===".
there you have listed your totals kills, what kind of creatures you killed and how often (listed as "Character0" to "Character 44", how many shots you fired in total and how many shots you fired with every individual weapon and how many of those you hit a target with.
at the very end of that section and of the whole file, you'll find the lines with "@Upgrades.Slot0" to ".Slot8".
those are the percentages showin ingame.
setting them to "1.000000" will max the weapon out.
slots 1 to 4 will make those weapons to be really accurate, and slots 5 to 8 will receive a magazin capacity of 100 each.

the slots are as follows:
Slot0 => Knifes
Slot1 => Pistols
Slot2 => Shotguns
Slot3 => Automatic Rifles
Slot4 => Machineguns
Slot5 => Optic Rifles
Slot6 => Explosives
Slot7 => Launchers
Slot8 => Energy

i guess that will explain everything so far.
if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
and if i don't answer in 1 day, send me a PM. i might forget about this post. ~=)

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