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What we know so far
clifford_wolf  posted on Jan 10, 2009 6:38:04 PM - Report post

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DOW 2: What We Know So Far!

Q: How many races playable in DOW 2?
A: 4 Races playable in DOW 2. Tyranids, Orkz, Eldar and Space Marines.

Q: How many races playable in SP campaign?
A: There is only space marine campaign, and IG *MIGHT* be playable only in SP camp.

Q: What will the SP campaign be like?
A: SP camp will be different compared to mp/skirmish. In sp camp, you can manage up to 6 squads that can have up to 4 or 5 different abilites, each squad has a lot of depth and can be customized with different wargears. You can lose most of missions and still beat the camp, how? You just have to win the most important ones. Which leads to different outcome(s), as oppose to you beating all of the missions, etc. What you do in a mission and how you do it in a mission will also effect the story.

Q: Will there be bosses in sp camp?
A: Yes, the 1st boss for DOW 2 is called "Bonecrusher", he's a huge ork who is very powerful. Bosses will also have special abilties, they are also smart.

Q: Will there be basebuilding, resources, techtrees, etc?
A: Yes, only in MP though.

Q: Will the Army Editor feature return in DOW 2?
A: Yes, it will return with some added features, it will also be more easier to use.

Q: What online service will DOW 2 use?
A: DOW 2 will use Games For Windows Live, which is competly free now.

Q: Will there be big scale/Relic units in DOW 2?
A: First off, the scale for DOW 2 will be much more accurate in DOW2. Avatar of Khanie will be back in DOW 2, so expect powerful units for the other races to return.

Q: Will the old characters from DOW 1 return in DOW 2? And which SM chapter will we see in DOW 2?
A: Old characters from previous camps will return, and SM chapter in DOW 2 is blood ravens.

Q:What are some NEW features in DOW 2?
A: Some NEW features include,

* Physics - The laws of physics clearly state that whatever goes up and comes down, DOW2 physics is no exeception, units take more damange when attacked from behind, etc.

* Destructable environments - "In COH, it's destructable terrian, in DOW 2, it's destructable everything" - Relic

* Enhanced wargear(over 100 wargears per faction) - There's wargear for sqauds, squad leaders, heroes and Vechiles. Setting up the right wargear before a mission is key.

* Boss battles - Bosses will be smart, and they will have special attacks. Bonecrusher(the 1st boss from DOW2) is a huge Ork, his special attacks include shockwave, stomp, etc.

* Online co-op camp - The camp can be playable online with your buddies.

* Tyranids - One of the worst kept secreats in vg history. Tyranids are one hungry faction, and you will see why in DOW 2.

* New campaign with choices that affect it - You don't have to finish all of the missions to complete the sp camp, etc. You have the option to answer distress signals, etc. As of now, SM and Orkz camp has been confirmed.

* Enchanced cover system - The cover system for dow2 will be like coh's cover, wheater it's modified or not is uncertain.

* Shrines and other buildings - Capturing shrines and other vital structures can give a you a strategic adventage. Shrines, etc can give you a number of different bonuses.

* Unique maps - One of the biggest downsides in DOW1 was maps, dow2 will feature great maps. It will be like COH maps, except better thanks to DOW2's setting.

* Really smart A.I - The A.I will get a serious overhaul, it will be smart and pain in the a$$. The guy who coded coh's a.i will code dow2's a.i, except he's got more helpers this time around. The A.I is smart enough to flee when out numbered.

* Veterancy and garrisioning buildings - Units now get promoted and buildings can be garrisioned.

* Comics - Comics will be placed all around the camp, comics tell the story. The comics will be similiar to Homeworld's comics.

Q: What are all the OFFICALLY confirnmed units in DOW 2?
A: ALL confirnmed units so far,

NOTE: These are offically confirnmed units, there will be more units in DOW 2.

Space Marines

* Scout Marines
* Tactical Marines
* Devastor squad
* Assualt Marines
* Terminator
* Force commander(Hero unit)
* Dreadnought
* Predator tank


* Stikky boyz
* Storm boyz
* Lootas
* Tankbustas
* Shootas
* Warboss(Hero unit)
* Wartrukk
* Killa Kan


* Guardians
* Howling banshees
* Ranger
* Warlock
* Warp spider
* Farseer(Hero unit)
* Falcon grav tank
* Wraith lord
* Fire Prism
* Avatar of Khaine


* Guants
* Spore
* Ripper
* Warrior
* Ravener
* Lictor
* Hive Tyrant(Hero unit)
* Carnifex
* Zoanthrope

Q: Will Sync kills return?
A: Yes, Sync kills are now called "Extreme kills".

Q: Who is the music composer for DOW 2?
A: Doyle W, Donehoo.

Q: Where can I view some DOW 2 screens?

Q: Where can I view some DOW 2 videos?

Q: How will the Tyranids play out?
A: Tyranids will have something called "Synapse". From worthplaying, "toss a grenade over a wall into a group of Tyranids with a synapse creature, and they will immediately recognize it as a weapon, move to avoid it, and search out the attacker who launched it. Use a sneak attack to eliminate the synapse creature before tossing in a grenade, and the reaction is quite different. The individual Tyranids won't know that the grenade is a threat. Some may ignore it. Others may sniff it. But they won't run, and when it blows up, it takes out most of the group."

clifford_wolf  posted on Jan 10, 2009 6:39:51 PM - Report post

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3 Stages of Tyranid Terraformation In DOW 2

1) Stage 1 - Spore mines, these slow floating creatures can explode into some nasty goop, which does damage btw.

2) Stage 2 - Hive node, an artillary that can shoot Tyranid juice(acid?), which can damage enemy units over a wide area.

3) Stage 3 - Brood nests, these nests spawn new group of Tyranids every 10-15 seconds.

Tyranids resource(in sp camp) - Bio-Mass

Tyranids reduce everything organic in the map and use that aganist you.

Q: When is the release date for DOW 2?
A: February 23 or 24, 2009 and DOW 2 will be rated "M" for mature.

fimmy  posted on Jan 14, 2009 9:05:04 AM - Report post

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Just a note about the release date; according to Gamestop it's been moved forward to the 18th of February from the 24th, yay!
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