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Kman25  posted on Jan 11, 2009 6:26:12 AM - Report post

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I agree with you both I have been playing games for 15 years and the recent games are mostly graphics and less than stellar story lines.Though a few games shine every year the majority fails.Believe me I play almost every game that comes out.

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TagManDK  posted on Jan 12, 2009 8:54:35 AM - Report post

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The game is 10 times better on X360. It's just a bad porting to PC. Give them some time, they'll release patches. Hopefully. -.-
JamieK  posted on Jan 12, 2009 5:21:03 PM - Report post

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To be honest, i like this game, its much more better, the only thing that needs tweaking is the driving physics.
toreador  posted on Jan 14, 2009 12:17:59 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Petray

I'm with stee01, most of the nay sayers in here seem like graphics whor-es. Saints Row 2 was more enjoyable for me personally than GTA4, try actually playing the game and try not to act like a 10 year old crying cause you crave the okay graphics of GTA.

It's not bad to want good graphics. And yes GTA is much better in that department even with all its problems, at least it doesn't freeze every few seconds.
That being said, I like the missions and all the stuff you can do in the city. And for that reason I'll keep playing it. Hopefully a patch will be released that fixes the crashes.

Kiriai  posted on Jan 15, 2009 1:09:05 AM - Report post

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I was playing GTAIV, got to Heli mish near the end... didn't play it for a few days. Got hold of Saint's Row 2... played it for a whole day non-stop.. took out the Ronin and started playing around with some diversions (I now no longer take falling damage , among other bonuses) and when I got up the next morning... I promptly uninstalled GTAIV, deciding I really don't care how it ends, SR2 is much more fun.

I recommend this game over GTAIV, sure the car driving physics are like "WTH?!?" in comparison, but once you get used to them you'll slide around corners like a pro.

And BTW, graphics are way secondary to game-play. A pile of crap painted up pretty... is still a pile of crap.

Really.. do a google search of Zero Punctuation... watch that guy's reviews for both GTAIV and SR2. He'll set you straight.

Seriously tho on graphics... the advance of graphical power has, by and large, been a set-back in the way of story and plot lines for games. The prettier they've gotten, the more dull the story has gotten, for the most part. Think about when they had crappy sprite-based graphics on the Super Nintendo... we got great games like Terranigma, Secret of Mana, etc. Now that we got powerful systems like the X360 we get games where they're all glitter and flash and no substance. "Oooh... you can jump and grab a ledge then kick off and flip and grab another ledge then do a jump and slap this enemy in mid-air..." "Yeah but why does your character want to do that?" "Ummm... I dunno... but they can!"

Pretty =/= Good

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PLatinumpolak  posted on Jan 15, 2009 1:59:24 AM - Report post

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i think GTAIV is better SR2 got crappy graphics and crappy game play the only thing that saves it is the story
Kiriai  posted on Jan 15, 2009 7:25:58 PM - Report post

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IMO the only way SR2 fails in comparison for game-play is the fact that in GTAIV ANY pistol shot to the face/head will 1-shot an enemy unless they're wearing a helmet (E.G.: SWAT guys) where in SR2 the crappy pistol won't kill with a single head-shot.

Carjackings: are comparable... practically the same

Car handling: better in GTAIV, but not good in either game

Main Story: WAY better in SR2

Distractions/Activities: In SR2 these are side-games... that give you bonuses.. in GTAIV these are your "friends" calling you every 10 minutes wanting you to waste time hanging out with them for absolutely no gain or reward.

Graphics: Still looks OK in SR2, a little dated but that's all... GTAIV is prettier, but so unoptimized you've gotta have an $8,000 Alien-Ware rig to run it on Medium-High settings.

Weapons: SR2 has MORE of them... especially melee weapons... GTAIV has a knife... and a bat.. and what? Plus Hand-To-Hand is better in SR2 'cause you have combos with their own special camera, and 4 different melee styles (that I found).

Missions: GTAIV has a bunch more contacts allowing for a LOT more missions total. However it's less sandbox than SR2 because the contacts get unlocked as you move forward in the story. Once you complete the prologue in SR2 all the mission lines are available with the exception of Ultor.

I could continue but I feel like I've made a pretty good point. All in all I feel SR2 is just a better game. Just my opinion, but I will fight fiercly against general comments like "GTAIV is better." I feel if someone wants to say that 1 game of a genre is better than another of the same, they should offer up reasons why.

Mumbles  posted on Jan 15, 2009 9:13:10 PM - Report post

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Saints Row two is to Grand Theft Auto four what Wii is to Sony Playstation 3.
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