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Locked Topic  2nd Annual Fantasy Royal Rumble!
Jackal  posted on Feb 09, 2009 12:08:50 AM - Report post

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Kane is on fire...but Bret is in and he hits him in the back with a steel chair, to no effect Kane turns around, Bret tries another chair shot but Kane grabs him by the throat. He turns the Hitman around and spikes him into the mat with a vicious Tombstone!

Jericho lurks from behind...

Al-pucino  posted on Feb 10, 2009 12:41:20 AM - Report post

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Kane twirls around to face a hesitant Jericho. Kane is undoubtedly in no mood to play games. Jericho suddenly steps back slowly as if he wanted to exit the ring. As he does that, Kane follows Jericho by stepping forward slowly. Jericho is then trapped as the ropes gradually near him.

With an instant impact, Kane thumps his hand around Jericho's neck and pushes him over the ropes, but then Jericho is saved by someone who attacks Kane from behind...

Jackal  posted on Feb 10, 2009 12:57:05 AM - Report post

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Test clotheslines both men over but Kane hangs on, Jericho is clinging for dear life as he latches onto Kane's legs. Referees keep a close eye as Chris is dangling awfully close...
latios_power  posted on Feb 11, 2009 2:23:37 PM - Report post

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From behind was standing The Rock, Test turns and The Rock hits him with the Rock Bottom, Kane Jericho is back in the ring again, But The Rock hasn't finished his work yet, as he spears Jericho right away, Kane try to Big Boot him but he dodges and hits Kane amazingly with a Samoan Drop. OMG

Fans go crazy chanting ROCKY!

who will stop The Rock now?!?!?!?!?

Jackal  posted on Feb 11, 2009 3:42:23 PM - Report post

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In case you didn't get the notice The Fantasy Rumble has just changed due to inactivity, one wrestler may now be eliminated every page

From the top rope Edge then spears The Rock with authority, Edge smiles tauting the crowd but from behind Bret Hart connects with a reverse DDT...the Hitman locks in the Sharpshooter as Edge screams for mercy!

the next 'Mystery Entrant' may now be chosen...ATAL cannot chose because he picked the last one

[Edited by Jackal, 2/11/2009 3:42:45 PM]

nedra12  posted on Feb 11, 2009 11:40:58 PM - Report post

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Number 20 entrant is........Jeff Hardy!!!!

The crowd sreamed with excitement as he enters the ring and then.....

Atal  posted on Feb 12, 2009 1:07:48 AM - Report post

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Jeff Hardy enters the ring and giving punches to everyone. He gives a kick to edge but he grabs his leg, Jeff delivers a enziguri. Then Jeff performs whisper in the wind on Edge and then climbs the top rope a delivers a sawnton bomb.
Jackal  posted on Feb 12, 2009 1:09:19 AM - Report post

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Hardy salutes the crowd in his red and black face paint...Bret breaks the hold on Edge and charges for Hardy but gets a Twist of Fate for his trouble, Jeff leaps up to the top rope for a Swanton, Jericho intercedes but the creative Hardy is ready for him...Jeff leaps onto Chris and turns him inside out whipping him over the top rope with a huge Hurricanrana!

Chris Jericho has been eliminated...

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