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Locked Topic  ATTN: Psych / Radiance
Viscera1969  posted on Dec 22, 2008 5:32:07 PM - Report post

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originally posted by PeTTs0n

Originally posted by bes4360:

That's the way to do it PWizard. I am so frigging sick of these rippers. Know that you can count on me to do my part to help.

...And from all serious CH (at least CHU) members, we do not simply "pay for a trainer", we pay for the dedicated hard work and support that's behind them.

Sad to see all this ripping, flaming etc. as it gives all sides a bad name, and that's not the goal of anyone. One may try to slander someone, but it all too often strikes back. Hope that there will be some settlement, and I respect the way Sheep stepped up to compete with CH.

Just my .02$

[Edited by PeTTs0n, 12/22/2008 4:51:56 PM]

Well we or at least I pay for the Speed,Dedication and the support and as well as their Professionalism that CHEAT HAPPENS brings to the table. Before i joined CH, i would wait and wait and wait sometimes days weeks and even months to get a free trainer by that time i either beaten the game with out cheats that i was playing or just lost interest in it.

Now Cheat Happens also has the INTEGRITY, not just as individuals but as a WHOLE TEAM, something some people and groups just will never know the true meaning of. I also know That this Team of Trainer makers should be paid for doing what they do, its a job just like any thing else do to the fact if you stress over the work you are attempting to do and you spend hours at it and time away from your FAMILY and your LIFE for others then the thing you are doing is called a JOB so there fore you should be paid for it, just because the job is making trainers for games, doesn't mean it isn't a real job.

So if Pyhsc & those that back him have any INTEGRITY at all, He will Retract his statements and the group will take some sort of action against him for ever stating such HEINOUS and BOGUS Comments about Cheat Happens.


Caliber  posted on Dec 22, 2008 5:46:15 PM - Report post

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this is from labrynth of radiance:

Team Radiance is what is left over from Extalia.
People who follow these groups and hang out will always support their members. Non team will all ways side with the site they are on.

When one person from another group has problems with another one they tend to blame/accuse the whole group.
This not fair judgement,
I am Team Proud and do not like to be rat holed because someone has a problem with a member of a group I'm in.

As far as I know the claims are looking to belittle a friend.
I have several source codes to Psychs trainers. So unless you guys are releasing source code I don't see how he can release someones work from here.
I do not know about the past between PWiz and Psych, it is between them If you ask me.
But when my team a myself is getting called something I am not in anger, that is not something I will not sit by and take.
I don't concider myself a leet game hacker, more or less a mid rage skilled one in my opinion.

I speak for my beliefs alone not anyone else of the team. Everyone has their own mind and I can't speak but as a member of this team and a friend to a member of it.


Caliber  posted on Dec 22, 2008 6:39:49 PM - Report post

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you know i respect you personally labrynth but the truth that all of us trainer makers knows is that each of us has our own trainer template. the magic of what we do (and the hard work of it) is the time put into finding the addresses of variables (such as health) and then tracing into the game code what controls that variable. sometimes there are dozens of code areas that deal with that variable or code areas that are called by many things (enemy and player). it's the challenge of the trainer maker to decide which code to manipulate and how to do the manipulation. this isn't always so easy and transparent to do.

now we both know that it's pretty easy to attach certain programs to a game and then using the functionality of these programs you can see what a trainer is doing to the game (where the code injection points are) and view our CH.dll, etc. to see how we accomplished a certain option. some people might copy the entire code byte by byte while others just needed the extra help to find out how an option was done so that they could complete their trainer.

i can make the same option using many ways once i have 'realized' how the game works with a variable. for instance, health.... i can capture a code location and then constantly write to it for maximum health, or i can NOP out the code that writes damages to the health, or i can remove the entire damage routine from ever being called, etc. once you have something to start with, you eliminated 90% of the work, which is finding the variables in memory and deciding what to do with them or how the game deals with them. i think we can all HONESTLY admit this.

so let's cut through all the comparing of code crap. nobody is going to be able to compare source codes, etc. because to be frank, there's just too many ways to do the same thing. i cannot 'prove' by using psych or anyone else's source codes that they ripped us when there are 3 or 4 different ways to do the same thing (or just capture the code a few instructions previous or later, etc.). you all know this. this has been the way it has been for years when these types of squabbles occur.

what i DO KNOW is that Ryan had an account with us and he has been downloading our trainers and we can show this. we can further show that i put out trainers within hours of a game coming out and then voila a day or two later the same or similar options show up on certain trainers. why does he have an account with us when he was so vocally against us charging for trainers? open your eyes, guys. this doesn't look very good. can you not see that? or you don't WANT to see how this looks?

also we DO KNOW that he has no basis or proof to put in that NFO what he wrote, which was the catalyst of this whole episode. i am doubly upset since he is calling US rippers when he has far more evidence and things pointing to himself. Also, he used his account to try and post our member's only work AND a tool to try and crack our trainers. is there nobody from radiance that can see our side of this and why we are visibly upset? is there nobody there that can stand up and say, 'hey... it matters to me that our name was put on something and a member wrote something unfactual so we want to correct it here because we aren't like that.'? attempting to crack our trainers and attempting to make/post tools to crack our future work is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE to us. if a member there is doing this, can you not see the problem?

let's not try to pretend that people cannot rip others work and then say, 'look, my code is different', etc. you can make the same options in delphi, vis basic, c, or assembly and make the code in each of those cases jump into the game at different points and do different things to accomplish the same result. but how much easier is it when you don't have to go through all the repetative crap, crashing, and dead ends before you get to those magical code areas or understanding of how the game works.

i understand what you are saying Lab, and i respect all your work and contributions to the scene. you are one of the few i can say i trust anymore. but please, man, contact pwizard and go through it with him. see for yourself. don't blindly follow along and be used here.


[eXtreme]  posted on Dec 23, 2008 12:12:50 AM - Report post

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originally posted by bes4360

That's the way to do it PWizard. I am so frigging sick of these rippers. Know that you can count on me to do my part to help.

you can just say "you are rippers" but the real point is you don't have anything that proves we are ripping from other trainers.am i right?if you have then prove it.for example take look at my +10 dead space trainer.do you see super speed option or freeze enemies option in other trainers?i can prove all of the options i done in that trainer and what i do.i'm not saying i'm a pro hacker no please don't miss understand some one else with a little bit work can do better than me.right?
about Psych.yes we will support him unless you have something that prove we are ripping from other trainers.
so PWizrd now i need prove for the words you just said in the first post:

PWizard i'm still waiting for prove:

So, Team Radiance, is this what you want your legacy to be? Ripping and cracking other people's trainers and code? if so, then Bravo. That's one talented group you have there.

[Edited by [eXtreme], 12/23/2008 12:25:15 AM]

[Edited by [eXtreme], 12/23/2008 12:39:18 AM]

Neo7  posted on Dec 23, 2008 12:29:09 AM - Report post

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Perhaps both parties are willing to show each other a source code of a trainer they did for the same game by the member standing accused. If neither of you have nothing to hide, it isn't an unreasonable way to settle the matter of ripping. After all, it is the way FAQ authors determine plagiarism, comparing the submitted sources.

So far, I'm not really thrilled about the publicity stunt Chris is pulling. If you do want to make an announcement on a message board or other public forum to let others who may be in a similar situation know about it, be civil, and do not stoop to name-calling or threats.

[Edited by Neo7, 12/23/2008 12:34:44 AM]

AugustBaine  posted on Dec 23, 2008 1:00:58 AM - Report post

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At the risk of being flamed, I have to put in my 2cents. I have to say I agree with Neo on this one. This board has gone into 5 pages of mud slinging. There's no reason that everyone can't be civil about this. Perhaps it's time for a truce and some mediation? Both sides should prepare whatever proof they have about the issue at hand, then have a neutral mediator around to oversee things. I've nothing but respect and support for the great ppl here at CH (my unlimited account is proof of this), but it's a little sad when things get out of hand.

So how about it? A truce and some CIVIL discussion? A "cease fire" on EVERYONE'S part is a definite must, i.e. clean up all those nfos of name calling and bad mouthing, stop posting of messages/threads anywhere, and whatever other crap THEN mediate. No one's saying that everyone will have to be the best of pals again, but it certainly sucks to have enemies. More importantly, everything can be clarified and there can be some peace and goodwill. Christmas is coming. Let it be a time for everyone to settle their differences so that everyone can truly have a merry Christmas time.

[Edited by AugustBaine, 12/23/2008 1:04:50 AM]

commando1234  posted on Dec 23, 2008 1:42:45 AM - Report post

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And so it has begun... The Age Of Internal Strife......


madb0y  posted on Dec 23, 2008 3:29:37 AM - Report post

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$30 is a modest fee for timely and effective trainers. I spend $15/day on lunch and cigarettes. So $30/year is chump change. If this more than reasonable price somehow hurts you financially then you should be getting a job instead of playing video games .
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