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Locked Topic  ATTN: Psych / Radiance
Psych1  posted on Dec 22, 2008 9:19:34 AM - Report post

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You clearly don't know anything, so why even post about things you know nothing of? [Sheep] would hardly follow me, because [Sheep] is one of the people I have learnt from over the years, and he has been around RCE for much longer than I have. In many respects I am still new to the 'scene', but yeah, 'nobody' comments mean sh!t to me pal.

Caliber  posted on Dec 22, 2008 9:24:39 AM - Report post

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i *thought* i had a pretty good relationship with psych at one point, and i write this at the risk of whatever is left of that relationship. all of this stuff has made me rethink my relationship and dealings with many people in the future. all this right before xmas-

1) i been doing xlive 'memory based' trainers for games since halo 2 for pc. i've posted countless times regarding the xlive scanning process. i posted regarding the NEW way xlive is encrypting data for game variables in GTA. i posted that the game checks the integrity of the files for altered status and also that you cannot use other's save files, etc.

now i am looking and looking for postings regarding those facts from team extalia or team radiance but i don't see any...

so yeah, it angers me when someone posts that we stole some work from somebody else, and yet they have no postings about this game nor any proof that i have done this...

2) i've never and will never alter binary files before they are loaded into memory. we have to worry about the members and what happens to their accounts and save files, etc. whereas free, anonymous trainer postings don't have this sort of problem. show me some proof that our trainer does this? also, rick himself stated that we didn't use his method. show me some proof that our trainer is using whatever you think rick's method is. we mentioned rick because 1) he's a member of our site! and posts here! and 2) i had to deal with all of this stolen code crap from a posting on gamefaqs where someone made a sick statement about my ill father to which i felt compelled to repspond to it, which is where rick's name was first mentioned and we saw that he was a member of our site (by a different name) and 3) he states that we don't use his wrapper or methods himself! in fact, we dont' alter xlive binary (or even the memory based .dll's function) AT ALL. it still does it's scans and everything just as before. it hasn't been modified at all by my trainer. however, i think the suspicion could just as easily be possibly made when comparing rick's wrapper and the 'memory based trainer locations' that you put into YOUR trainer by others, since the timing of this trainer for fallout comes out after rick's methods are disclosed? do you like people saying that YOU stole from rick? i haven't looked at your trainer yet, but maybe someone can peer into that? have you at least tried to see what my trainer is doing? why would you post that we alter a binary file when i don't?

3) you wrote: we will never forget the way you tried to screw us and those select other scene groups. what are you talking about? how have i screwed any other groups? i never mention or badmouth any groups. i am just here doing my work, persistantly and consistently, even in the worst of times personally.

4) you posted: you complain about ripped code, and then rip it yourself-

but where's the proof i have ripped someone's code? haven't i done hundreds of trainers to this point? many, many of them i had the only trainer for it? many of them out weeks before any other trainers (and not just crap titles)? at what time does it click to you that maybe i know what i am doing and don't need to copy people's work? be honest with yourself for once. stop posing and pontificating. i have a huge body of work to point to. where's your proof of this? maybe you don't like the way i code my trainers or feel other people may have better options.... fine! the end user can decide for themselves!

it saddens me that this is how things have gotten. i'd rather have a friendly relationship with other trainer makers. i have nothing against anyone's work or what they choose to do. it's only when they start making baseless accusations or ripping our work, or WORSE trying to make softwares to crack our trainers (does that sound familiar?) directly that i become a little upset. i lost a tremendous amount of the respect i had for you and for extalia when that all came down (you know what i mean). there's no honor in coders who bash others and just write things without true accountability or confirmation. i have no idea why there is such hate. our work in no way stops you from making your own work, or 'better' trainers than ours. i think people with our talents should get paid for the long hours and hard work and you don't (for whatever reason). i realize you reading that may make you upset with me, but the evidence is pretty substantial and damning. IM PRETTY UPSET. it's hard for me to not believe it when it's there in front of me. i didn't WANT to believe it. it's like that picture of your spouse cheating on you.... is it really them? but they are RIGHT THERE IN THE PICTURE! hard to ignore it psych.

at any rate, i hope you have some proof for some of those things you wrote, or some way to explain the membership and illegal trainer postings. and if you have any honor you will retract statements that you made without such proof.

i would have stayed out of this or just ignored much of what is written about us, but people brought my sick dad into this, and also they bring up info inside their NFO's making unconfirmed statements about the literally DAYS of work that went into getting a working trainer for that game. I only wish i had 10 more options for it, which may be possible now that there appears to be ways to actually KILL xlive, but we didn't come up with that method and i am leery to screw with xlive and disable it. so for now we only have the 2 options that work with the game in it's unmodified state, unless you or someone else puts out one with xlive modifications and more options...


Caliber  posted on Dec 22, 2008 9:32:30 AM - Report post

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regarding sheep's reaction to all of this:

(edited at his request)

hi mike.. erm.. sorry i dont have time to read the entire post yet.. because im off out the door and away for a few days before christmas.. let me tell u this.. i havent opened a debugger or worked on ANY games.. or looked at any forum posts.. or had ANYTHING to do with trainers recently as i am gearing up for the new year.. u can rest assured that when i release my work it will have my name on it.. i dont stab people in the back and i have enough skill and motivation to make a dent on my own without having to team up with anyone.. what i am doing is working on a new site to hold my new work in the new year.. u might not beleive me.. but i did this for u.. and only u.. i could have cheaply rlsed some **** trainers for lots of games to start an attack on CH but u have been nothing but a good friend to me.. i wanted to hurt chris but doing so i knew i would be hurting u aswell.. so i decided to leave the entire christmas period alone.. and work solely toward a site for the new year.. maybe at this point CH is too big to hurt financially.. we shall see.. but as far as work is concerned anyone who doesnt give u respect is clearly a ****ing idiot.. and i will make that statement publically at any time u want me to.. on any forum.. because like i said.. i dont stab people in the back.. im sorry i dont have time to read the rest.. its very big..ill read it when i get back in a few days and give u my responce then.. i have had nothing to do with any other trainer group.. to be honest they all ****ing sicken me.. not one of them contain anyone with a brain.. and btw.. if radiance is that ****ing bull**** group run by wicccann.. then u should know better.. i would gladly stab him in the heart with a rusty ****ing spoon.. hes one of the most vile people ive met in my entire life..

on a good note.. i hope u have a ****ing great christmas mike.. u deserve it my friend..

u can rest assured i will always be ur friend.. u have my permission to post this email anywhere u wish also.. and i would hardly say that if i was in league with these people or slagging u off behind ur back.. u have done some amazing work in the past.. ive never told u when u impressed me because i didnt want u getting a big head hehe.. but u certainly impressed me a LOT .. and not many people do that..

happy christmas to u and urs.. and a great new year..

ur friend.. always.. sheep.


-end of e-mail-

Now that's honor. he's going to go at it releasing work in competition with us next year, but at least he will do it with respect and honor.


Viscera1969  posted on Dec 22, 2008 9:53:00 AM - Report post

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I know this is none of my business and i know i'll be flamed to death no doubt but i have to say my piece here or my mind wont be at peace. Now i have thought for sometime something fishy about Psych's trainers when i gotten them in most cases they don't have half the options on them as CH does and what ones they do have do the exact same things Ch does, they just alter the option name a little to make it seem like it was all their idea, so like i said i thought something fishy was there for awhile now and after seeing all this, it has been confirmed. Plus Psych trainers seem to crash more, i think after all the trainers i have gotten from my membership with The True Trainer Gods here at CH i only had one or 2 maybe 3 that gave me problems and compare to all the others i got that was flawless, i think that is a damn good track record.

So as long as Cheat Happens exist and i have the cash, I WILL always be a Member here, and CH can take that to the bank.

Thanks to The T-GODS for your hard work and Dedication....


[Edited by Viscera1969, 12/22/2008 10:19:54 AM]

Psych1  posted on Dec 22, 2008 9:54:16 AM - Report post

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Cute message (regarding Cal's). How it pertains at all to our thread is nothing. Just ego-boosting I guess on your part. I respect [sheep] for what he has done in the past, and what he may continue to do, so don't try and put him into this. Respect and honour, and money I guess. The latter, it seems, is enough to change most people...

And Viscera, actually most of the trainers we release have more options, so i'm not sure what planet you are on tbh. In any case, whatever, who gives a crap about number of options. Quality on the other hand is something we do try and achieve. Maybe you just can't use them properly, or it needed a fix which rarely happens (but still does, even over here on CH). Again, whatever, and yeah you maybe shouldn't have posted man.

[Edited by Psych1, 12/22/2008 9:57:02 AM]

Psych1  posted on Dec 22, 2008 9:59:32 AM - Report post

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Any way, whatever guys. You can interpret what you see how you like, and you can do whatever. It makes no odds to either of us it seems, its nothing more than stalemate. So without further ado, i'm getting the hell outta dodge, no doubt you scrap this thread and delete my profile anyway so it makes no difference. Have fun with...err.. whatever it is you wanna big each other up about..


PWizard  posted on Dec 22, 2008 10:05:18 AM - Report post

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Of course we're not going to nuke this thread. We want everyone on the Internet to know exactly the kind of person you are and the group you represent. We've already sent notices out to many of our affiliate sites and some well known blogs.

Enjoy the holiday. Maybe we'll get to see some newly ripped options in the new year!

PWizard  posted on Dec 22, 2008 12:16:57 PM - Report post

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I'm leaving this topic open for other members (from Radiance or otherwise) to post their opinions on the subject.

MODs -- Please do not close.

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