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Locked Topic  ATTN: Psych / Radiance
PWizard  posted on Dec 22, 2008 6:07:59 AM - Report post

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This message is specifically for Psych and his new group Radiance. I had to post it here as he is one of those that prefers to hide in the shadows rather than put himself out there to freely contact.

Dear Psych / Radiance --

So, you couldn't manage to hold one group together, so you took whatever was left and made a new one? In my experience, poop by any other name still stinks.

While I had hoped that all of the following information would not need to be made public, Psych has taken it upon himself to trash us in his recent attempt at a trainer for Fallout 3. Here's an excerpt:

There is a 'fix' floating around on the web that seems to just be for GTAIV at
present, however, it may work for other xlive titles. In any case, cheathappens
in their infinite wisdom, decided to use this fix in their trainer(s) and claim
that it uses their own method, and is legal. Well actually guys, you ****ed up
(again!), and what you provide is nothing more than an implementation of someone
elses work, and because of the way it alters original binary files, it's illegal.
Hehe, also, we will never forget the way you tried to screw us and those select
other scene groups. You don't ask for help and then mess with those very people
who actually offered it. You complain about ripped code, and then rip it yourself,
you complain about a lack of members, but then you don't exactly help you own
community in great ways, and finally you threaten people. Way to go chaps...

Now, of course all of this is clearly bull as again Psych didn't do his homework. It's been stated AND PROVED time and time again on this very board that we did not use anything from Rick or his dll in creating our trainer. RICK HIMSELF EXAMINED OUR TRAINER AND SAID THE SAME THING ON HIS OWN WEBSITE. I'm not quite sure how much more proof you need. Our trainer DOES NOT alter any binary files nor does it require any cracked or modified dlls. In fact, our trainer specifically REQUIRES the original dlls in order to work.

Enough about that, we've been down that road before and everyone here knows the truth. In all honesty, it appears that talented team Radiance actually took Rick's wrapper information and coded it into their own trainer for Fallout 3. Of course, we're still waiting on independent verification of this before we start throwing around accusations.

Now, regarding Psych (real name: Ryan Tyson). You see, aside from Kelsat, Psych is actually the biggest trainer ripper on the Internet. Psych secretly had an UNLIMITED account on our website for quite some time and used it to download all of our premium trainers. Then, magically, a couple days later released a trainer of his own with the same or similar options. Now why would a supposedly talented trainer maker need a secret subscription and access to our trainers? I'm sure you can all put the pieces together.

However, this isn't the worst part. You see, not only did Psych rip our trainers, he also attempted to 'crack' them and put them on the internet. Of course, since he's as good at cracking as he is at trainer making, he merely removed one of our many checks within the trainers that he 'cracked' and uploaded to USENET. We easily found his name still encoded in multiple areas of the trainers.

So, Team Radiance, is this what you want your legacy to be? Ripping and cracking other people's trainers and code? if so, then Bravo. That's one talented group you have there.

If anyone is interested, I have SMTP and HTTP server logs to backup my accusations along with the 'cracked' trainers that were uploaded to USENET with Psych's info encoded into them.

Again, I didn't want to have to post this information, but I don't like people making false accusations about us behind some anonymous nfo file.

Now I think we'll get back to work, creating, updating and releasing about 40-50 trainers per month so people like Psych have something to rip.

[Edited by PWizard, 12/23/2008 1:38:03 PM]

staindredglass  posted on Dec 22, 2008 6:26:48 AM - Report post

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Psych and Radiance = pathetic. Enough said!

Psych1  posted on Dec 22, 2008 8:26:41 AM - Report post

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Hmm. Where to start!

Its not 'my' group. I don't own it or in any way claim it as my own. We are a team, not a one-man army, depite what you may think. As for not been able to make contact, well, what about the new boards? Or email? Or msn? List goes on. Thats no excuse. Then you post here in front of your members, in a board that never check (I got referred to this posting by a friend).

I did my homework actually. I always do. Again, despite your feelings towards me (which you can't seem to see beyond), I don't just randomly make up crap and post it. Funny you should mention this 'Rick' at all, because where did I post about him? Nowhere. Just so we're all clear on this, I utilize my own loader as an xlive bypass, I don't even use a wrapper of any kind. From the little i've read on this GTAIV subject, I would hazard a guess that the wrapper is only really tailored to GTAIV anyway, just as my loader is pretty much made for Fallout3 only (at least at this point in time it is). So its really a no-brainer when trying to do some comparing. So yeah, before you start posting anything remotely to do with it, gets your facts straight. If you are 'so' good at analyzing yourself (oh wait your not Chris, better get Cal to do it for you), you would see that my trainers have unique options, not even partly inspired by cheathappens releases. Might want to do a little more homework then you think?

Anyway, its pointless, because you won't hear me out, and quite frankly I don't care, because we both don't get along now do we. The feeling very mutual I believe its safe to say. Hehe, funny how you can say I am the biggest trainer ripper on the internet. I'll say it again "GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT", and check the damn trainers. Not one of my trainers, or any of the team's for that matter use anything like cheathappens. Caliber's options are done differently, most people's are in trainers. They have their own preferred methods of doing things, and thats that. We actually helped you (me and another group/groups?) because we see the trainer ripper problem as very real too. We don't condone it, and never will. Everyone is aware of Kelsat, and I don't see him/her changing anytime soon. We did our best about that issue, and thats all we can do. Certainly don't go and compare me to him, we are nothing alike, just as me and yourself are nothing like.

About the 'cracking' note, I never did such a thing. A group of us managed to pool together a small amount of trainers (not just yours) that were publicly available on torrents and other p2p sources. We were just as suprised as you were, but just as we do anything like this, we took a look as its human nature. However, its quite another thing to say we must have modified and re-released them. Err... hardly. Speculation.

Final note, like I said at the top, we aren't completely anonymous, because for a start why would we choose to be a web group and not purely scene? An .NFO and a team name is what we use. Wow, big conspiracy and so anonymous. We (as in the members) use our own name in the releases next to the team name. We all stand for a group, but leave our own personal bit in there; hardly an unusual occurence. Quit, using that as an excuse to post something.

40-50 trainers a month. Hmm... don't get ahead of yourself. And oh wait, is that 40-50 fully 'working' trainers, or shall we expect the usual 4-5 fixes and quick updates before all of the bugs are ironed out? Yeah, its not just me who notices. In fact I just get word from other sources about it, i'll not just give you another reason to say "Psych has our trainers". Believe what you like, it makes NO odds to me or the team. The rest of the scene knows you for what you really are, and your 'attitude' goes back years. I have a selection of contacts who can vouch for that. Just don't go expecting any sort of help in the future from any of us. Keep yourselves to yourselves, the rest of the trainer-making world will certainly be doing that. I have no reason, nor any intention to have anything further to do with you, and again the feeling is mutual i'm sure.


[Edited by Psych1, 12/22/2008 8:31:45 AM]

PWizard  posted on Dec 22, 2008 8:36:46 AM - Report post

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...and there you have it folks. Proof positive that the mighty trainer maker Psych has nothing better to do than hang out at our website 24/7 waiting to get direction from us on what to do next. It must really suck having to always be a follower and never a leader.
Psych1  posted on Dec 22, 2008 8:40:17 AM - Report post

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Like I said, I got pointed here. You're the one who just made a pithy response. What I said in that post stands, because its right what i've said. You'll probably just delete it or edit it anyway, I expect that. I'll not lose sleep. I must say I expected more though, maybe some more threats. That would be nice in public?! And who were you talking to again? Me? Because you just said folks... really does sound like you needed support there.

Bye all, Merry Xmas!

[Edited by Psych1, 12/22/2008 8:41:38 AM]

Caliber  posted on Dec 22, 2008 8:46:12 AM - Report post

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it's nice of you to come here and post directly. where is the info/links/proof that shows where we ripped other people's work? where is the info/links/proof that shows we modified the xlive binary using rick's (or anyone's!) methods for GTA IV? why don't you post here how my trainer works, since you apparently have it (somehow) and make these accusations?

further, how would you know anything about my trainers (especially GTA IV) if you haven't been downloading it (via. unlimited account)?

i don't understand the direct attacks or hate from certain groups, especially when i have not (personally) gone out and said anything or posted any negative things about groups until there is concrete evidence (or they post what they did to us themselves!) whether you like me/us or not, i think you should retract your statements you wrote in the NFO and not post anything further in any future NFO's that aren't true and confirmed.

whether you like us or not or post 'cheathappens sucks' in your nfo's i don't care, but there should at least be accuracy in making statements about how our trainers are working or accusations of us stealing code. as far as future dealings between CH and radiance or any trainer makers for that matter, working with others requires honor and trust, which at this point there is none.


Psych1  posted on Dec 22, 2008 8:56:44 AM - Report post

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""but there should at least be accuracy in making statements about how our trainers are working or accusations of us stealing code. as far as future dealings between CH and radiance or any trainer makers for that matter, working with others requires honor and trust, which at this point there is none.""

Likewise. Thats fine. After all the threats and abuse I got via email from Chris though Cal, I decided I would close-out, and show that I hadn't forgot about that crap. But yeah, whatever. Done.

MrBrewer  posted on Dec 22, 2008 9:11:36 AM - Report post

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Wow. I used to have quite a bit of respect for ~Psych and Extalia. It's a shame to see how far he has fallen to have to resort to ripping other people's code for his trainers. Hopefully sheep and others won't follow his bad example.
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