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dark1402  posted on Dec 14, 2008 8:17:09 PM - Report post

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MK vs DC Universe - Fatalites & Brutalities List:

Left - Left
Right - Right
Down - Down
Up - Up
(X) - X button
(Y) - Y button
(A) - A button
(B) - B button

(Close) = Close to your enemy
(Mid-Range) = Mid-Range between you and your enemy
(far) = Far to your enemy
Block = RT
Evade = X + Y
Move in 3D = Hold LT, U/D
Klose Kombat = RB (or Y+B)
Grab = LB (or X+A)
Rage = LT+RT

For example if you are doing baraka stab slam from the left is:


but if you are doing it from the right is:


***BARAKA Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Stab Slam) - Left,Right,Down,Right,(X) (close)
Fatality 2 (Chest Stab) - Right,Right,Down,Left,(A) (close)

***BATMAN Fatalites***

Heroic Brutality 1 (Grappling Hook) - Down,Left,Right,Right,(B) (mid-range)
Heroic Brutality 2 (Bat Swarm) - Down,Left,Right,Right,(A) (sweep)

***CAPTAIN MARVEL Fatalities***

Heroic Brutality 1 (Ground Slam) - Down,Right,Left,Right,(X) (close)
Heroic Brutality 2 (Slam & Stomp) - Down,Left,Down,Right,(Y) (sweep)

***CATWOMAN Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Claw Attack) - Down,Left,Down,Right,(Y) (mid-range)
Fatality 2 (Neck Breaker) - Right,Left,Right,Left,(B) (far)

***DEATHSTROKE Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Gunshot) - Right,Right,Down,Right,(Y) (close)
Fatality 2 (Neck Breaker) - Right,Down,Left,Right,(A) (close)

***the FLASH Fatalities***

Heroic Brutality 1 (Flashy Beatdown) - Left,Left,Right,Right,(B) (mid-range)
Heroic Brutality 2 (Whirlwind Slam) - Down,Right,Down,Left,Down,Right,(A) (close)

***GREEN LANTERN Fatalites***

Heroic Brutality 1 (Orb Squeeze) - Right,Left,Down,Left,(A) (far)
Heroic Brutality 2 (Hammer Smash)- Left,Right,Down,Down,(B) (far)

***JAX Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Air Machine Gun) - Left,Right,Right,Left,(Y) (close)
Fatality 2 (Head Smash) - Right, Right,Left,Left,(A) (close)

***the JOKER Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Gunshot) - Right,Left,Right,(X) (close)
Fatality 2 (Playing Cards) - Left,Down,Left,Right,(Y) (close)

***KANO Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Knife Throw) - Left,Down,Left,Right,(X) (close)
Fatality 2 (Flip Stomp) - Down,Down,Right,Left,(B) (close)

***KITANA Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Fan Throw to The Head) - Left,Left,Right,(X) (mid-range)
Fatality 2 (Kiss of Death) - Right,Down,Down,Left,(B) (close)

***LEX LUTHOR Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Body Twist) - Down,Right,Down,Left,(Y) (close)
Fatality 2 (Missile Attack) - Up, Up, Up,(X) (mid-range)

***LIU KANG Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (MK1 Arcade Drop) - Right,Left,Down,Down,(A) (close)
Fatality 2 (Head Stomp) - Down,Down,Right,Down,(B) (mid-range)

***RAIDEN Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Electrocution) - Down,Right,Down,Up,(Y) (close)
Fatality 2 (Flying Slam) - Left,Right,Right,Down,(B) (close)

***SCORPION Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Toasty!) - Down,Down,Down,(B) (mid-range)
Fatality 2 (Lava Pool) - Right,Right,Left,Down,(A) (mid-range)

***SHANG TSUNG Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Back Breaker) - Left,Down,Right,(A) (close)
Fatality 2 (Morph) - Down,Down,Right,Right,(A) (close)

***SONYA BLADE Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Kiss of Death) - Down, Down,Left,Right,(X) (mid-range)
Fatality 2 (Neck Breaker) - Down,Left,Right,Right,(B) (mid-range)

***SUB-ZERO Fatalities***

Fatality 1 (Freeze Slam) - Left, Left,Down,Left,(B) (close)
Fatality 2 (Freeze Kick) - Left,Right,Down,Right,(Y) (close)

***SUPERMAN Fatalities***

Heroic Brutality 1 (Ground Pound) - Down,Down,Right,Right,(X) (close)
Heroic Brutality 2 (Freeze Slam) - Right,Right,Down,Left,(B) (close)

***WONDER WOMAN Fatalities***

Heroic Brutality 1 (Lasso Spin) - Up,Left,Down,Right,(X) (far)
Heroic Brutality 2 (Lasso Slam) - Right,Left,Left,Right,(B) (far)

Darkseid & Shao Kahn dont have fatalities

Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

[Edited by dark1402, 12/18/2008 12:06:56 PM]

brusto  posted on Jan 20, 2009 8:23:42 AM - Report post

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I've tried several but I couldn't perform any of them
When the fight was done and it said "finish him", I'd do the combo and nothing happened. After 3 times the enemy just fell to the ground and it ended. I've tried really fast and at regular speed, it just didn't work. Any ideas?
dark1402  posted on Jan 20, 2009 4:11:19 PM - Report post

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i tested them myself and they work for me, but some of the fatalities are difficult to perform, try to use the scorpion one
Fatality 1 (Toasty!) - Down,Down,Down,(B) (mid-range)
and see if it works, try using the D-PAD, because the analog stick is harder to use.
hope is helpful
Serivor  posted on Jan 20, 2009 4:36:35 PM - Report post

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Actually the analog stick is easier on the 360. The D-Pad goes everywhere when I try and press it. haha
kumu  posted on Feb 25, 2009 7:12:39 PM - Report post

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thnx dark for the list
jay-d  posted on May 26, 2009 6:01:46 AM - Report post

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I'm guessing some people have problems because if these were written with the character on the left side and someone is trying to perform them while their character is on the right side.. it won't work. No one mentioned which side these moves should be performed on so you kind of have to guess.

Would it be easier to change left/right to back/forward?

That way if someones character is on the left or ride side of the opponent.. back is clearly identifiable and so is forward.

(Back would be to move away from opponent and forward would be to move towards opponent; I'm sure that's universally understood.)

Thanks for the list!

im_a_ninja_98  posted on Aug 12, 2009 9:24:22 AM - Report post

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Do you trythe fatality on the last round? I use only 2 rounds and I use the D-Pad because the analog stick makes it a higher percent of failing.
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