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Locked Topic  Work on a trainer UPDATE
awakendjay  posted on Dec 05, 2008 12:29:23 PM - Report post

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originally posted by RaYden_333

originally posted by awakendjay

originally posted by RaYden_333

originally posted by Neorg

Well that is very bad news. But i still hope that you will break this "hard nut" and creat a trainer.
But i have one question why creat such complicated anti-hack system, that was haked 2 days latter. Why waste so much time and money?????????

I'm not sure I understand ... from the looks of it the game is fairly unhacked. The cheat codes aren't really that useful.

yup, I had the ps3 version of it when it was released..... the cell phone cheats are rubbish......... I gave back to the store for game credit.....cost me 65 bucks minus the lil money they gave me back from store

Now it is time that the PC version came out.....Was a hell installation..........Has stupid no Anti-aliasing, and no Vsync....

And now they are making it hard for my family here at

Shame on you rockstore, just shame on you........

But guys relax!!! we are still getting a trainer for this game......its just gona cause the game to crash ALOT....and I mean ALLOOOOOOT....did i forget to say ALOT?

also we wont be getting super options either....maybe infinite cash will be ours ( gona buy that nice car ? )

or just maybe .......just maybe caliber will pull off a muhamed ali vs george foreman fight and knock rockstore the F out.....and conquer games for windows live...who knows

are you saying that you can sell weapons back to the store?
I think your up to something here ... since the game constantly compares the buy item values you can't really do a "-" buy ... but if you can actually sell items ... I'll look into this

wait ... are you referring to the refunding of your game?

[Edited by RaYden_333, 12/5/2008 12:18:15 PM]

Lmao i meant the actual game hard

stee01  posted on Dec 05, 2008 1:10:44 PM - Report post

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What worries me is that a lot of games are slowly migrating to GFW Live (or wtf theyre calling it now). Fallout 3 in itself as a game was awful to play because of the bugs (i stuck to the console for cheats as i couldnt even get the trainer to run without crashing) - GFW Title. GTAIV is a better game to play, but is clearly not optimised for anyones machine (I have quad cores @3ghz and a 8800GT, which should be more than enough). Another Games For Windows title. I'd like to point out that ive had no issues with gta4 other than fps drop.

Big Titles Coming out on GFW Brand

Alan Wake
Saints Row 2
Mafia 2

We have the two biggest titles of next year alone in that list (I know theres probably loads of big games i havent heard of on GFW too.)

What worries me is whilst I dont doubt your ability (ive seen some excellent trainers), if Microsoft is hindering these attempts now and making it near impossible to create trainers, what does the future hold for us if (and prob when with these roger hunts) every developer migrates to M$ standards.

GTA4 as i understand it, is mainly problematic due to all this crap theyve coded into it (something that people debate affects the performance of the game), and its not GFW thats hindering Calibur and PWizard. However there were issues with previous games (namely Fallout3).

Id like to point out that this is not a post bashing anyone etc. Im just voicing my concern, as I occasionally make trainers myself (using a memory tool admittedly) and have noticed how much more difficult it has become. I havent been able to make anything useful for any of the games for windows titles.

Good luck guys,


Oh and for reference

neok182  posted on Dec 05, 2008 1:22:45 PM - Report post

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sucks that it's so hard for this game.

I've heard that even the modding people are finding it difficult to do anything to the game. Rumor is your going to have to use a hacked EXE just to mod the game.

Hope you guys can get something to work. in all honesty if the only possible cheat is god mode than i'll be happy with that lol.

keunbyul  posted on Dec 05, 2008 1:22:56 PM - Report post

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er... i guess i'll have to wait

guess i'll have to make a lot of phone calls aka cheats.

sauced  posted on Dec 05, 2008 2:04:57 PM - Report post

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i rather want money than god mode.

you dont get much money early in the game.

besides you can fill up your hp with mobile phone cheats.

[Edited by sauced, 12/5/2008 2:06:06 PM]

MBK  posted on Dec 05, 2008 2:11:27 PM - Report post

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If you can get anything even remotely working by the sounds of it that would be one hell of an achievement even if its just "basic" trainer stuff like god mode and money.

Good luck to you as it does sound like Rockstar have gone to a great deal of effort to lock down this game3

AIkill  posted on Dec 05, 2008 2:37:18 PM - Report post

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Thx for the update Caliber. I'm sure you will hack thru the GFW crap and make a wonderful trainer.

Though I am curious. Is it possible to make a trainer that just uses the ingame cheats. I'm ok without having actual god mode and money, but if you could make a trainer that just lets you activate the ingame cheats without having to use your phone would be very helpful. I can't count the number of times I wished that I didn't have to use the phone to lower my wanted level when I have cops shooting at me.

stones_tm  posted on Dec 05, 2008 3:36:30 PM - Report post

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I bought the game, so I really don't worry about the copy protection, but the game have already been cracked, so the extra protection from Rockstar is wasted.

I have been sitting for hours myself looking at this game, and trying to find ways around certain things, but came up empty.

the thing I hope the most for is an option keeping friends in a good mood, I enjoy exploring, and I am getting a bit annoyed about having to keep everybody in my phonelist in a good mood

Keep up the good work, been a happy member for a long time now, and I am looking forward to the trainer that you guys will make sooner or later

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