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Fastest way to put down a Deathclaw
WeeZer666  posted on Aug 12, 2010 10:38:20 PM - Report post

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get the metal blaster from the pitt is a lazer shotgun pretty much owns everything in sight... except overlords i usually get Fawkes to own them...the metal blaster ether needs 50-70 steel ingot to obtain..i usually have around 70 before i give up the hunt for the rest of them...

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fresh1  posted on Oct 16, 2010 3:09:54 PM - Report post

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Get Operation Anchorage
Complete it to unlock the vault.
Get the stealth suite and sword
Get your sleath and melee up fairly high
Then when you put this on and kneel you become invisible.
Once swipe with the sword takes them down with one blow.
although if one walks in to you prepare your self with the gatling laser gun.

Works for me, the sword in stealth mode will bring just about anything down.

cloud8745  posted on May 16, 2011 2:59:11 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Zeth_Durron

True, but through the entire game, you won't be at levels 1-5.

Depending on your skill set and installed DLC, you have different options for dealing with them.

A small guns-based character should use Lincoln's Repeater, Ol' Painless, or the Victory Rifle. This is if you don't have any DLC.

If you have the Operation: Anchorage DLC, your best bet is the Guass Rifle. If your skill set is melee, Jingwei's Shocksword can do the trick, if used in conjunction with the Chinese Stealth Suit.

If you've been to the Pitt, the Metal Blaster can do good damage, or use the Mauler/Man Opener if you're a melee character. If you'd prefer to sneak, the Perforator does in the range of 60 damage, so a few V.A.T.S. hits would be a good idea.

If you have Broken Steel, use Dogmeat. He levels with you, and his health multiplies with level. At level 30, he can survive 10 mini-nukes before going down. His attack also levels up high. He's a viable option vs. Deathclaws.

If you have Point Lookout, use the Bio-Gas canister. Throw one, back up, and wait for it to explode. After it does, when the Deathclaw is in the gas cloud, fire a laser weapon into the cloud. The explosion should do some good damage.

From Mothership Zeta, a good idea is the Captain's Sidearm, or the Alien Disintegrator. Or, if you can find one, use the Drone Cannon. It's a big gun, but using it right can take out a DeathClaw pretty easily.

Bug Guns characters have the option of the Burnmaster, Eugene, or any variations of the Gatling Laser. The Miss Launcher can do a good job as well, if you know how to use it. Or you can use nukes, with the Fat Man or the Experimental MIRV. Ammo for these is limited, and you might want to save them for Behemoths.

Okay, so, I killed General Jingwei, but couldn't get his Shocksword, and the simulation is over. And now, every forum I see, it's about his Shocksword, and it gets me POd. It's not in the Armory, is it? Cause I couldn't find it. I'll check again, but if anyone knows if it's in the Armory, speak up? Thanks!

DABhand  posted on May 16, 2011 3:10:57 PM - Report post

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Yes the sword is in the vault that is unlocked when completing Operation Anchorage.
Gatekeeper69  posted on Jun 18, 2011 12:36:04 PM - Report post

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I would use the suit. but not the sword, at least not right away. I always use a dart gun, breaks the legs right away. Deathclaws are known for there speed. I always use it when the stealth field is up, so it doesn't know where im at. i sneak behind it and finish it off.
the-viking  posted on Nov 22, 2011 3:46:00 AM - Report post

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Geeeezzz are you kidding me "The fastest way to put down a Dethclaw" I say lol.
They are not a problem well if you are at low level you have to put up one hell of a fight against them and usually you still end up dying.... Unless you get all whip ass on em. Haha
But yeah you shouldn't really mess with them at low level cause they are pretty Badass but otherwise you shouldn't really have any trouble that was why i Loled cause they are not a problem unless your the sort of person that gives them a chance to get up to you and start messing your **** up then that's a problem your going to have to suss out. Use what you have to kill them i just use basic guns like the Plasma Rife(A3-21's Plasma Rifle) and getting Sneak Attack Critical then if they do get close i bring out my lil friend Combat Shotgun(The Terrible Shotgun).
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