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help with removing attributes/skills
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    Send a message to Romavictor101
    Romavictor101 posted on Nov 08, 2008 8:59:03 AM - Report post
    hey everyone, im having trouble removing the attributes and skills iv put in, i didnt notice that if you max them out and you lvl you then HAVE to put some in or your stuck at the lvl up screen.
    please any help would be appreciated
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    Send a message to obscuredeadfred
    obscuredeadfred posted on Nov 10, 2008 1:20:05 AM - Report post
    Its the skill points that give minus on the level up screen. not attibutes. So load a save and take a skill your not going to use like barter if you got heaps of caps. setav barter -900 that way every time you level up it goes back to 0 and you put your points on it.
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    error_691 posted on Nov 10, 2008 2:57:36 AM - Report post
    this is the worst problem u should try to do not use more than u can use .or it will never end and u stuck so first save thegame before u do that
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    Send a message to aprentiso10
    aprentiso10 posted on Nov 10, 2008 10:29:35 AM - Report post
    the worst problem u can possible have in fallout 3 is that, when u try to play the game, it wont start, also another RLLY irretating thing is that i cant open the console when i press the console key on my vista pc
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    Send a message to mcerny01
    mcerny01 posted on Nov 11, 2008 7:21:13 AM - Report post
    you can get out of the screen even if your already in it....

    if you do the level up screen and get stuck at the skills you can open the console up and type "player.setav barter -1000" without the quotes then before exiting the console type "advlevel" then exit the console and the level up screen will have started over again! and you can put points into barter to finish the level up screen this time
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    Send a message to Killa_B
    Killa_B posted on Nov 11, 2008 10:51:02 AM - Report post
    another way of getting rid of this (and other screens) is the console command "cam".
    C.A.M. stands for "Close All Menus".
    this way you don't have to drop one of your skills below zero and don't even have to spend all skillpoints.

    the drawback on this is, that you can't select another perk, since you can't leave the skill-screen with points still to spend.

    you decide if this way is usefull to you. =)
    its so fast it can do an infinite loop in thirty seconds!! =)
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