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ghost42  posted on Nov 05, 2008 8:30:13 AM - Report post

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I may turn this in to an FAQ/ guide at a later date.


Section - 1.1


First post: Topic Information. Updates (pre and post). Credits.

Second Post: General Competitive Information (EVs, Natures, IVs, Terms).

Third Post: General Competitive Information (Breeding, Team building).

Fourth Post: General Competitive Information (in game battling [soon]).

Q and A:

You may ask any questions regarding Pokemon D/P. Questions and answers regarding competitive play will be placed in this post, others will be replied to in a new post.

Before you ask a question please make sure it hasn't already been answered and won't be answered in the near future.

Please be patient, I can not come online every day, I will read every post in this thread and answer all I can when I can.

Others may answer other people's questions, if you answer someone's question your answer may be added along or in place of my own (you will be credited for any thing you answer). I will ignore any stupid answers.


Section - 1.2

V 0.3, 01/01/09: Added IV information to second post. Added breeding information and team building information to third post.
V 0.2, 17/11/08: Added Nature, EV and general information to second post.
V 0.1, 06/11/08: Topic made.

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ghost42  posted on Nov 05, 2008 8:30:28 AM - Report post

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Section - 2.1

A nature will raise one stat by 10% and lower another by 10% (rounded down).

+ Attack:

- Defence: Lonely.
- Special Attack: Adamant
- Special Defence: Naughty.
- Speed: Brave.

+ Defence:

- Attack: Bold.
- Special Attack: Impish.
- Special Defence: Lax.
- Speed: Relaxed.

+ Special Attack:

- Attack: Modest.
- Defence: Mild.
- Special Defence: Rash.
- Speed: Quiet.

+ Special Defence:

- Attack: Calm.
- Defence: Gentle.
- Special Attack: Careful.
- Speed: Sassy

+ Speed:

- Attack: Timid.
- Defence: Hasty.
- Special Attack: Jolly
- Special Defence: Naive.

Neutral: Hardy, Quirky, Docile, Serious and Bashful.


Section - 2.2
EVs (Effort Values):

Pokémon gain EVs by gaining experience points in battle.

A Pokémon will have 0 EVs in the wild or when it hatches.

Every 4 EVs a Pokémon has in a stat will increase that stat by one 1 at level 100.

Each stat can have a max of 255 EVs. A single Pokémon can have a max of 510 EVs in total (EVs are rounded down so it is recommended you have a max of 252 EVs in two stats and 6 in another).

A Pokémon holding the Macho Brace will double the EVs it gains in battle.

If a Pokémon is holding a Power Item the Pokémon will gain another 4 EVs in a stat (the stat depends on which power item is being held).
Power Weight: HP.
Power Bracer: Attack.
Power Belt: Defence.
Power Lens: Special Attack.
Power Band: Special Defence.
Power Anklet: Speed

A Pokémon with the Pokerus (or has had the Pokerus previously) will gain double the EVs the Pokémon would receive normally (Pokerus will also double the effects of the Macho Brace and the Power items).

Best Pokémon for EV training:
HP: Bidoof (1 EV).
Attack: Shinx (1 EV), Gyarados (2 EVs), Bibarrel (2 EVs).
Defence: Geodude (1 EV).
Special Attack: Gastly (1 EV), Haunter (2 EVs).
Special Defence: Tentacool (1 EV).
Speed: Starly (1 EV), Magikarp (1 EV).

You can increase EVs by using Items you can buy at the Super Market, these items won't work if the Pokémon has 100 or more EVs in the stat you are trying to raise and will raise the EVs of a single stat by 10:
HP Up: HP.
Protein: Attack.
Iron: Defence.
Calcium: Special Attack.
Zinc: Special Defence.
Carobs: Speed.

You can decrease EVs with certain berries. If the Pokémon has more than 100 EVs in the stat you are trying to reduce than the EVs in the stat will drop to 100. If the Pokémon has less than 100 EVs than the stat will drop by 10 EVs (EVs can't go below 0):
Pomeg: HP.
Kelpsy: Attack.
Qualot: Defence.
Hondew: Special Attack.
Grepa: Special Defence.
Tamato: Speed.


Section - 2.3

IVs are a Pokemon's Individual Values.

A Pokemon's stats will increase based on their IVs.

Pokemon will have between 0 and 31 IVs in each stat.

Each stat will increase by one point for each IV at level 100.

You can not change a Pokmeon's IVs once the pokemon has been caught or you have received the pokemon egg.

All IVs are random unless breeding (see breeding).


Section - 2.4

STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus):
If a Pokémon’s type is the same as a move it uses the power of the attack will be multiplied by 1.5.

A Pokémon specialising in the Attack and defence stats.

A Pokémon specialising in the Special Attack and Special Defence stats.

Mix/ Mixed:
A Pokémon with both physical and Special elements.

A Pokémon with high Attack/ Special Attack and Speed.
Sweepers are designed to KO your opponents by out speeding your opponent and KOing them without giving them to make a move.
Sweepers usually have high Speed, Attack and/ or Special Attack however have low defences and can be KOed easily.
EG: Weavile, Gengar, Infearnape.

A defensive Pokémon designed to take as many hits as possible and usually cause annoyance for your opponent or support your own team.
Walls usually have high HP, Defence/ Special Defence however have low attack/ Special attack and speed.
EG: Skarmory, Blissey, Cressellia.

A Pokémon designed to take attacks and hit the opponent hard. tanks will usually be able to take Physical or Special attacks but not both, unless a consider table amount of EVs are focused in to the weaker stat.
Tanks usually have well rounded offensive and defensive stats however most tend to be slow.
EG: Metagross, Regice, Tyranitar.

Cleric/ Supporter:
A Pokémon designed to support your team (move set dependant [Wish, Safe Guard, Baton Pass etc]).
Clerics/ Supporters usually are also walls.
EG Togekiss, Umbreon.

An annoyer is designed to annoy or cripple the opposing team (Paralyse, Burn, Confuse, etc)
An annoyer is usually also a wall.
EG: Dusknoir, Blissey.

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ghost42  posted on Nov 05, 2008 8:30:52 AM - Report post

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Section - 3.1

Breeding can help your pokemon acquire 3 things:
Attacks: A pokemon can receive attacks the father knows but can't learn normally, these are referred to as "Egg Moves" (a pokemon won't learn any move the father knows that isn't an egg move for the baby pokemon).

Nature: A baby has a 50% chance of receiving the same nature as the mother if she is holding an Everstone.
NOTE: If you are breeding a pokemon with a Ditto then giving an Everstone to a female won't work, however giving an Everstone to the Ditto will.

IVs: A baby pokemon will acquire 3 IVs from its' parents, one from the mother, one from the father and the third will be from either parent.

A pokemon can only breed with other pokemon in it's Egg Group please take a look here for further information on Egg Groups: Link


Section - 3.2
Pokemon & Team Construction:

Good teams usually have a theme or are based around 1 or 2 pokemon (the other pokemon support these pokemon and take care of things that the first pokemon can't handle, eg Gyarados can't take Electrical hits so it is usually combined with Electivire to absorb them).

A good example of a team with a theme is a SS (Sand Storm) team since all of your rock pokemon will receive a 50% Special Defence bonus as well as taking 1/16 of your opponents HP every turn.

Your team will need both Sweepers (attacking pokemon) as well as Walls (defensive pokemon).

It should be obvious that each of your pokemon should have an item however you also need to work out what item suits what pokemon, eg, an Alakazam has pitiful attack so giving it a Choice Band would be a waste of time, however Alakazam's Special Attack is the highest in the game (tied with Porygon-Z, excluding Uber pokemon.) so giving it a Choice Specs to boost it even higher will give it a massive Special Attack stat (607) making it a much better choice than a Choice Band.

Here is an example of a SS Team:


Pokemon @ item.
Move 1.
Move 2.
Move 3.
Move 4.

Hippowdon @ Leftovers.
Adamant nature.
252 Attack, 252 HP, 6 Special Defence
Slack Off.
Stone Edge.

Hippowdon will set up Sand Storm at the beginning of the battle and is a great physical Tank with 420 HP, 272 Defence and 355 Attack, it'll survive a special hit or two with 181 Special Defence (assuming max IVs) and can force your opponent to switch or let a pokemon fall a sleep.
Hippowdon will survive for a long time it's Earthquake will hit hard (150 power after STAB), Stone Edge will hit any flying pokemon and Yawn will make the opponent sleep.
Tyranitar is an alternative to Hippowdon as a starter.

Forretress @ Occa Berry.
Impish nature.
252 Special Defence, 252 HP, 6 Defence.
Rapid Spin.
Toxic Spikes.
Stealth Rock.

Combining Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes and Sand Storm (from Hippowdon) your opponent will be taking 3.125%, 6.25%, 12.5%, 25% or 50% damage (resistance to Rock) and poisoned (toxic) when they switch in as well as taking 6.25% damage per turn meaning your opponent will be taking massive passive damage.
Your opponent's first pokemon is likely to try to set up Stealth Rock so Rapid spin is to prevent a similar thing from happening to you.
Once Forretress is about to faint use Explosion to try to do as much damage as possible.
Donphan is also usable as a Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock pokemon, I suggest Ice Shard and Earthquake for the other two moves and a Leftovers as an item.

Gliscor @ Leftovers.
Impish nature.
252 Defence, 252 HP, 6 Special Defence.
Swords Dance.
Baton Pass.

Designed to give another pokemon (Metagross or Hippowdon) an attack boost, roost will let it survive long enough for it to come back in and baton pass again and will make it loose it's flying type for a turn, Earthquake will have massive power after a Swords Dance and will prevent Gliscor from being Taunted.

Heatrain @ Choice Specs.
Modest nature.
252 Special Attack, 252 HP, 6 Speed.
Earth Power.
Dark Pulse.
Dragon Pulse.

The main attack here is Overheat which will really hurt anything that doesn't resist it.
Overheat will halve in power every time you use it without switching out so if you want to keep Heatrain in have Fire Blast instead.
Earth Power, Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse are there for type coverage and for when you don't want to switch out.

Cradilly @ Lum Berry.
Relaxed nature.
252 HP, 252 Defence, 6 Special Defence.
Stone Edge.
Energy Ball.

Cradilly is the best defensive pokemon in a Sandstorm.
Before you do anything Cradilly will have 376 HP, 322 Defence and 376 Special Defence (251 * 1.5 in a Sand Storm, assuming max IVs), each Stockpile will raise your Defence by 161 and Special Defence by 188 (max of 3 times), it is really hard trying to KO something with 700 Defence and Special Defence and is recovering 180 HP every turn.
Stone Edge and Energyball won't do much damage themselves however they will add to the passive damage from SS and Toxic Spikes.

Metagross @ Life Orb.
Adamant nature.
252 Attack, 116 Speed, 140 HP.
Meteor Mash.
Ice Punch.

Agility will allow Metagross to out speed a Heracross with a Choice Scarf. If you can baton pass a Swords Dance (or two) to Metagross then get an Agility off you can basically sweep the opponent.
Metagross learns Ice Punch in Pokemon Emerald.

Other options for the team include: Mamoswine, Lucario, Jirachi, Swampert, Bronzong, Regirock, Aerodactyl, Rypherior, Magnezone and Scizor.

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ghost42  posted on Nov 05, 2008 8:31:06 AM - Report post

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- To Be Updated
WWEWWEWWEisback  posted on Nov 09, 2008 10:08:35 AM - Report post

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why does all ur posts say to be updated?
LoC_Leftie  posted on Nov 09, 2008 10:33:59 AM - Report post

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originally posted by WWEWWEWWEisback

why does all ur posts say to be updated?

Because he'll update them when he is working on his FAQ.

ghost42  posted on Nov 17, 2008 6:04:06 AM - Report post

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originally posted by WWEWWEWWEisback

why does all ur posts say to be updated?

Because I wanted to get this started and update as I go.

Second post updated.
Added information on Natures, EVs and General terms.

Added information on Breeding and IVs.

[Edited by ghost42, 1/1/2009 4:29:11 AM]

LoC_Leftie  posted on Jan 30, 2009 5:20:30 PM - Report post

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*Bump* I just thought this topic should be bumped because it has a lot of helpful information for new trainers. Punish me if I am wrong.

[Edited by LoC_Leftie, 2/5/2009 2:23:47 PM]

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