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Great News! Mods already surfacing!
Mangekyou  posted on Nov 04, 2008 11:06:25 AM - Report post

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I'm sure that's just one more mind game to make us desperate and beg for that SDK. If you ask me, it's kind of a cliffhanger they made up to have fans sit on lit fire for a while. Keep them interested in a twisted way.

It'll come alright, the faster, the better. In the meanwhile, all of you knowledgeable folks who know your way around forums, would you mind keeping us posted on what mods are out and what they do?

neok182  posted on Nov 04, 2008 11:42:02 AM - Report post

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MUST download mod in my opinion. Reworks the UI to add 3+ extra lines of text and makes other text smaller t fit more on screen without having to scroll everything.


it's a god send for a game who's UI was made for the consoles.

Mangekyou  posted on Nov 04, 2008 12:11:17 PM - Report post

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^Indeed it IS much better. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

Keep'em coming!

Gunthearth  posted on Nov 14, 2008 11:59:42 PM - Report post

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Well, normally I never read nor respond to forums....

It is just not who I am. I was very worried when I heard Bethesda Softworks was taken on the project of Fallout 3. I have played Fallout 1 and 2 over and over. Many of Bethesda other more darker themed games like VTM: blood lines were horrible. (I personally think if you are not willing to take the "heat" for making the game THAN DON'T). Sadly, I have already finished the game and if you haven't you may want to stop reading now........

I am very disappointed in the main stream "vanilla whatever you call it" version. I find many things not keeping to the orginal concept. I am very sick of language being used as MATURE themed. Children, as much as we may not want to admit it are much more "desposed" to using "foul" language than when we were kids, and much more sexual active than we want to admit. I very much do not think this has anything to do with the gaming market because when these tends started we were dealing with green screen mono-chrone monitors. So any holy-rollers just keep peaching (JUST not to me).

I think Bethesda Softworks really needs to think about what they are talking about with an expansion 2010 or whatever (I am currently drunk and still drinking after my game froze up again). HELLO, WE ARE DEAD. I hate scripted deaths..... NOTHING I tried on the damn planet saved me, and when I decided my life was more important than some damn hero want-a-be Brotherhood of Steel MY game was still over......

WANT the hell happened to "yes, you finished the game" do you still wanna keep playing option?

I am not sure ANYONE on the Bethesda team played the orginal versions because if they did I am not sure hopw they could rape us so bad is this sorry version of FALLOUT. This game reminds me of the South Park Indian Jones epidose. In that I mean we have to relive what it should have been and what it is.
With out your SDK or whatever people are making mods.... (and for that I say THANK YOU) and your little construction set will not in any way modify what people think of the construction set! in my opinion Bethesda Softworks LLC is better off releasing the tool and SAYING in a user agreement that they are in no way responsible for 3rd party content.

So anyways, as I said I am drinking and upset so let me get to the points of my not liking Fallout 3. (don't get me wrong, sadly I still play it everyday, hoping for NEW content and mods because the current version makes me cry that I wasted 60 dollars in a gobal recession for a game that could be finished in about a week).

The problems with Fallout 3 VS. previous versions:
A world destroyed for 200+ years.... Way too much light
So much graphic intense kill shots....So little plot
Such rapid weapon degrading.... So many weapons to repair

Here is a big one.... PC (politically correct)

This game has serious moral faws: with Bethesda Softworks LLC trying to play the "good guys" to not hurt their profit margin.

Here is another good one: Children of Lamplight...
I have read a lot of posts about killing children in the fallout 3 world. Some of them are saying why would you want to kill children? Here is a thought for you... Gang-banger children who mouth off to the wrong person are D E D dead. This is in a normal FLUFFY and FUZZY world. I play a good character and always have so yes I will take thier insults with a grain of salt. But if I was evil and I have killed many waste landers and you insulted me you would be lucky if I pasted your brains on the wall for threatening me. No I am not sick I am simply saying Role-Playing is to put yourselves in someone elses shoes whether good or evil. So don't judge people for playing evil characters if you have a silver spoon from birth and do not live in the real world. Bittercup says it best when she says not to judge her because this life sucks! YOU THINK... THE world ends. No army to save you, no friends to save you, no family to save you... what do you do! The answer is WHATEVER it takes to not be someone elses *****.

Anyways, this is starting to get away from what I am the most disappointed with Fallout 3 and that is the dark and grittiness of what a world of "truly" darkness would be. If the world was to end NOW. Most of the survivors would do whatever it takes to assure the survivual of their family unit whether that be the actual family members or strangers included in the family for survival. Fallout 3 fails in plot of such a world for the satisfying of a 1st person shooter.

I think with the many flaws of the game Bethesda should release the construction set and hope others can save them because I have already told friends I would not waste the money again buying this game. FALLOUT is a difficult and brutal life event and should not be sugar coated and made easy to stay PC to sell more copies. IF that is your goal know this now much like SOE I will micro-wave your cd's and shatter then and than mail them back to your top exec's statings why I will NEVER purchuse one of your games again.

One Drunk and REALLY ****ed off player of your sorry PC correct dark and totally screwed over world.


include_  posted on Nov 15, 2008 6:41:52 AM - Report post

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I registered just to agree with all Gunthearth has said...

brilliant and sad

neok182  posted on Nov 15, 2008 8:56:49 AM - Report post

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Apparently you don't realize that games like GTA and oblivion got taken off store shelves around the world for mods including nudity.

IF they did put in all that the game would be rated AO and in the current state of the world it would not be sold at ANY major retailers.

Now am i saying you wrong, no. Compared to the original fallouts this is not close. Beshesda made a game they could sell. they could not make it like the original fallouts anymore. If you show sex or kids getting killed the right wing nutjobs go crazy and this game would of never been sold.

So thats why bethesday lets us make mods to make fallout like it used to be.

But unless you feel like actually getting the game, you have to suck it up and let bethesda do what they have to do.

And as far as the scripted death. Fallout 1 and 2 ended as well. no going back and playing. So in that aspect their the same.

I understand some of your points but you have to understand that this game would of never been allowed to be sold in the US or Europe if it was true to the original games. So take that in, stop complaining and enjoy the mods.

include_  posted on Nov 16, 2008 2:50:07 PM - Report post

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he has the right to complain.

you pointed the problem: we cant make games correspond to a TRUE experience because the government is worried about things that doesnt matter.

if fallout 3 had a real post-apocaliptic world with sex, violence and kids getting murdered, it would still sell.

Killa_B  posted on Nov 16, 2008 4:21:20 PM - Report post

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but it wouldn't be allowed to.
not in many states and countries.
and definatly to a much narrower audiance with an OA rating.

do you know "Med-X" is called that way, because the game wouldn't have been allowed to be sold in australia if it was called "Morphine"?

think about that, and compare the impact of a simple "drug renaming"-issue to a "zOMG! they kill children and fcuk all over the place!!!11"-issue.

to be honest: sometimes, when clover tells my character to take everything he'd like to, i would love to be able to take her to the next bed and do some bedroomsports with her.
but i can't.

most times, when squirrel talks to my character like he's retardet, i really love'd to be able to hurt him bad.
but i can't.

every time dogmeat blocks me inside a building in a narrow spot, i wish the "good dog"/"bad dog"-conversation options really could be used to teach the dog what to do and what not to do.
but they can't.

but beside all those points of criticism, i played the game for over 100 hours now.
i don't play games that long, if they p¡ss me off too much.
but i really do have fun playing fallout 3, and i guess i will have fun for several 100 hours more . . . =)

before i end this post, i'd like to ask you: what do you mean by "TRUE experience"?
do you NEED to have tons of blood and gore, hours of sex and rape, whole cities of children abused and killed in a game to have your "TRUE experience"?
maybe you can explain this to me, so i can understand your oppinion better.

i will not judge you, but i can tell you, that i can play games, even FPS games without blood, gore, sex and rape and still have my fun playing it.

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