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Bug List.... (WARNING: Spoilers inside)
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    42N8Son posted on Oct 31, 2008 7:01:17 AM - Report post
    I just defused the A-bomb in Megaton and acquired a house. My house came with a robot butler that has a "Hair cut" option. When I select that and scroll down the list of hair styles to select from I don't see an example of what the hair style will look like in the circular tv/mirror screen. Is anyone else having this issue to?

    I can still get the new hair styles, I just can't preview them in the tv/mirror thing like I could in the begining of the game in the hospital room when my character was born. It's just a small bug, but it's annoying to select one after another and go through all the dialogue with the robot over and over again. It would make it easier if I could just preview the new hair style in the tv/mirror thing.
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    123rune20 posted on Oct 31, 2008 6:33:14 PM - Report post
    yes me too, I also got stuck under a floating tree. AND my game crashed when I was about to shoot some stupid dog or something. And I'm overencumbered!

    My character's got problems.
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    tigerx87 posted on Oct 31, 2008 7:22:03 PM - Report post
    yeah i got that same haircut problem.

    i got a nastier bug tho, on one of my save i blew up megaton, and as soon as i go into tenpenny tower, game CTD, this happen like 100% of the time no matter what i setting i tried to use or even newer driver.
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    neok182 posted on Oct 31, 2008 11:54:15 PM - Report post
    i have the same bug here too. though i had butch cut my hair back in Vault 101.

    I'm not reporting the bug to bethesda because i don't want them to update the game just yet in case it disables achievements while cheating lol.
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