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legendary weapons
HerpDerp2332  posted on Oct 31, 2008 4:33:38 AM - Report post

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I didn't see a topic like this yet so I will make one now.

most of you probably already know where these are or are playing fallout 3.

Melee Weapons

The Daichi

Augment(s): Bewitching, Devastation & Killerwatt
Damage: 91
Type: Katana

Location: ok first you have to buy brightwood tower (to get this you have to complete the story first) then look for a gap in the railings, it wont be hard to see(it should have a well underneath) jump into the well and you will be in the maze with no enemies but it will test your mental strength. The daichi is at the far end of this maze.

The Calavera

Augment(s): Flame
Damage: 67
Type: Mace

Location: Within the Westcliff Demon Door.

The Chopper

Augment(s): Discipline & Stoneskin
Damage: 86
Type: Axe

Location: Obtain a perfect round at the Crucible with rounds.

The Hammerthyst

Augment(s): Barkskin
Damage: 78
Type: Hammer

Location: Within the Oakfield Demon Door. A pretty fast weapon considering as it is said to make the user invincible.

The Maelstrom

Augment(s): Scourge
Damage: 58
Type: Long sword

Location: This one you can't get if you destroyed The Temple of Shadows. Sacrifice 2000 points worth of people at the temple followed by sacrificing your husband or wife between the hours of 12:00-1:00 pm. (Get a prostitute or someone then marry them- not only will you get an achievement for bigamy but you get this weak sword)

The Rising Sun

Augment(s): Righteous Violence
Damage: 61
Type: Cleaver

Location: Like the one previous you can't do this if you destroyed The Temple of Light Donate a large amount of money to the Temple of Light, preferably 10,000 gold (the higher, the better your chance) at around 12 - 1 am.

RANGED Weapons

The Enforcer

Augment(s): Barkskin & Lucky Charm
Damage: 177
Type: Blunderbuss

Location: My favorite weapon- After completing either "Red Harvest" or "Cold Comfort Farmer," and after you get back from the spire, you will be able to purchase Giles's farm in Brightwood. Upon acquiring the farm, the previous owner will give you a key to unlock the gate in the cellar (or you dig it up from his grave if you destroyed the farm.) Go inside and head towards the back of the cave where there will be a spot for you to dig up the Enforcer. WARNING- there are loads of hollow men so get a golden touch equipped :P.

The Perforator

Augment(s): Barkskin, Discipline & Fear Itself
Damage: 81
Type: Turret Rifle

Location: Within the Wraithmarsh Demon Door.

The Rammer

Augment(s): Bewitching, Flame & Ghoul
Damage: 119
Type: Crossbow

Location: Now someone wanted this before well its the reward for killing all 50 gargoyles scattered throughout Albion. (its behind the joke prize, knock down the wall)

The Red Dragon

Augment(s): Devastation & Lucky Charm
Damage: 41
Type: Pistol

Location: Get first place in the Westcliff Shooting Range, now this can be very hard so I suggest investing to improve Westcliff as it makes this easier because you shoot bandits instead, also get a pistol with a large clip.

Downloadable Content (DLC) weapons-

Hal’s Sword

Augment(s): None (3 available slots)
Damage: 22
Type: Sword

Location: This weak energy sword does so little damage it mocks a normal halo energy sword which does a one hit kill! its inside the chest at the end of the Chamber of Fate.

The Wreckager

Augment(s): Fear Itself, Golden Touch & Stoneskin
Damage: 78
Type: Cutlass

Location: Halls of the Dead, just off the peer in Bowerstone, look for a weird sinkhole type thing in the water (DLC ONLY).

k hope i helped.

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kissthedingo  posted on Oct 31, 2008 8:14:00 PM - Report post

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Thanks man!
insomniac  posted on Oct 31, 2008 9:54:46 PM - Report post

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I believe the rising sun requires you to donate an amount of money to become the harvest benefactor, then donate a large amount around noon. That's how I've done in the last two times.
dstates  posted on Oct 31, 2008 11:53:25 PM - Report post

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anything over 10,000 gold should work
insomniac  posted on Nov 01, 2008 12:05:55 AM - Report post

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For the second "harvest benefactor" donation, I've gone as low as a few thousand (3 or 5k, I don't recall)
HerpDerp2332  posted on Nov 01, 2008 5:09:17 AM - Report post

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yeah i donated 11 k just to be certain
Shibby  posted on Dec 10, 2008 2:13:33 AM - Report post

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I got the Wreckager the other day, it only does 65 damage, not 78 unfortunately :/
red1red2red3  posted on Sep 11, 2009 6:14:24 PM - Report post

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i got perfect in all 8 rounds of the crucible but didn't get the weapon

never mind i did it befor i went to the spire thing...

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