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Gold cheats
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    Send a message to DevilGod1980
    DevilGod1980 posted on Nov 01, 2008 8:23:17 AM - Report post
    This is wat i did to my balance file just for u guys to see.

    beValues = {
    NORMAL_STANDARD = 10000,
    NORMAL_RUNE = 10000,
    CHAMP_STANDARD = 10000,
    CHAMP_RUNE = 10000,
    BOSS_STANDARD = 10000,
    BOSS_RUNE = 10000,
    EXTRAGOLD = 10000,
    EXTRAPOTION = 10000,
    EXTRARUNE = 10000,
    Trader_Item = 10000,
    Trader_Many = 10000,
    Trader_SpecialOffer = 10000,
    Well_Potion = 10000,
    mgr.setBalanceBase (beValues);

    basetables = {

    tableRows = 16,

    -- begin of some hard-coded data
    EFFECTDURATION = {500,3000,5000,5000},
    -- end of hard-coded data
    AttackFactorDiff = {650,1000,1500,2500,4500},
    NPC_speedfac_any = {1000,1100,1100,1175,1250},
    QuestExplow = {250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000},
    QuestGoldlow = {250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000},
    SpellFactorDiff = {800,1000,1200,1500,2000},
    QuestGoldmax = {250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000},
    LifeFactorDiff = {1000,1200,1500,2000,2500},
    DefenseFactorDiff = {650,1000,1500,2500,4500},
    QuestExpmax = {250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000,250000000},
    MP_experience = {1000000,1000000,1000000,1000000,1000000},

    when i kill a mob i think i reach lv 100++ if i am not mistaken, then i complete a quest to give me so much money that i finish. Btw dun lv yourself once cox u wun get all the four skill and weapon slot if u do so. Anyway happy playing.
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    Send a message to pyrion
    pyrion posted on Nov 18, 2008 12:20:38 PM - Report post
    Did some experimentation on the values posted and felt I should inform you of the results:

    PriceShredder should be set to 1, not 1000, if you want to cheat the system. The equation the game uses is 1000/PriceShredder, so setting it to 1000 gives you 1, which is the percent back on the item if you attempt to sell it "below market value" to empty out your inventory (ctrl-click while just looking at your inventory, rather than at a merchant). Setting it to 1 gives you 1000/1, equaling 1000, again the percentage you get "back," so 1000% of the market value. 10 gives you equal money. This doesn't apply to selling items to Merchants though.

    No concrete ideas on the other three settings.

    Oh, also, these values are applied on a per-item basis the moment they enter your inventory, so they'll only take effect on items acquired after changing these settings.

    EDIT: Some other things I've changed:

    IsRuneForHero = 1000, default I believe is 400, determines the percentage chance (out of 1000) that a dropped rune will be for the player's chosen class, so default of 40% player's runes, 60% other runes. Set it to 1000 and all dropped runes will be that of your class.

    Trader_Item = 2800, divide that by 100 and it looks like you get the average number of items per section in a merchant's stocks.

    EXTRAGOLD, EXTRAPOTION, EXTRARUNE appear to be out of 1000, divide by 10 for percentage chance (the usual approach, basically) that determines the chance of extra drops assuming the game dropped an initial item. Just set them to 1000 to practically double the drops.

    The STANDARD and RUNE settings also appear to be out of 1000, and for the sake of not filling up my inventory too fast with useless junk, I'm using the following settings:

    NORMAL_RUNE = 500,
    CHAMP_RUNE = 250,
    BOSS_STANDARD = 1000,
    BOSS_RUNE = 100,

    This way, it scales proportional to the challenge, and inversely so for runes.

    DropMaxRandomRare and DropPowerUpRare appear to determine the chance (again out of 1000) that an item drop will contain a rare item. MaxRandom appears to affect normal items and PowerUp appears to affect things like trophies and potions.

    TraderOffer_MaxLifetime is in seconds that a trader's inventory remains the same, 900 (15 minutes) is the default, I'm using 300 (5 minutes).

    IsUsableByHero appears to be another out of 1000 chance that a dropped item will be usable by the hero.

    Enemy_Weapondamage and Enemy_Spelldamage apply to all NPCs, not just enemies, so for the sake of making my followers and allies not completely useless, I'm using 25% values:

    Enemy_weapondamage = {130,150,170,200,740},
    Enemy_spelldamage = {100,130,160,180,540},

    Enemy_Armor appears to determine an NPC's max health. Using these values here:

    Enemy_armor = {80,85,90,100,280},

    [Edited by pyrion, 11/18/2008 12:42:18 PM]
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    Send a message to endersblade
    endersblade posted on Nov 19, 2008 4:15:51 PM - Report post
    I'm betting if you modify
    DiceRange = 1000

    The range won't be 'out of 1000'


    PotionHealCooldown = 0 Will allow you to spam potions.

    probabilityforelite = 0.000000
    In the Creatures.txt file doesn't seem to do much...I've changed it to 1., 10., 100., 1000., and the mobs are still the same.

    [Edited by endersblade, 11/19/2008 4:36:11 PM]
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    Send a message to Raalgra
    Raalgra posted on Nov 19, 2008 8:42:47 PM - Report post
    Has anyone figured out a way to increase the number of skill points you get when you level up?
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