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Offline Key? What?
Neo7  posted on Sep 12, 2008 11:12:07 PM - Report post

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You think you have problems when you internet has a blackout?

I play a lot of competitive online games. When my network blackouts on me, I instantly get disconnected from the match and a loss is added to my score (which cannot be reversed). Rather unfair, but happens...we really don't have a way to fight it when stuff breaks down even for a split second.

PWizard  posted on Sep 13, 2008 1:17:00 AM - Report post

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You can download an offline key if you need to use the trainers offine. You only have to download it ONCE per computer and it will work with all trainers. We've tried to make it as easy as possible and still protect our work. We're not Microsoft here. If people leak our trainers and we lose tons of signups, that's it for us. No more trainers or updates.

aaron_viet39  posted on Sep 14, 2008 9:36:16 PM - Report post

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lol always be aware... I am suprised some UNL Members dont know about the key. Im sure it is a pain having to authenticate online as even with most new games being released now. But to the point, I guess most people by default should have some form of Internet Connection. If you dont like connection to the net everytime you run the trainer, use the key that was made for your comp.

But really.. you cant complain. Like game developers, they must protect their product.. not only ensuring better software releases, but also protect us members and to fulfil our incorporation into this community.

So really, it doesn't hurt to spend 2 secs allowing the trainer to update online. You'll waste not even a byte or two. Make a key if its such a pain... and I'd suggest stoppin with the hollow complaints.

Chances are, unfortunately, half the people "probably" have cracked versions. Now seriously. If you're one of them and you're complaining, you really dont have any right to say anything.

Why?.. well if you bought the game.. you wouldnt need to worry about Internet Connections..!

The guys @CH work hard... let them know that you've got their backs.. and support them.. because you gotta admit, you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for their fine skills in trainer/cheat making.

-=Baz=- SILENCER-01

MelTorefas  posted on Sep 19, 2008 5:11:37 PM - Report post

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I can't complain? Actually I CAN complain. In fact, I think I just did. I. Don't. Like. This. Policy. There, I have complained again! Now, my not liking the policy certainly doesn't mean CheatHappens has to *change* it. I get to have an opinion, and they get to make choices that make me unhappy. Thus are our rights.

So yeah. CH, I understand your position but I still don't like having to authenticate my trainer online. I *will* download the aforementioned offline key now, but that doesn't change my stance on the issue. I don't expect you to change yours, but I would certainly be happier if you did.

And I obviously appreciate their hard work, or I wouldn't have PAID for it, yes?

Caliber  posted on Sep 19, 2008 7:38:00 PM - Report post

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it takes literally 1 minute to run the program, enter the info and download the key. place the key in the same directory as the trainer, and your trainer can work offline.

keep the key handy, it will work for ALL of your CH trainers so you only need to do it once.

this 1 minute inconvenience allows you to use the trainers offline if you desire, but it also allows us to protect our work!

we appreciate all of the unlimited members who paid to download our work. all it takes is one person to release their trainer online and then the whole world can have FOR FREE what you are PAYING FOR. this protects YOUR INVESTMENT with CH as much as it PROTECTS OUR WORK! due to the online check, we can disable trainers that are spread on the net without authorization.

i hope you can understand and appreciate why we do this. it is for the members benefit as well, since it blocks people who haven't paid for this work from using the work before we have authorized it.

thanks again all paying members. it is your subscriptions that allow us to keep this site going-


MelTorefas  posted on Sep 19, 2008 11:42:57 PM - Report post

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Understand, yes. Appreciate? I appreciate your position. Like? No, definitely not. I hate online authentication, and I always will. I also personally don't care if other people have for free what I paid for... I paid more to support you guys and your work than for the actual product, to be honest. Obviously I understand YOU guys caring, but as I said I just *hate* online authentications. So take that as you will.

Don't want to come across as trying to argue a point, so that's it for me. Thanks for the trainers, they make the game world vastly more entertaining. And thanks for pointing me to the offline key.

ravingskitzo  posted on Dec 08, 2008 4:19:09 AM - Report post

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nephilim  posted on Dec 14, 2008 10:00:50 PM - Report post

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Hm. Alternatively couldn't you take a page from Spore's playbook and authenticate only once every X program runs, or once every X days?

It's a losing game, unfortunately. The programming models we use are far too trusting in that given enough effort any program can futz with any other program almost to the hardware level if necessary. A coder who creates something with value immediately pits his or her desire for remuneration against the collective desire of every potential user with a desire for free stuff. (Paraphrased from my argument about why 'net filtering doesn't work.)

Protecting your work is fine, but it's a matter of diminishing returns. Ultimately there will always be some method of bypassing security no matter how much you have, and security is in dynamic tension with utility. Be careful that you don't go so far protecting your product that you diminish its value, as several game developers have done.

Oh, and Skitzo... Caps have the same effect as normal typing, except they tend to **** off the types of people who might otherwise be willing to help you out.

[Edited by nephilim, 12/14/2008 10:02:00 PM]

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