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Space Event Reducer - Final Version
Duthos  posted on Sep 12, 2008 8:55:07 PM - Report post

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Warring empires space attack frequency is not being referenced. This means my mods, nor any other one currently, cannot affect the rates at which aliens attack you.

All these mods affect are biodisasters and pirates. they will also affect grox attacks before you meetthem, and I THINK after as well, but I haven't spent the time to test this. Yet.

The lines of code I modded for space attacks are

property universeSimulatorWarAttackMinTime 0x031e94b7 float 100
property universeSimulatorWarAttackFrequency 0x031e94b8 float 300

The numbers are supposed to be the amount of seconds between said events (default shown), however the game doesn't use these lines. Or if it does it uses them in a formula I haven't figuered out, but modding these numbers had no effect I could see. I will look for where the game DOES reference this information.

For now this mod will perform for other space events anyway.

Gavinhawk  posted on Sep 13, 2008 3:37:02 AM - Report post

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Duthos, Just wanted to throw out a thank you for all the time you and effort you have spent trying to get this to work.
ice444  posted on Sep 13, 2008 3:47:36 PM - Report post

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Thank you for doing this

While it may not fix everything, it does go some of the way to fix some things

People should just be happy that they have these mods

Duthos  posted on Sep 13, 2008 5:13:31 PM - Report post

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You're welcome guys. I'm just sorry that A) I couldn't get it working properly the first time, and B) that spore need to have such a mod to make it enjoyable.

I am still digging around in the data, but the attacks by empires seems to be handled completely differently from the other events, and is seperate from other events. I checked that by changing the max number of events to 0, and the attacks continued. Even though the other events, of course, did not.

JamieK  posted on Sep 13, 2008 5:24:44 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Duthos

Description - This mod will reduce the frequency of all space event for the purpose of allowing people to enjoy their universe, rather than babysitting their planets.

Extraction - It is in .rar format, so you will need winrar or equivalent to unzip. Also you may notice the file explodes from 8mB to 190mB. This is normal. (Hence why I compressed it)

-Back up your Spore_Game.package in the ..spore/data folder. Back it up to a different folder.
-Extract Spore_Game.package from whichever version you downloaded and put it into the ..spore/data folder.
-Start a new game.

Un install
-Delete my mod
-Restore backup Spore_Game.package to ..spore\data.

Note - There are badges earned by preventing eco disasters, and defending your allies, so you may wish to refrain from downloading the bigger files, but it is your galaxy, play it how you wish.

Versions (All times are averages)

Pirate - 1.5 hour
Ally pirate raid - 4 hr
Attacks from warring Empires - 1 hr
Ecodisaster - 2 hr
Grox atttack - 2 hr
Link -

Pirate - 45 min
Ally pirate raid - 2 hr
Attacks from warring Empires - 30 min
Ecodisaster - 1 hr
Grox atttack - 1 hr
Link -

Pirate - 3 hour
Ally pirate raid - 8 hr
Attacks from warring Empires - 2 hr
Ecodisaster - 4 hr
Grox atttack - 4 hr
Link -

All - 100 hr
Link -


I will offer any support here. IF you read the instructions first.

PS - To everyone following this project, and those enjoying all the problems with earlier versions, thank you for your patience. I have tested these, and they all work for me. Done. Finally. Now I can play too.

Sadly, never worked for me.

I will just stick to the trainer and get uber turret right away.

PWizard  posted on Sep 13, 2008 5:29:19 PM - Report post

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Hi Duthos,

Thanks for all the effort you've put into making these mods and making them available for our readers. We'll be happy to host these files for you if you'd like. Just email them to me (chris @ and I'll add them to the site. You can then link to them from GF or wherever and not have to worry about the file sharing sites, etc.

herman925  posted on Sep 13, 2008 10:17:02 PM - Report post

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Hey Duthos. Sorry to bother you, but I have a thought in mind, that is it possible that each language version possess a different content of information in the game package? Almost none of the people using the Chinese version can use the MOD. They all report an increase of pirate raids but decrease of eco-disasters....weird. Because we have a version called Chinese Version. which the content is originally Chinese in text. Do you think the content could've been any different?

If you can confirm a possibility of that, I can work with the guys to develop another version and then we can all be happy men.

Duthos  posted on Sep 13, 2008 10:46:20 PM - Report post

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Did some looking, but I really have no idea. I would need a diferent language version to compare. I did come across a file called locolization.ini which reads...

cs= 2
da= 2
de= 2
el= 2
en-uk= 2
en-us= 2
es= 2
fi= 2
fr-fr= 2
he= 2
hu= 2
it= 2
ja= 1
ko= 1
nl= 2
no= 2
pl= 2
pt-br= 2
pt-pt= 2
ru= 2
sv= 2
th= 3
zh-cn= 1
zh-tw= 1

Which can be interpretated as to mean there are three versions of the game. Or it could be gibberish. If, as I suspect, zh-cn refers to the chinese version, then it has a diiferent 'cd-key' but I don't see how that would matter. But I suppose it could.

PM me, and I will give you my email. Then you can send me your spore_game.package (or chinese equivilant) and I will try to make a mod for you. I know the numbers involved so I think I can track down the right lines in the code even if it is chinese. But I make no promises.

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