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dx_44  posted on Sep 11, 2008 12:02:39 AM - Report post

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# Endless Summer Chapter

It is possible to finish the game without 100% in all missions. However, if you watch the end credits you will see that Chapter 6, "Endless Summer", has been unlocked, which allows you can do any missions that you may have missed.
# Getting in the girls dorm unseen

Unlock the Black Ninja costume by filling the yearbook. Then, go to a wardrobe and change into the Black Ninja costume. Go directly to the girls dorm and walk in. If you look at the map, you will notice that the yellow bar is at 0%. The staff will not see you unless you raise the yellow bar, but the students will.
# Girlfriends fight

Kiss one girlfriend then walk slowly until you find another girl you can kiss. You must walk slowly so that the girl you just kissed will follow you. When you kiss the next girl, the two girls will start fighting.
# Kissable cheeleaders

All the kissable girls are cheerleaders, except Beatrice (nerd girl), Lola (greaser girl), Zoe (townie girl), and the fat girl. You can see the girls as cheerleaders during the Gym class hour at football camp.
# Kissing Kirby

After Chapter 5, you can kiss Kirby the jock.
# Kissing Vince

After Chapter 3, you can kiss Vince the greaser.
# Trent romance

Get flowers from the girls dorm, then talk to Trent. If you talk to him twice, it will bring up the option to give him flowers. When you do so, the lips will appear and you can kiss him. Note: You must complete the first chapter in order to do this.
# Go directly to lesson

If you do not want to walk or run to a lesson, just throw something at the Prefects to get yourself busted. They will then take you directly to the lesson.
# Shirts

After defeating a Boss (such as Russell), you can find their shirts in your room.
# Recommended costume

Go to a wardrobe where you can change. Put on the school uniform then go to "Head". Switch it from nothing to the mascot head. By doing this you will get good compliments on clothing, and making out time with girls is reduced, which gives you extra time and the health bonus.
# See the "*****" vomit in "That *****" mission

Hide in the trash can behind you after you place the stink bomb in "her" locker. When she does not see you, she will vomit and continue to do so as you make your escape. If she catches you before you hide she will run away screaming.
# Galloway's liquor

In the Spencer Shipping Warehouse where you did the "Smash It Up" mission with Zoe, look in the box in the center of the bottom floor. It should read "Liquor for Mr. Galloway".
# Student in trash can

After you get busted by a Prefect and must mow 80% of the football field, run up the stairs in between the bleachers. If done quickly enough, there should be a student (usually a nerd) standing half in and half out of the trash can.
# Wheelie

While riding a bike, hold the Left Analog-stick Down to perform a wheelie.
# Drive flipped Go-Kart

If you flip your Go-Kart upside down you can still drive around with it and you will not fall out.
# Bike on your head

Stand on your bike and pass out on it (basic). When you wake up, it will be on your head, and when you move it will float down.
# Broken legs

Get some itching powder and a vase/potted plant. Go to a place without a lot of Prefects. Set your weapon to itching powder and pick up the vase/potted plant. Target someone and press R1(2). Their legs should be in a strange position and they will be scratching themselves.
# Defeating Rustle

Throw a few fire crackers at him, then get up close and start punching him. Do this until he is defeated.

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