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help with getting past the force field
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    TokenBad99 posted on Aug 31, 2008 9:40:42 AM - Report post
    I have tried and tried to throw the explosives over the force field or whatever and all they ever do is bounce off..I have read a walkthrough and it says need to be at 50 on the sensory am at that..but still no luck..has anyone got past this and can tell me how?

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    dardevil64 posted on Sep 13, 2008 5:48:32 PM - Report post
    just quite the use the episode selecter and jump to the next level
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    greg3000 posted on Sep 21, 2008 4:44:48 AM - Report post
    i done it and its lockt
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    King_rule posted on Oct 13, 2008 11:21:05 AM - Report post
    if you are talkin about the force field that can be seen when u close your eyes n see the huge white field arround the small building / room / house .

    i was also stuk in that place but its very easy just come to the place that is front of the house , i mean there is a place where a garbage bin/can is there and few fuel bootles with it . soo only u have to make a moltive with a cloth or handkerchief with it . n light with fire and toss , not straight but a very high , if you through it straight it will bounce but if through high n too far , damn sure it will work ..

    use this thing 3 or 4 times n voila .. its done ..

    n after that part game gets awsome ...

    by the way i like this game , love everything except controls ..
    good game..
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