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NEW pokemon
sparrkiller  posted on Feb 04, 2009 5:10:22 PM - Report post

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originally posted by sejjady



species:invisable fire pokemon

moves:lv.1 firefang lv.1 poisonfang lv.8 icefang lv.13 ember lv.21 curse lv.26 lick lv.35 firepunch lv.42 nightmare lv.47 darkpulse lv.55 fireblast lv.61 darkvoid lv.69 overheat lv.74 hyperbeam lv.80 gigaimpact

hey dude try setting dark void before nightmare gr8 combo and make him have darkrais ability

sejjady  posted on Feb 04, 2009 6:15:26 PM - Report post

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ability:dark bird-if hit by a dark, flying, or fight type it won't do any thing and the opponent gets damege equal to its lv.

species:dark-bird pokemon

moves:lv.1 bite
lv.9 roost
lv.16 lowkick
lv.24 ghostgaze(NEW)
lv.31 closecombat
lv.37 arealace
lv.43 darkpulse
lv.49 dynamicpunch
lv.54 bravebird
lv.58 shadowforce
lv.65 gigaimpact

please coment!

sparrkiller  posted on Feb 04, 2009 6:22:56 PM - Report post

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evolution of rampardos
headbutt pokemon
abilitie:mold breaker(old)
1 hit slam:allows the pokemon useing a 1 hit ko never miss only used once per battle
type:dragon rock
(2)target smash
(15)dragoon heights
(30)dragon revolver slam
(40)zen headbutt
(50)tri slam
(70)head smash
(80)dragoon headbutt
(100)trick headbutt

target smash
locks on to the foe making sure the next hit wont miss and does double the damage

dragoon heights
a giant mountain apears the using pokemon jumps on top of the mountain launching a mega dragom slam right at the foe

dragon revolver slam
the pokemon launches a slam mixed with a dragon rush attack launching the foe out of the battle

tri slam
the user launches all 3 elements at the foe with a slam destroying every single bit of the foes hit points

dragoon headbut
the user launches a headbut combined with a special rend knocking the foe into another dimention(1 hit ko)

trick headbut
the user runs rapidly with a quick attack launching a ht so powerful it wipes out 1 of the foes stats completley

game_wiz_2008  posted on Feb 04, 2009 8:02:06 PM - Report post

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Type: water,psychic

abilities: swift swim, drought

LVL. 1 - Splash, Growl

lvl 2 - Psybeam, calm mind

lvl 5 - Psyblast (new)

lvl 7 - Agility

lvl 10 - water gun

lvl 14 -bubblebeam

lvl 18 - evolve to aquashin

lvl 22 - luster purge

lvl 25 - aqua ring

lvl 30 - aqua blast (new)

lvl 35 - aqua jet, evolve into aquarin

lvl 41 - water blast

lvl 45 - psychic

lvl 52 - hydro pump

lvl 58 - light screen, reflect

lvl 65 - pretect

lvl 70 - whirlpool

lvl 100 - bubble blast (new)

vmanarcher  posted on Feb 05, 2009 11:44:37 AM - Report post

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(for sejjady) my personal opinion is that the ghost gaze move would be a really cool move except for the fact that it is extremely unrealistic. have it do less damage, like power 110, and just a bit more accuracy. like 70, and if it misses they have a slight possibility to paralyze, freeze, ect.... now, as far as the ability goes, you should really consider down sizing the quality. i also think the pokemon itself might pose multiple weaknesses. just make a few adjustment, and you've got yourself a pretty nifty new pokemon.

for everyone else. i'm not sure if i've already mentioned it before, but a steel ghost has two weaknesses. fire and ground. now, here is the cool part. if a steel ghost pokemon had the ability of levitate, it would be invulnerable against ground and therefor, the only thing super effective would be fire. if pokemon creator made a new item for pokemon to hold that reduced damage from fire type moves, this combo would be off the friggin charts. legendary material for sure. however it would be cool if they made it a normal pokemon. what do you guys think about that idea?

another thing you can bring to light, is that if these pokemon were acctually created, would they be pokemon recently discovered, ancient pokemon, pokemon from another dimension, or possibly time traveling futuristic pokemon? if you really want, you could even give your pokemon some personalities, even a small story line about how the pokemon was discovered or something like that. just keep in mind, this is an adventure based game, so have an adventure, just as long as it's a fun adventure. keep it real guys/girls.

LoC_Leftie  posted on Feb 05, 2009 12:33:56 PM - Report post

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Name: Shuddow

Type: Dark/Fighting

Ability: Camouflage - If the Pokemon's HP is below 2/3 of it's full amount, it will have a higher chance of dodging attacks and its evasion will be raised.

1 - Scratch
3 - Tail Whip
5 - Pound
10 - Assurance
16 - Mach Punch
25 - Quick Attack
37 - Detect
49 - Sky Uppercut
67 - Shadow Claw
83 - Embargo
91 - Dream Eater
100 - Dark Pulse

sparrkiller  posted on Feb 06, 2009 1:13:40 PM - Report post

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ability:swaddle-the pokemon automaticly useds a pain split attack wen hp is lower then 50

15.flame wheel
20.light flare
30.flare blitz
50.fire breath
60.frenzy plant
70.grass grow
80.grass knot
90.ulti fire grass blast
100.1 hit frenzy

cowboy1190  posted on Feb 06, 2009 4:15:13 PM - Report post

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I have one
Name: Flaregon
Types: Dragon/fire
Ability: dragon fury
Moves: basic) ember
basic) leer
basic) dragon flare
Lv.38) dragon claw
Lv.45) flamethrower
Lv.52) brick break
Lv.61) giga impact
Lv.70) flare beam
lv.79) draco meteor

It's a new evolution of Shelgon by learning dragon flare it evolves into Flaregon. Dragon flare is a dragon type attack that does 80 damage, has 15 PP, and is 95% accurate, and will leave a burn 40% of the time. The ability dragon fury raises dragon type moves' power if Flaregon gets low HP. The move flare beam is a fire type, does 150 damage, has 10 PP, is 90% accurate, it also always leaves a burn.

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