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CHU Hero Challenge
Elite  posted on Jul 25, 2008 8:21:32 AM - Report post

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OK just made it in^ time il put start something either later or tomorrow.
lamile  posted on Jul 25, 2008 6:12:38 PM - Report post

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I hope it's fun :3

And just a quick question.. can I (since I'm ice) use water too? Since it's just changing the state of matter (and vapor too/steam?).

xXSephirothXx  posted on Jul 25, 2008 6:28:54 PM - Report post

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Primary power: Dark
Secondary power:Obliteration
Backstory:Sephiroth was a top ranking SOLDIER officer, the most powerful and skilled fighter there ever was, many people admired him. Sephiroth's final mission for Shinra was to investigate a Mako reactor in the Nibelheim mountains. When in Nibelheim, Sephiroth reveals that he never had a proper family, his mother, whose name was Jenova, died after giving birth to him, Sephiroth doesn't ever mention anything about a father, but he does say he has no home town.

Seph is a beast

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Serivor  posted on Jul 28, 2008 2:18:10 PM - Report post

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Primary: Dark
Secondary: Obliteration
Backstory: As a child he was abandoned by his parents and sent to an orphanage because of his accidental use of his special powers on another kid at school who was bullying him, sending him into a nightmare realm for 2 weeks. No one seemed to want him at the orphanage because of the transformation of his appearance. At age 15, he was called a demon by others and thrown out of the orphanage for harming other children there. While wondering alone in the woods, a scientist known as Dr.Owens convinced him to come with him. And feeling that someone actually wanted him around, he went. But the scientist did horrible things to him. He ran tests on him, trying to figure out just what he was and how could more, like him be created. After 6 months of being a test subject, he was finally able to break out of the test chambers and he killed everyone there, including Dr.Owens. He was soon hunted down after that and captured by the government. They built technology that was able to surpress his memories, and told him that he was to help them and do good for humanity.
joshuaputra  posted on Jul 30, 2008 3:07:16 AM - Report post

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Name: Joshua
Primary: Telekinesis
Secondary: Healing
Backstory: As a superior hero this man was able to have telekinetic power since the day he was born, he seems to be alone because of his outrageous power. but, there was once a mysterious guy, he was covered in light. then he tells the secret of his power. after he discovered his ultimate power, he was unstoppable and defeated all who challenged him.
Elite  posted on Sep 08, 2008 8:40:37 AM - Report post

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At long last I shall start this on Saturday.
17 signed up as of far 3 spaces left (if you are signed up and don't wanna participate please tell me.

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nailan  posted on Oct 10, 2008 1:24:42 PM - Report post

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Name Mr Ree
Primary Power : Flight this is due to a moner ability to affect gravity thus far its only use has been personal flight But i am experimenting to see if i can affect gravity for others or objects so far i have failed.

secondary power : unknown as of yet

Kai Ree was an extreme sports junkie. Skating, snowboarding, base jumping, bungie jumping ect. all very boring to Kai. skating off a bridge 300 feet above the ocean? that was more his speed. With all his life endangering stunts Kai was still unfulfilled. His life was empty. He didnt have any real friends, the girl he loved was in love with another guy. everyone thought he was insane so they avoided him. Depression soon set in and his stunts got even more dangerous. and the people he knew avoided him even more fueling the vicious circle. Kai gave up He had a new plan. he was no longer going to do insane stunts and leave it up to faith to kill him. he would take matters into his own hands. his former friends (and his love interest Nikki Waters) were all supposed to go skydiving with him. he was paying so everyone agreed to go. On that fatefull day he planned to not even open his chute and just freefall to his own death. he had the pilot move to maximun altitude for the longest last ride. his former friends jumped from the plane. Nikki looked at him. she knew something was up. She asked him if he was planning something stupid. Kai just shook his head and moved toward the door. Nikki stopped him. Nikki told him he needed to stop the insane stunts before he killed himself. He grunted and told her she didnt care about him anyway. She moved to the door faced him and told him she did care. She loved him but was not in love with him. Then she jumped. He paused All he could think about was he wouldnt even be with nikki. He was more determined and jumped. As the wind battered his body all he was thinking about was the freedom he was finaly going to get. He looked around enjoying the birds eye view of the earth spinning up at him. below he say the chutes of his former friends. how he hated the way they pushed him aside. Soon it would be over. The ground was still so far away. And then he saw HER. Nikki the only girl he ever loved, but she didnt care did she? no. She would be sorry in a few minutes when kai's body splattered across the ground.
but wait. something was wrong. her chute wasnt opened. he saw her chute was tangled up. she cut her main chute away and was trying to deploy her back up but it wouldnt open. he dived toward her. swimming with all his might. he caught he and pulled his own chute off. he rigged it to her own pack and pulled the chord. Nikki's body jerked as the chute opened. Kai's grip was pulled off and he fell backwards toward earth without a shoot. Theirs eyes met and he mouthed the words "I am sorry" about 15 seconds later Kai landed in a bloody heap

Kai awoke in darkness. A voice told him his own suicide was to be reversed due to the fact that he attempted to save the life of another. He would be granted another attempt at life. he was told his work wasnt done yet and he awoke layed out on a table. He glanced around noticing a morgue sign. he found his clothes cut up but still wearable (with a little patching) and fled. He soon took up residence in an abandoned apartment on the edge of town. His home base where he attempts to figure out what it is he is supposed to accomplish and what he really is. not sure if he is dead or undead he ponders his own mortality. Can he die he wonders. he can certainly feel pain.
he has no need of food or drink and needs no sleep. altho he must rest. He spends 8 hours in meditation a day pondering his life(or unlife)

Its been a week since his "accident" and he manages to snag a newspaper he reads about his own death and the odd disappearance of his body. He tosses down the paper in disgust and notices a small aticle on the back.

"Nikki Waters passes away today from injuries sustained when 3rd parachute becomes tangled moments before she lands."

Just then there is a commotion it seems some creature is causing havok.
Kai throws on his all black outfit and races toward the sound.
a single tear runs down his cheek as he races toward the sound of danger he screams out ................
"who is that? what could it be? I really dont know. Its a Mr Ree"

(ok its cheesy and i came up with it really quick but is this acceptable?)

Elite  posted on Oct 10, 2008 1:28:41 PM - Report post

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lmao you didn't have to write that much
I would award you best back story but its already been given lol.
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