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SC Double Agent Mission 01 Walkthrought
XUn7ouchabl3X  posted on Jul 17, 2008 12:30:38 AM - Report post

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NSA investigate geothermal plant
NSA reach helicopter for extraction

Primary Objectives
NSA Prevent missile launch

Secondary Objectives
NSA infiltrate plant w/o alert*
NSA infiltrate base w/o alert*

The game begins with Sam flying over Iceland. The first move is to jump into ice cold water from an airplane. Once in the water swim toward the red light in the distance and enter the tunnel. Once through the tunnel there is a hole in the ice above. Swim up (using Y) to the surface of the water. A guard will come nearby. Take care of him stealth style. Exit the water. There is a door with a light above it leading to a guardhouse. Enter the room quietly, there is a guard asleep on a bed. Access the computer then disable the electric fence by cutting the wires below the power box in the left corner of the room. Exit the guard house and move toward your partner. Hoist him up over the fence. Sam can climb over the fence. Once over move to the left and climb the ladder to reach your partners position. Above you is a cable,jump to grab the cable and slide your way into the plant(secondary objective complete)

There is a guard below the platform where Sam stands. Once he moves out of sight to the right feel free to move down to where he stood. There is a set of stairs to the right that you can easily reach undetected. Move down the stairs.When you see the bottle stop and become aware of the patrolling guard.EMP the light above and while the guard is out of site jump over the rail to the right landing on the ground. Move into the large metal crate. There is a wall mine Sam can pick up if you chose. Walk through the crate and grab the stationary guard at the other end (he like all the others in the area will provide you with an access code). You should see a well lit gate with "Danger" and "Do Not Enter" signs. This is where Sam needs to go. There are several choices on how

1. Hack the control panel on the gate.
2. Move to the left and cut the wire on the power box that controls the electric fence. It is just below a light on the wall.
3. Enter a nearby guard room and hack a computer to open the gate.

Once past the gate, avoid the 2 guards and the moving light to the left to reach the far wall. Climb the ladder and you should be on a platform with a water tank. Sam will need to take the stairs leading up that can be found in the well lit area. Be careful there is a guard patrolling the stairs. By this time John tries to do more than he should and runs inside. No worries. Just move past the stairs and wait for the guard, when he comes down take him out and go up. At the top of the stairs is the fan that has been stopped allowing entry into the plant.

Upon entry, you see your partner for the mission gunned down. You can't help him, so continue to the left until you reach the yellow rail and climb up. A timer also appears at the bottom of the screen. Continue down the ramp and you will receive a new mission: Prevent Missile Launch. Move down the stairs. When
sam reaches the next platform stop and watch for a guy to come up the stairs.Go behind him down the stairs he just climbed. Kill the light and go left toward the missile. Turn the manual release located on the missile. Sneak past the guy patrolling the stairs (killing the light will have him puzzled) and head all the way to the top. Remember the set of stairs that you originally passed at the beginning of the ramp, go down them and activate the walkway. At the end of the ramp is a metal pipe Sam can climb. Climb it and move over top the missile. Once you arrive at the missile use the winch to lower Sam to the platform below. Hack into the computer to prevent the missile launch. Climb the ladder to the right of the missile and turn left at the top. There should be a rope above the missile that will allow Sam to climb to the roof. MISSION COMPLETE.

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