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Ghost Town Mission
-JamesBond-  posted on Jul 09, 2008 4:28:45 PM - Report post

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In the part where you have to blow up 2 bridges after going threw the town; it seems that I can't make it to the bridges without it saying that it was Mission Failed

And no matter how fast I go to get there it always says Mission Failed

So.... if there is something you know that I don't could you help because that would be great

CNR4806  posted on Sep 17, 2008 4:27:11 AM - Report post

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After the cutscene that your tank is blown, you'll be teleported to another spot. The US tanks will spawn at North and slowly proceed toward the bridges

Run down the hill ASAP. Ignore everything and run toward the bridge. The US tanks should be far away by the time. Go to the first bridge, IGNORE the T-90. It will help you to defend against US tanks. Instead, grab the C4, run on the bridge, place a charge then run to the another side, and blow the bridge. OR if you kept your Recoilless rifle from the first village you attack, just fire a single round on the bridge, it should be down. If you use the C4 method, after crossing and blowing the first bridge, look for a recoilless rifle (same as that one you should have grabbed in the first village) at one of the X-spots near the river. Then, blow the remaining bridge with the recoilless rifle. After that, the T-90s guarding the bridges are useless. Blow them up with your Recoilless rifle.

unRheal  posted on Jul 28, 2010 1:59:15 PM - Report post

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I know this (and all of the posts here on CH about BC) is really old - but does anyone know what he's talking about when he says "recoilless rifle" - I sort of suspected he meant the GOL sniper rifle, as when I fire it, it does appear to be recoilless... however, a full clip into the bridge did nothing (as I suspected, but had to try...)

And - when I do cross the two bridges, there's only 3 "X" spots on the other side (and only really 2 near the bridges) but they're 1. A Rocket Launcher (M3CG), 2. Explosive/C4 (DTN-4), 3. An XM8 Assault Rifle - 1 and 2 are near the bridges - and obviously one could blow up the bridges with either the DTN-4 or the Rocket Launcher, but I'm more wondering what rifle there is that could take a bridge out with one shot (or even a full clip?) - and would also take out a tank..(?)

I'm loving the game and having tons of fun - though I wish there were cheats! Inf. ammo and getting to select any weapon at any time would be a lot of fun for more playthroughs!

I have the PS3 version. (I think there's also an Xbox version, but no PC version ... (?))

On a side note, about the "Big Ugly Flashlight" - aka Laser Designator ... I thought mine was buggy or broken for at least my 1st playthrough (so I always just used the Russian mortar guidance thing instead) - till I realized you have to aim it at either a (enemy?) vehicle or an emplacement... after which I had a ton of fun with it too, since you often drive a vehicle around, and can then use it (or of course a nearby enemy vehicle or emplacement) to initiate the bomb drop and target anything in the vicinity! Lots of fun!

Thanks for any replies.


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