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    rosspos posted on Jul 03, 2008 6:57:16 AM - Report post
    Using Artmoney I was able to edit the Production Capacity and Demands of some of the resourses. I am still working on the others but whenever I exit the game and restart the addresses change.
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    knightpress posted on Jul 04, 2008 5:03:24 PM - Report post
    unfortunately that's a side effect of the architecture of modern computers, Random Access Memory (RAM) tends to do just that which is why instead of directly altering memory addresses many trainers use programming 'pointers' which more or less point to the addresses of importance.

    Anyway though, Cheat Engine is similar to ArtMoney (but without the annoying pop-up license nonsense), and I've found it to be much faster and you can search for floats using truncated decimal points! For instance, instead of looking for 5465.5627 you can just search 5465 and the rest is "assumed" and it'll just find all of the values of 5465 prior to the decimal point (VERY handy!) and this also saves you from having to constantly use range searches which I despise.

    Let's hope for a second-edition trainer that will modify the resource values automatically since they are pretty easy to search for.
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    sanjin posted on Jul 07, 2008 7:07:48 AM - Report post
    Save your files in the artmoney and next time you load up the game load the file. After that search for one of the values you have there and when you find it simply press ALT+A while you have picked the new address on the left and and old one on the right. That should set everything back and you can edit it right away.
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