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The CHU chronicles
assassincreed  posted on Jul 04, 2008 11:30:52 PM - Report post

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king-of-games  posted on Jul 04, 2008 11:43:06 PM - Report post

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Vegetta  posted on Jul 05, 2008 1:53:35 AM - Report post

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A ftw!
Shibby  posted on Jul 05, 2008 2:03:05 AM - Report post

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D: Malyg gets in trouble for not keeping it PG13

Yea, its joking around, but dont push it ok?

malyg  posted on Jul 05, 2008 8:57:35 AM - Report post

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originally posted by potato_chips

D: Malyg gets in trouble for not keeping it PG13

Yea, its joking around, but dont push it ok?

Anything in particular you want me to tone down or stop? Or just overall?

Also the results are

A- 10
C - 1 (King of Games rulz!!! )

Be up in like, 30mins to an hour.

On a side note, I'm also thinking of adding a Kenny type charcter, and a character like The Todd from Scrubs. Any volunteers?

WAFFLES  posted on Jul 05, 2008 10:24:48 AM - Report post

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i hope its longer and funnier than the last part
malyg  posted on Jul 05, 2008 10:50:14 AM - Report post

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The CHU chronicles part 4

Malyg and Ho-Oh approach the spammers hideout. It was the Burger King in the Off-topic Discussions district. From the outside, it looked like a simple Burger King with the words 'this is not the spammers hideout no matter what you think. On the inside, the things going on there would make you sick.

Ho-Oh: I think this is the wrong place. It clearly states in spraypaint that this is not the spammers hideout.

Malyg: Huh? Where does it say that?

Ho-Oh: Under the "SPAMMERS RULZ!LOLLLOLOL!!11!" graffiti.

Malyg: Ohhhhh I see. Well I am hungry so lets go in anyway.

Malyg and Ho-Oh enter Burger King to see that it is the spammers hideout. They are greeted by SS4.

Malyg: Hey! The sign outside said this isn't the spammers hideout!

SS4: =D

Malyg:... You're not answering my question. You are just smiling charismatically.

SS4: =D

Ho-Oh: I would punch you in the face, but that smile is just so damn charismatic.

SS4: =D

Malyg: Just answer the question please.

SS4: =D

Malyg: This is what we are gonna do. We are gonna leave, come back in, and we want somebody less cheerfull than you at the door. Ok?

SS4: =D

Malyg and Ho-Oh exit Burger King, and then re-enter.

Chewbacca: RAWRGH!

Malyg and Ho-Oh:.....

Malyg and Ho-Oh exit Burger King, and then re-enter.

Elite: What are YOU two doing here? Neither are you are wanted!

Ho-Oh: Fine! I'll start my own gang with blackjack, and hookers! In fact forget the gang!

Elite: Dude... you just totally ripped off Fault2k.

Malyg: Who? (no offense Fault, but you're not in the story (would you call it a story?) yet, so we have to pretend we don't know you)

Elite: STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL MALYG! Anyway, what are you two doing? We have all ready stated you are not welcome here.

Ho-Oh: Fine! I'll start-

Malyg: He means do you want to go attack the flamers. They are jerks and for some reason they wanted to attack me.

Ho-Oh: Yeah! And they burned down 'The Bobas Fett'

Chewbacca: Oh no! Not the Bobas Fett!


Chewbacca: I mean errr.... BAWRGH!

Malyg in whispers to Ho-Oh: Why is a story about CHU got Chewbacca in it?

Ho-Oh: Dunno. Why do you keep breaking the fourth wall?

Malyg is about to answer but gets cut off by Elite

Elite: Chewbacca here was born in 66, not to mention he is a Halo 2 Lover.

Malyg: Hey he is familiar to that guy everyone hated. Halo2_lover66 was it? He was born in 66 and loves Halo 2 as well.


Chewbacca goes into the pockets of the person in front of him.

Elite: I choose to ignore that comment and am going to take you to the boss to see if he is on your plan to attack the flamers. SS4, come with me.

SS4: =D

Malyg and Ho-Oh are led to the bosses room by SS4 and Elite. All 4 of them enter the room.

Boss: Hello... I am Vegetta

Ho-Oh: Vegetta... wasn't he the guy who was got all this popularity to destroy Goku, but then turned out to be over-rated and got pwned?

Long Pause

Vegetta: I SWEAR, Goku is nothing compared... I mean errr... that is meerly a coincidence. We have nothing in common

Ho-Oh: Yeah... anyway... we have a proposition for you.

Vegetta: Oh Rly?

Malyg: Ya Rly!

Elite: Oh Rly?

Ho-Oh: Ya Rly!

SS4: =D

Awkward Silence

Vegetta: Can I get you a drink? Water? Scotch? Orange Soda?

Ho-Oh: Ho-Oh loves orange soda. I do, I do I do-ooooo

Vegetta: So... thats a yes for orange soda? *Ho-Oh nods his head* What about you?

Malyg: I will have a sparkl... you know what? I ain't never having that again. Get me a scotch.

After Vegetta has got Malyg and Ho-Oh his drinks he starts talking again.

Vegetta: So... you said you have a proposition for me?

Malyg: Yes! You help me attack the flamers and find out why they attacked me.

Vegetta:...whats in it for me? get good gossip about why they attacked me?

Vegetta: That is a very good deal. But it will come at a very costly price. You do know that the flamers do out number us 3:1. We only have 473 members. Anybody, off the top of their head, 473 X 3?

SS4: I believe the answer is 1419

Vegetta: lol...wut

SS4: Ummm... I mean, =D

Elite: Boss, I think the answer is 1419. M I RYT?

Vegetta: That is correct Elite

Elite looks proud of himself

Vegetta: So you want us to go into a fight with a gang against those odds?

Malyg: No... instead of having 473. I say we do something a bit more extreme. Me, You, Ho-Oh, Elite and SS4 are the only ones going in. And if you hear me out I think you will understand why. As you see in all the badass movies, the smaller the party is the better their chances are at surviving. And if we do everything in slow-mo AND have badass music playing from our Ipods at the time, there is no way we can lose!

Elite: Genius! I bet if we go to the trollers and ask for there help, and onlt take 3-4 we will have even better odds as well.

Vegetta: SS4 what do you think?

SS4: =D

Ho-Oh: I actually dont like this plan so-

Vegetta: Then its decided! The 5 of us will go for ice cream, go to the trollers and then attack the flamers!

Now you vote for what happens next:

A: The trollers accept the invitation
B: The trollers decline the invitation
C: Malyg finds a penny on the way to the ice-cream van

Will the trollers accept?
Will the flamers be destroyed?
What ice-cream will everyone order?

I believe that was PG-13

SuperSaiyan4  posted on Jul 05, 2008 2:12:03 PM - Report post

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I'm going to be a fan-favourite, I can tell ^_^.

*crosses fingers for brawl*

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