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The CHU chronicles
Patr10t  posted on Jul 16, 2008 11:30:36 AM - Report post

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I vote See!
malyg  posted on Jul 16, 2008 12:58:58 PM - Report post

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The CHU Chronicles part 9

The CHUeteers are back in the van

Malyg: That was a fun, pointless evening which had nothing to do with the events from earlier that day.

Elite: Would of been more fun if it wasn't for stupid SS4.


Elite: Yea I'm talking to you! What are you gonna do huh? What are you gonna do?


Elite: Takes one to know one!


Elite: I know you are, but what am I?


Elite: So's your face!


Elite breaksdown and starts crying.

Vegetta: Who the hell are you talking to?

Elite: Your Mama!


Fault2k: You know what would of been cool? If we got the monsters to fight with us against the flamers and mod squad.

Sophie: Hey! Only half the mod squad thank you very much!

Fault2k: Half, whole, same thing.

Malyg: If only I would of thought of it last night instead of just know so I could of put it as an option instead of thinking about it now and reminisceing over what could of been.

Lamile: OMG! I had the weirdest dream about this self-proclaimed ass man last night


Vegetta: You had that to? I was having a weird dream about dinosaurs, and then the T-Rex yelled 'I'M AN ASS MAN!' and then I woke up.

Ho-Oh: I was dreaming about these 3 beautiful women *Lamile raises an eyebrow* uhh... they were... destroying the world and then one of them shouted 'I'M AN ASS MAN' then I woke up.

Lamile believed the obvious cover up, and when she turned away Ho-Oh high-fived Malyg. TheCreed (AC) appears in the corner furthest away for Lamile.

TheCreed: I dreamt that 3 beautiful women were giving-

Lamile throws her shoe at TheCreed and it hits him where the sun don't shine.

Vegetta: I felt that one >.<


TheCreed: *cough* I shall... *wheeze* be back

TheCreed leaves

Malyg: Gotta give him props for commitment

Sophie: Well I had this dream that-

Sophie is cut off as a van rammed into the side of the van.

Malyg: Oh **** cobies!


Sophie: How rude! This is the second time I have been cut off by something bad happening. It's really grinding my gears!

Fault2k: What the hell is a cobie?

Malyg and SS4 both start giggling like school girls.

Lamile: You didn't answer his question. You just started giggling rather femininely (is that a word?)

Malyg: Well basically-

Ho-Oh: They're not cobies! They are-

Malyg: Thanks for interupting me you jerk! ANYWAY, it was like this.-

Ho-Oh: Malyg shut up and let me talk! They are not cobies they are the mods!

Sophie: Ffs. They are only half the mod squad! I am right here! I risked me life protecting you guys and you don't even acknowledge that I am not part of them! Gawd!

Malyg: Anyway, back to the story about cobies...

Elite: No one cares about the gorram cobies!

Lamile: I did

Malyg: You're only saying that because SS4 is in the story and you don't like him in the story!

Fault2k: Oh please! We don't want to hear the story because it has you and SS4 in it! Who in the right mind would want to read a story which has Malyg and SS4 in it?

Everyone stares at the people reading this... yes thats right! They are looking at you bwoy!

Vegetta: Coming from the guy who gets outsmarted by a guy who calls himself WAFFLES! I think a story with them two would be more interesting then a story with you in it! Who would want to read something on Fault2k?

More stares

Ho-Oh: Stay out of this Vegetta this has nothing to do with you!

Malyg: And what has it got to do with you?!

Ho-Oh: Why don't you let him fight his own battles!

Malyg: Why don't you shut up!

Elite: Why don't you shut up!

Malyg: Why not come up with your own jeers for once!

Meanwhile, outside.

Sophie: What the? Why the hell haven't they started running?! Ffs a bunch of corrupt Mods are after them and they get in a stupid debate! Why the hell am I even helping these guys?

Insom: Because you are too friendly...

Sophie: It was rhetorical! Aww crap you found me

Neo: Yes we have... and it would be best if you told us where the others are.

Sophie: Wait? You didn't hear that... well then I have no clue where they are.

Neo: Oh, I think you do! Don't make us-

42: I just remebered! It's Shibbys birthday! We gotta throw him a party or something.

Neo and Insom: *facepalm*

Back on the van...

Elite: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Elite stands still...

Vegetta: Well...

Elite: I will in a minute... I wanna see how this debate turns out.

Lamile: Guys... has anyone noticed that Sophie has gone and the Mods van next to us is empty.

Vegetta: Do you think she sacrificed herself for us?

Malygs thoughts: *as Sophie* I did not! Come and rescue me!

Malyg: Yes she did! And I don't think she would want us risking our lives to rescure her! Somones has gotta take us out of here.

Elite steps in the driving seat. He drives straight into a tree.

Elite: Oh right... I failed my test

Ho-Oh gets in the seat. He is driving good, but only at 20mph.

Fault2k: Why are we going so slow?

Ho-Oh: I don't wanna get any more points on my license.

Lamile: It's not even your vehicle

Vegetta kicks Ho-Oh out the seat and starts driving faster. He gets a phone call. When it finishes he turns around and talks to the everyone else.

Vegetta: Guys, I just got word that the flamers have attacked-

What did the flamers attack:
A: Trollers
B: Spammers
C: 1bobafettrules' ice cream van

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forty-two  posted on Jul 16, 2008 1:07:35 PM - Report post

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assassincreed  posted on Jul 16, 2008 1:08:17 PM - Report post

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Elite  posted on Jul 16, 2008 1:09:07 PM - Report post

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I'm starting to get rather confused with my character.
Shadow_Of_Death  posted on Jul 16, 2008 1:10:03 PM - Report post

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How can you be confused with yourself?

You act like that all the time

malyg  posted on Jul 16, 2008 1:15:33 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Elite

I'm starting to get rather confused with my character.



Shadow_Of_Death  posted on Jul 16, 2008 1:27:23 PM - Report post

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I vote A!
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