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The CHU chronicles
assassincreed  posted on Jul 09, 2008 6:22:25 PM - Report post

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originally posted by staindredglass

I want to see an option where Malyg falls down a flight of a stairs, develops amnesia because of it and as he's trying to figure out who he is, someone convinces him he's an ultimate fighter in the UFC.

Then he win the title.

SuperSaiyan4  posted on Jul 09, 2008 10:37:16 PM - Report post

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Ho-Oh2224  posted on Jul 09, 2008 10:38:27 PM - Report post

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originally posted by SuperSaiyan4


Quoted for truth


malyg  posted on Jul 10, 2008 7:14:08 AM - Report post

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A - 5
B - 9
C - 2

D - 7
E - 5
F - 4

SS4 and Fault2k are facing 25 Flamer Grunts =D

malyg  posted on Jul 10, 2008 11:04:55 AM - Report post

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The CHU Chronicles part 7

25 flamer grunts approached the CHUeteers. They are no stronger than the grunt SS4 killed, but 25 weak jabs will hurt.

Ho-Oh: Yep! We're boned!

SS4: =D

Vegetta: This isn't the time for charismatic smiling!

SS4: =D

Before Vegetta could reply an envelope came down from the sky and landed in Vegetta's pocket.

Vegetta: Cool! A PM! It could give us info on how to kill these guys!

Vegetta opens the envelope, and then frowns.

Vegetta: Stupid newb! This isn't the time!

Ho-Oh: Any advice?

Vegetta: No. Just some newb calling me a douche.

More PMs fall from the sky and land in Malygs and Ho-Oh's pocket.

Ho-Oh: Mine says, 'If you are still interested in buying, we have found the prostit'- WOAH! I mean, uh, STUPID NEWB!

Malyg: Mine is a profile on SS4 and Fault2k. It says 'Fault2ks AK Spray may be weak, but it hurts every enemy on the battlefield. SS4s Charisma Boost heals everybody on his team. When used right, this is a lethal combination.

Ho-Oh: Who sent you that and how did they get that information?

Malyg: It doesn't say who sent it, but it's a stratergy guide of CHU.

Vegetta: So it's settled! Fault2k and SS4 will fight the battle!

fauklt2k: I don't fight unless I need to.

Ho-Oh: What? You do need to! If you don't the results of this fight could be disastrous.

Fault2k: Come get me when the results are catastrophic

A fire ball made by the grunts is fired and sets fire to the stratergy guide. Everyone turns to stare at Fault2k apart from Elite, who is still crying over the spam.

Malyg: I just got to the page about my powers!

Fault2k: Looks like I am fighting the battle then.

25 Flamer Grunts want to fight
SS4 and Fault2k accept the challenge
SS4 uses splash
It has no effect
Fault2k uses AK Spray
It hits all enemys
All Flamer Grunts use weak jab
It is not very effective
13 hit Fault2k, 12 hit SS4
SS4 uses Charismatic Boost
SS4 heals 60% of his and Fault2ks health
Fault2k uses AK spray

*skip until the final grunt has fainted(I don't wanna write it, you don't want to read it. Too repetitive!)*
The last Flamer Grunt fainted
SS4 and Fault2k win the battle!
They both gain 675 exp.
They both level up 2 levels!

SS4: =D

Ho-Oh: That was awesome!

Malyg: I got a plan! We take these Flamer uniforms and wear them. We then sneak into their base and confront the Boss!

Elite: None of us know where the Flamers base is!

Vegetta: I do! It was in WAFFLES' blog. It is the Pizza Hut on AMMO street.

Ho-Oh: His blog?

Vegetta: Dont ask me, I just saw it. He wrote it.

*30 minutes later at the Flamers hideout*

The CHUeteers enter the hideout and are greeted by Staindredglass.

Stainredglass: Hello fellow Flamers! How many I be of assistance?

SS4: =D

Staindredglass: ...

SS4: =D

Staindredglass: Anyone apart from him need assitance?

Ho-Oh: We are the survivors from the attack that attacked the people that were going to attack us. We need to see the boss

Stainredglass: Gee willickers! You survived?! The boss in in his usual place.

Elite: Yeah... the usual place. See we kinda suffered blows to the head and forgot when the usual place is.

Staindredglass: The toilets.

Elite: Thank you

The CHUeteers make their may towards the toilets.

Fault2k: If we run into WAFFLES, just remember that his ass is mine!

They enter the toilets and all pull out their banhammers and point it at the Boss.

Boss: What is the meaning of this?

The CHUeteers all take off their disguises.

Boss: Ah, I see. It is the poop squad.

Ho-Oh: ... the poop squad?

SS4: =D

Boss: Yes! The poop squad! No doubt you have come looking for your stolen things.

Malyg: Well no. I came-

Boss: Of course you came looking for stolen things. What else is their to come looking for?

Malyg: Answers?

Boss: Anyway you are too late.

Boss presses a button a remote and it shows a TV screen. It shows Lamile, SOrlando and Elite's spam getting put into the back of a van with WAFFLES as the driver.

Boss: Now I would put the guns down gentleman.

Elite: Why would we do a stupid thing like that?

Boss: This why!

4 cubical doors open and 4 flamers come out, with a gun in each hand. The CHUeteers put their guns down.

Boss: You do realise we are still going to kill you?

SS4: =D

Malyg: Before you do, wouldn't it be cool if you told us your plan?

Boss: No! But I will leave you with a really big twist for the end of this episode. Flamers, take off your masks!

The flamers take off their masks to reveal... THE MOD SQUAD!

SS4: =D

Boss: Thats right! 4 of the 6 mods work for the flamers!

Vegetta: Why are they working for you?

Boss: The mods were created to work for the founders. And with us, they can do just that.

Malyg: Founders?

Boss: Yes. Founders. But now you die. MODS!

Malyg: No!

Ho-Oh: Wait!

SS4: =D

Vegetta: Please!

The Mods raise their guns to the CHUeteers heads.


A: Drpepperfanatic breaks in, hoping to save Lamile but not realising the CHUeteers are in trouble
B: 1bobafettrules drives his Ice Cream van into the Pizza Hut for revenge on his pub
C: 1 of the 4 mods is actually undercover, and breaks it by saving the CHUeteers.

Will the CHUeteers survive?
Will they find out the mysterious secret?
Will Elite get his spam?

[Edited by malyg, 7/10/2008 11:27:07 AM]

staindredglass  posted on Jul 10, 2008 11:07:48 AM - Report post

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You should add a new gang... A gang of CHU moderators
assassincreed  posted on Jul 10, 2008 11:21:12 AM - Report post

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No C.

malyg  posted on Jul 10, 2008 11:21:40 AM - Report post

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originally posted by staindredglass

You should add a new gang... A gang of CHU moderators


Thanks for voting

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