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The CHU chronicles
Vegetta  posted on Jul 07, 2008 2:18:59 AM - Report post

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I am not going with the flow... B rules!
Ratchet_Expert  posted on Jul 07, 2008 2:51:00 AM - Report post

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Shadow_Of_Death  posted on Jul 07, 2008 3:12:24 AM - Report post

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malyg  posted on Jul 07, 2008 11:19:54 AM - Report post

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Fault2k has said he wants to be the Keanu Reeves type character.

Now that I have had dinner I will start

malyg  posted on Jul 07, 2008 2:09:29 PM - Report post

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The CHU Chronicles part 6

The 5 Chueteers leave the trollers hideout and find Stone Cold sitting in the corner somewhere.

Elite: See ya Steve

Austin: What? You can't talk to Stone Cold without the glass shattering! Get out of here you SOB!

The Chueteers walk on after taking in Stone Colds vote of confidence.

Ho-Oh: So... we are still doing this?

Vegetta: Yep!

Elite: I downloaded some badass music to everyones Ipod, just don't forget to put it on repeat. The last thing we need is Barry White coming on when we are killing 5 guys at once.

Malyg: Man, we should of stole a racecar and used that to drive us there. It's a long walk.

Ho-Oh: Why a racecar?

Malyg: Would of made us look cool.

Elite: Did you know that racecar spelt backwards is racecar?

Long pause. Everyone is in thinking why something so obvious is only noticed by Elite. All of a sudden a BANG, is heard beside them.

Vegetta: What was that?

Malyg: Something blew up!

Ho-Oh: What the hell?

SS4: =D

Long pause

Elite: Perhaps it couldn't take in the though of racecar being a palindrome.

Malyg: What's a palindrome?

Ho-Oh: It's a type of pokemon. I think it's psychic, might be dark though.

Vegetta: That pokemon is a wierd game. I mean come on, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres? Something is going on there. And Hitmonlee? Hitmonchan? Why are they named after Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee? It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

Before anyone could reply, a mysterious voice spoke.

???: I hear you are launching an attack on the flamers.

Malyg: What the-

Ho-Oh: Who the-

Elite: How the-

Vegetta: Why the-

SS4: =D

A person steps out of the shadows.

???: Are you attacking the flamers or not?

Vegetta: Well yeah! What's it to you?

???: My name is Fault2k, and I want to help!

Malyg: Ho-Oh look it's the guy you ripped off 5 pages ago!

Ho-Oh: >.> What are you talking about. <.< I didn't rip off no one.

Elite: Yes you did! I remember you doing it!

Fault2k interupts

Fault2k: If you don't want my help it's fine. I can start my own group, with blackjack, and hookers. In fact, forget the group.

Ho_Oh: >.> <.< He just ripped off me!

SS4: =D

Vegetta: Before this convo gets stupider, Fault2k you do know it's gonna be dangerous

Fault2k: Yeah well, when a man has been wronged, he no longer cares about danger.

Malyg: Why do you want to help?

Fault2k: I got unfinished business. You go through life being told there's justice, then you learn that the only real justice, is the justice you take. *Fault2k pulls a picture out of his pocket* Make no mistake WAFFLES, before this is over you WILL pay me £2.50.

Elite:... Did you just quote-

A rustling is heard behind a car. A flamer pokes his head up!

Vegetta: A flamer! SS4 take care of him!

Flamer Grunt wants to fight!
SS4 accepts the challenge!
Flamer Grunt uses 'Weak Jab'
It is not very effective
SS4 uses 'Charismatic Smile =D'
Flamer Grunt is confused
Flamer Grunt uses 'Weak Jab'
Flamer Grunt is confused; It hurt itself in its confusion.
SS4 uses 'Spammers Secret'
Critical Hit!
It is super effective
Flamer Grunt fainted
SS4 gains 25 exp.


SS4: =D

Fault2k: This is bad news. They know we are coming. They will be prepared.

All 6 of the Chueteers phones start ringing. They are getting an incoming video call from 'UNKOWN NUMBER.' They all answer.

Flamers Boss Good day gentleman. As you may already have realised, we know you are coming. How you ask?

The Flamer Boss (who is wearing a mask so he is called Flamer Boss, his identity will be revealed later) laughs and steps aside. Lamile is shown tied up and has a banhammer pointed at her head.

Ho-Oh: You Son of a!- She was innocent!

Flamer Boss: No **** genius. I thought she was going to mount a full front attack on us, so we had to capture her to stop her.

SS4: =D

Flamer Boss: And you! Mr. Potato Smiley! Well lets see if you are still smiling after this!

Flamer Boss points the camera so it is showing SS4s brother, SOrlando (not many of you will know him was a cool guy )

SOrlando: O.o

SS4: =D

Flamer Boss: Uh, yeah, you be depressed about us having your brother hostage!

SS4: =D

Flamer Boss: Jeez, do these brothers facial expression ever change?!

Elite: You get used to it after a while

Flamer Boss: Ah Ha! You! Well Elite we have something of yours as well.

Flamer Boss moves the camera so it shows a bag of spam with the words 'ELITE SPAM!' It is hanging above a bath of water.


Flamer Boss: Gentleman, I do think things are going to get extremely hot for you.

SS4: =D

Flamer Boss: I would distract you more, but I don't have any credit left. If you guys wouldn't mind calling back? Oh thats right, you guys don't have my number! SUCKER!

Flamer Boss stops the call.

Vegetta: What did he mean by distract us?

Malyg: Uhhh, guys I think you might want to turn around.

All 6 turn around and curse at what the next battle holds.



D: 25 Flamer Grunts were what was behind them
E: 10 Flamer elites were what was behind them
F: 2 Flamer Giants were what was behind them

ALSO: (please vote for both polls)
A: Malyg & Ho-Oh fight the battle
B: SS4 & Fault2k fight the battle
C: Elite & Vegetta fight the battle

[Edited by malyg, 7/7/2008 2:10:28 PM]

Ho-Oh2224  posted on Jul 07, 2008 3:26:00 PM - Report post

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D, A


airhead  posted on Jul 07, 2008 3:29:58 PM - Report post

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lmao conspiracy.. lee and chan lmao

planbskater  posted on Jul 07, 2008 3:37:10 PM - Report post

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D, B
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