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help me plz
danteurlast  posted on Jun 26, 2008 11:12:40 AM - Report post

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how can i get the way to mission15
Sn1p3rGT  posted on Jul 09, 2008 8:37:58 AM - Report post

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== Upper Subterran Garden ==

Walk toward the door with the circular pattern and it will seal off and new
enemies known as The Fallen will attack. To defeat these enemies you must
attack their wings enough times to reveal the face on their bellies. Attack
the face on their stomach with Yamato's Aerial Rave (Vergil) or the first two
hits of Agni & Rudra's Sky Dance mixed with an Aerial Cross (Dante) to defeat
them. If they every plunge their sword into the ground, move away from it
since it will explode eventually.

== Provisions Storeroom ==

A few Arachnes will attack, but you don't have to fight them.

== Devilsprout Lift ==

Run up the stairs to find an elevator control switch with three hollow
indentations. Enter the door across the stairs.

== Forbidden Land: Front ==

Jump up either of the sidewalls next to the door to get to the area above the
door and find an orb pillar. Walk down the stairs and jump up to Leviathan's
eye for some red orbs. Light up the Sanskrit emblem to activate something in a
room you just came from. Go back the way you came and enter the Provisions
Storeroom again.

== Provision Storeroom ==

The gate that was once blocking the Sanskrit emblems against the wall has been
lifted. This Sanskrit emblem will change the room by rotating the tower behind
the door with the circular pattern. Light up the emblem once and enter through
the door with the circular pattern.

== Gears of Madness ==

The gears inside have started up now. Stay away from the side of the gears to
avoid taking damage and defeat the Blood-Goyles before you walk too far into
the room. Fall along the gears and ignore the next emblem for now. Enter the
room on the other side.

== Altar of Evil ==

Dullahans mixed with rotating blade oh my! They're no problem though. Lead
the Dullahans away from the rotating blades and defeat them from their backside
with Yamato Aerial Raves (Vergil) or Agni & Rudra's normal combo (Dante).
Carefully make your way through the blades and collect the Orihalcon Fragment
at the other end. Navigate back through the blades and leave.

== Gears of Madness ==

Hit the Sanskrit emblem to change the next room you will enter ahead. If you
have problems jumping to the small gear use Trick Up (Vergil) or Air Hike
(Dante) for an extra boost. Go back through the door at the top of this room.

== Rounded Pathway ==

Jump over the rotating blades (stay to the right side) and defeat or dodge the
Dullahans. Ignore the Sanskrit emblem in the opening for the moment.

== Provisions Storeroom ==

Fight off or run by the Arachnes and grab the Orihalcon Fragment from the back
of the room.

== Rounded Pathway ==

Light up the Sanskrit emblem on the wall to change rooms then go through the
door that you used to first enter this area.

== Top Subterria Lock ==

Collect the usual red orbs on the side of this area then open the blue door.

== Rounded Pathway ==

When you jump over the rotating blade pillars be sure to time your jump
carefully - stand at the right edge, nearly touching the blade, then hop over
the pillar. Fight off or run by the Soul Eaters and grab the final Orihalcon
Fragment from the other side of the room then exit.

== Top Subterria Lock ==

Hit the Sanskrit emblem to change the room through the door to the side. Enter
the door with the circular pattern once again.

== Marble Throughway ==

Walk through the next few doors and go down the stairs in the Spiral Corridor
to enter the bridge of the Underground Arena.

== Underground Arena ==

Fallens will attack as you walk out onto the bridge. Fall down to the area
below the bridge to find a BLUE ORB FRAGMENT on a piece of debris. Jump on the
floating platform and it will take you back to the top of the bridge. Run all
the way to the Top Subterria Lock.

== Top Subterria Lock ==

Hit the Sanskrit emblem once again to change rooms to the side then enter
through the door with circular pattern once again.

== Provisions Storeroom ==

The doors will seal off and Arachnes will attack as you enter. Fight them off
and get back to the lift.

== Devilsprout Lift ==

Place all three Orihalcon Fragments on the elevator control switch then enter
the elevator.

== Sun & Moon Chamber ==

Walk out of the elevator to finish the mission.

dardevil64  posted on Sep 12, 2008 11:25:07 AM - Report post

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u have to find 3 stone peaces in all of the rounds u can access it from hitting the daimond wheel
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