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Some Tweaks/Hints
KingDaniel  posted on May 18, 2008 7:26:34 AM - Report post

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Regarding the Cheats/hints follow the same Method:

Locate and open the TurokInput.ini file in your Game\Config folder using Notepad. Locate the following lines:

and change to:


Now, while playing press the TILDE(~) key to bring the console and Type alwaysammo for 'Infinite Ammo'.

So the cheat code for INFINITE AMMO is 'alwaysammo'. Using the code will never let your weapon clip down, even after Reloading.
It's sort of Infinite ammo on all the weapons including the BOW.

(The code 'Killpawns' kills all of your Present allies/squad mates if you don't want them. Be careful, as this code may stop some cut scenes/animations to be played when the presence of them is needed.!)

And, If you want easy Kills or 1-SHOT Kills on ALL weapons, go to the 'Config' Folder located inside the 'TurokGame' folder and locate the following .ini files like eg:

TurokWeapRailgun , TurokWeapShotgun , TurokWeapSMG , TurokWeapSniperRifle , TurokWeapChainGunTurret etc etc.

and locate the following line which starts with:

;;; damage
InstantHitDamage=5 depending on the weapon file.

And then change ALL the values to something big like 999. eg:

So, this will kill all the enemies with 1 shot. For the BOW and the StickyGun just search for the word 'Damage' under the ' ;;; Non-multiplayer' headings in the file.

But make a BACKUP of the entire 'config' Folder before proceeding, just in case you want to revert back. ALWAYS make a BACKUP. !!

Like that we can edit other Weapon Properties like Ammo, Accuracy, RECOIL etc in the same Files if we want.

IF you found the 'Enemies- Dinos/Soldiers' moving too fast and a little tough, then Look for the File 'TurokPawnEasy' located inside the 'TurokGame\Config' folder and EDIT the file. If you are playing the game on NORMAL difficulty, then Open the 'TurokPawnEasy.ini' file. The Other .ini files like 'TurokPawnMedium' and 'TurokPawnHard' are for different difficulty settings, so choose accordingly.

Ok, now open the TurokPawnEasy file and look for the Following Headings like
[TurokGameNonNative.TurokPawnBugSoldier] , [TurokGameNonNative.TurokPawnDilo] ,
[TurokGameNonNative.TurokPawnLurker] ,
[TurokGameNonNative.TurokPawnRaptorMini] ,
[TurokGameNonNative.TurokPawnRaptorAlbino] etc. etc.

Below these headings you will find the following lines like
mBaseGroundSpeed=500 depending on the characters. So CHANGE these values to something 'Lower' depending on your Choice. Search the entire file for the Enemy names and codes and change them accordingly.

DON'T make the value of 'mBaseGroundSpeed' too Low, else the enemies won't move at all! TRY any lower Half value and watch the enemies move Slowly and then KILL them. ! If you find any strange Behavior with the enemy AI, please tell me as I've not played the Full game yet.

Again make a BACKUP before trying!

Changing the Value 'mDefaultHealth' to something very low, is similar to 1 SHOT Kill for the weapons!


[Edited by KingDaniel, 5/18/2008 9:02:01 AM]

KingDaniel  posted on May 20, 2008 1:56:38 PM - Report post

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To UNLOCK all the CHAPTERS type the simple code in the console: allmaps.

This will UNLOCK ALL the Chapters anytime you want.

SO the Code is ' allmaps ' .

OR, IF you want to LOAD any particular CHAPTER and move to its next checkpoint(if any) then Type the code given below for easy access to any Chapter/Level any time !

Bring down the console(~) and type the following to load Chapters and their Checkpoints. I have given them in 'Sequence' as in the Game:


' Prelude ' : loadchapterpoint 120

' The Lost Land ' : loadchapterpoint 210

Now to go to the NEXT CHECKPOINTS Within this Chapter Type loadchapterpoint 220 for the next Checkpoint and loadchapterpoint 250 for the Next and the last.

' Bad Blood ' : loadchapterpoint 310

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 320 ,loadchapterpoint 330 ,loadchapterpoint 340.

' Death Valley ' : loadchapterpoint 420

' Reunion ' : loadchapterpoint 510

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 520 ,loadchapterpoint 530 ,loadchapterpoint 531 , loadchapterpoint 540.

' Ghost In the Shadow ' : loadchapterpoint 610

For Checkpoints(in Order):loadchapterpoint 620

' Mother Superior ' : loadchapterpoint 810

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 820 ,loadchapterpoint 830 ,loadchapterpoint 840.

' Killing Fields ' : loadchapterpoint 910

' The Shortest Straw ' : loadchapterpoint 1210

For the Next Checkpoint: loadchapterpoint 1230

' Down and Out ' : loadchapterpoint 1410

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 1440 , loadchapterpoint 1480

' Heroes End ' : loadchapterpoint 1510

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 1520 , loadchapterpoint 1540 , loadchapterpoint 1550

' Salt In A Wound ' : loadchapterpoint 1610

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 1620

' End Of The Road ' : loadchapterpoint 1710

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 1720

' Into The Breach ' : loadchapterpoint 1910

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 1915 ,loadchapterpoint 1920

' An Eye For An Eye ' : loadchapterpoint 2110

For Checkpoints(in Order): loadchapterpoint 2120

That's all,

[Edited by KingDaniel, 5/20/2008 1:57:51 PM]

[Edited by KingDaniel, 5/20/2008 2:01:39 PM]

[Edited by KingDaniel, 5/20/2008 2:07:37 PM]

merdoso  posted on Sep 06, 2010 2:47:36 PM - Report post

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I knew the damage but not the chapters...funny
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