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Mektek Mekpak
Arryth  posted on Jul 29, 2009 5:48:14 PM - Report post

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I resubscribed to unlimited, just to get this trainer, and it was so totally worth it. I have been testing the trainer today. So far it works well on most of its functions.
The functions, as posted in the included "readme" file, I'm listing with my test findings and questions so far. My comments will be in " " after a -.

Numpad 1: Unlimited Armor - your main mech parts (head, torso, legs, etc.)
will have super armor and will not damage.

- "Working flawlessly in single player and instant action, tested on nearly every Mech in the pack. No inconsistencies found"

Numpad 2: Unlimited Ammo - weapons that have a finite amount of ammo
will not decline.

- "Working with all ammo weapons in the game. No inconsistencies found"

Numpad 3: Unlimited Overheat - your mech will not overheat when using

- "Working with all energy weapons, no matter how crazy I stacked them. No inconsistencies found"

Numpad 4: Ammo Weapon Cooldowns - firing ammo weapons will instantly be ready for the next fire. May not work with all weapons.

- "Not working consistently in regular missions, nor at all on Solar missions. When it does work on campaign missions, beware enemy units with missile or ballistic weapons. I found my self literally in a storm of missiles from some damn choppers in an early mission. I was a'scared"

Numpad 5: Laser Weapon Cooldowns - firing laser weapons will instantly be ready for the next fire.

- "I am can not seem to get this to work consistently in regular missions, and not at all in Solarus side missions. Possibly there is a condition, or weapon limit here? I will continue to test and update as I figure it out.
On a side note, it gives enemies in missions with beam weapons cool down free also. God help you if you get targeted by an enemy with ppc's. Your will be nearly locked down. Funny as hell to watch."

Numpad 6: Unlimited Flush Coolant - you will have unlimited flush coolant.

- "Working flawlessly, but kind of redundant with the no heat cheat on number 3, the more the merrier though. "

Numpad 7: Unlimited Jump Jets - you can fly endlessly.

- "Working fine, and is a ton of fun to do on a mission. Every building or mountain, is now your look out tower."

Numpad 8: Unlimited Money - use this in campaign mode for unlimited funds.

- "Working flawlessly. Use gives an obscenely large amount of c-bills. Something around 1,300,000,000. The cash will not subtract from buying items until you shut off the money cheat, which leaves you with your huge pile of c-bills, but will deduct for purchases made normally there after. (as if it will be problem "

Numpad 9: Unlimited Tonnage - use this in the mechlab for massive tonnage.

- "Works ok, but with a bit of a trick. Work when used before a mission. After the mission is complete, some of your over weight equipment will "vanish" from the slots. You have to click on your Mech, then go into the Free Market, then go back into the Mech Lab. Next click on your Mech again, your equipment will appear back on your Mech. I have not had to repeat this more then twice for my stuff to come back after a mission."

Over all I love this trainer. It brings crazy new fun to an old favorite game. For me at least, it was well worth my fee to return to unlimited just for this trainer.

My only request is some polishing up on the weapon cool down portion of the trainer. It's a great concept, but hopefully it can be made to work in all single player missions, and may be not be give it to those damn tanks and helicopters..... .

Again, Thank you a ton for taking the time to write this trainer guys. Made my day playing with it today.

Caliber  posted on Jul 30, 2009 8:04:23 AM - Report post

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thank you for your constructive feedback and also for going unlimited again. i don't know if i will try to 'improve' the cooldowns. working on this trainer stretched my talents quite a bit so i hope other members will appreciate it. i doubt you see ANY other trainers from ANY other sources other than CH for this mektek pack-


[Edited by Caliber, 7/30/2009 8:04:58 AM]

Garthak  posted on Jul 30, 2009 5:40:14 PM - Report post

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will this trainer ever be released as free, because I don't really want to pay 25 dollars for a single trainer. Im not meaning to sound like I don't support cheat happens, I just don't want to spend $25 for one trainer.
PWizard  posted on Jul 30, 2009 5:56:03 PM - Report post

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You can purchase a reg code for our Trainer Manager software for $6.95 and get any trainer you want for free. Please note that updates are not included. So, if they update the MekTek then you'll have to get a subscription to get an updated trainer. There are no plans to release this trainer to the public.


[Edited by PWizard, 7/30/2009 5:56:37 PM]

Garthak  posted on Aug 03, 2009 10:24:17 PM - Report post

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Quite honestly, I think keeping it to yourself is going to **** a lot of people off, considering there releasing this game for free sometime this month hopefully, I just wanted to try to find it while I was waiting. Disappointing.
GeoAvanti  posted on Aug 06, 2009 5:47:13 PM - Report post

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Well garthak as much as i would one day like to see this trainer released to the general public that was not in the initial deal that the people agreed to. I can see the reasoning behind them keeping it from the public to encourage people to keep to thier word so if you see the first post you will understand
Caliber  posted on Aug 06, 2009 7:19:24 PM - Report post

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i spent nearly 15 hours on this game breaking through 3 different anti hacking protections on this mektek addon, not to mention this title is very old and the data in the game is encrypted. GOOD LUCK finding another source for this trainer, much less something with this many options. we have had only about 300 downloads of this trainer, and probably not many signups from it. so at this point we probably LOST money on this game/trainer when looking at cost/time/return ratio. there's a REASON nobody else put anything out for this game and to be honest we did this mostly because of MEMBERs asking for it. so it will remain here for our MEMBERS as a sign of appreciation for thier membership-


ElBorrak  posted on Aug 07, 2009 1:09:01 AM - Report post

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Thanks for trainer
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