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Easy Sisters of battle stronghold win
TheMarine  posted on Apr 30, 2008 6:28:16 PM - Report post

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As the orks destroy the small base near the mission start and then when you get to the point where you can get free slugga boys then make a bunche of infantry depots and then put it of auto build and put way point to the stronghold. This will take a while.
40kgamer  posted on May 02, 2008 3:50:50 AM - Report post

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how the hell would that work

i dont doubt u but come on that wont work

if u wont to win stop the crusade before he can even

rally his troops with IMPERIAL Guard get the sniper and kill the confessor before he goes to the first rally spot easy way to stop the crusade

TheMarine  posted on May 03, 2008 10:27:52 AM - Report post

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It works but takes a long time. The crusade isn't that hard to beat but All the orkz will overrun them.
_raine_  posted on May 05, 2008 7:04:34 AM - Report post

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Well sisters of battle are easiest opponent in the game when using imperial guard due the way more superior artillery and baneblade, it wont take more than few seconds to finish all infantry Sob´s sends to you and if the sobs somehow are able to get past baneblade, you got 2 heavy machine gun and possibly karskin´s whit comissar there and ogryns whit priest to crush whats remain of the crusade.

In the very beginnig the assault i suggest you make some turrets cowering the road to your base, i take it you know what route the crusade takes and know where the stealth unis of the Sob´s are and where they go from time to time, ok now that you have those turrets in place, make sure you got 2 heavy machine guns whit the anti infantry upgrade on them, place those gun on opposite side of the road or then make a kill zone by buing a sniper and having those machine guns pointed at the sniper.

now you got some small but havoc causing defence, it will buy you time to send imperial guards to take control of the Relic, make sure you send your "hero" squad there and make sure the "general Stubbs" has his detect stealth wargear or else it will be pain to get a hold on the relic, unless you like to send those psykers to give stealth detection, theres a small outpout at the relic site, its not big threat, so you can go there guns blazing and so on, but keep in mind those sobs are very effective at breaking morale, so keep komissar or two tagged in few squsa and make sure those squads whit komissars stay in rear of your force,

once you have cleared the relic post( i take you only used 4 turrets to cover yout base) use the 2 remaining turret spots and build up them so that you can "see" the entrance to the relic also build an IG "barrack" there to ensure fast mobility whit the repair groups or reinforcements

oki now you can build up a baneblade, what you can use as "breakin" the frontier of the sobs, their artillery is annoying but extremely inaccurate, but still a threat.

move slowly your baneblade onward and keep untill sobs artillery begins to rain fire on you, then move your ogryn and karskin squads to cause havoc there, then move your baneblade to do the shooting there, while ogryns and karskins keep sob´s busy, and if possible, you got 3 IG artillery pieces to do "softing" up at the sobs outer outpost where their artillery also is builded up, this is fast clean up, and after clearing the sobs outer bases, its time for siege of their stronghold, make sure you got those artillery pieces still at working status, and move them to rain fire on each of the sacred relics buildings, you can destroy them quickly that way, but keep in mind when that "angel" moves to shield the relic building, stop the artillery piece from shooting it and make it shoot the heavy shot on the HQ building of the sob´s / use the scanner in your HQ building to locate the Sob HQ), do this until you got those relic statues down, then the "angel" is not invunerable anymore and your sniper can take her out in few shots while using the snipers talent ( faster shooting and a lot longer LoS and range of fire)

ok now its time to make rush attack to the hq, make sure you take out all defences out before moving in, so use baneblade to clear the way, if you did the clever way and made the tank factories build leman russ tanks, you can now "delete" the artielly and get 2 lemans to do major damage on buildings and possible sob walker units.

This help is based on "Normal" stage of the game and it may not be as efficient on "Hard" stage,

[Edited by _raine_, 5/5/2008 7:43:06 AM]

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