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dstates  posted on Jul 15, 2007 2:46:17 PM - Report post

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mages guilds usually have distruction trainers

there is a master trainer but he will be a little difficult to find.

he is just east of Piernette's Farmhouse, his name is Leles Birian

to get there Go to the Vivec Silt Strider, and look away from the Foreign Quarter, North, you should see a wooden bridge not far off. Go to that bridge and across it to the East, then when across follow the road North. You should pass a first farmhouse, and Piernette's is not far off.

erlltheskwerl  posted on Jul 15, 2007 3:31:06 PM - Report post

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you dont have to use destruction; paralyze, demoralize, summon something, or absorb health
DaedricDragon21  posted on Jul 17, 2007 2:15:06 PM - Report post

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thx for the info on that master trainer.

and again, a problem, my intelligence isn't very high so i can't summon anything. and i tried having that guy that follows you in the royal palace help, and he couldn't even hit him.

dstates  posted on Jul 17, 2007 2:25:27 PM - Report post

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if you can find an exquisite shirt, a grand soul gem with golden saint inside, and a drain heath spell...i can tell you how to make a DEADLY weapon that will kill any foe in a matter of seconds
DaedricDragon21  posted on Jul 25, 2007 5:34:02 PM - Report post

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what about a grand soul gem you fing in the mages guild in balmora?
dstates  posted on Jul 25, 2007 5:37:35 PM - Report post

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if it's empty you can put a golden saint's soul into it.
kingpotter  posted on Jul 29, 2007 10:07:12 PM - Report post

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and then what do you do?
dstates  posted on Jul 29, 2007 10:13:52 PM - Report post

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well i put all my secrets or whetever in the cheat page and also posted it on another topic so i'll just quote it
originally posted by dstates

hey i got another treat for you guys. as i said i was experimenting with items and trying to make items of great power(this will be of no use to people that use cheats/mods/soul trap glitches etc...), but the good thing about these items is you dont really need the soul of a god or the tribunal expansion/GOTY edition(< for xbox)this time.

what you need:
2 grand soul gems w/golden saint's souls.
exquizit shirt & exquizit pants
drain health spell
restore health spell

ok item #1
exquizit shirt
(i named it)Shirt of Divine Wrath

enchantment: cast when used
drain health 100 points in 2ft on TARGET.

info:this will have a charge of 400 and uses 6 points per cast, do the math..that allows you to cast it about 66 times. but the great thing about this is you can fire the spell as rapidly as you want. 1 right after another, not like spellcasting where you can only get a spell off about every 4 seconds.

item #2
exquizit pants
(i named it)Pants of Divine Healing.

enchantment:cast when used
restore health 61 points for 2 seconds on SELF(that adds up to a good 122 restoration per cast)

info:i basically created this item for when i am using my Fang of God or my Shirt of Divine Wrath on an enemy that reflects it, because that will take you down FAST. but with this all you have to do is open the menue, select the item and then like the above item cast it as rapidly as you want, restoring you to full health at amazing speed. this item also has a charge of 400(because that's what you get from using golden saints, if you want higher, you need a god's soul), but this only uses 3 points per cast, allowing about 133 casts before your charge runs out. making it almost impossible to die, the total of health regeneration points possible from this item(if fully charged) is 16,226 points.

i have tested all my items on vivec and just using the shirt fully and then 2 hits of my fang of god, i took him out without having to restore my health once, and my health is only 514 points

for those who want to learn more about my Fang of God, "show_board2.asp?headID=44420&titleID=3272">click here.

wondering what the hell Fang of God is?...its a sword i created that is stronger than trueflame or hopesfire(in other words, its the strongest sword in the game. made without any cheating/modding. only for those who have the tribunal expansion or the GOTY edition for those xbox players)

[Edited by dstates, 2/23/2007 6:34:36 PM]

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