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Ewiger Krieg Mod
Hells_nuke  posted on May 06, 2009 7:57:32 AM - Report post

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Tiger tanks were the most feared tanks in WW2 and there is still not many tanks today that can shoot 2km with 100% acc its almost impossible (counting the weather/wind)

Now back on topic: for modding COH look in the relic forums they have all you need.
Also I hope you don't make the DF to accurate. Will DF work in all the campaigns thats the next trick

[Edited by Hells_nuke, 5/6/2009 7:58:25 AM]

knightpress  posted on May 06, 2009 3:04:15 PM - Report post

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Well, the DF mode will pretty much place the fire where you click, that's what DF really is. The units themselves won't fire any faster, have any more power, or have any other advantage when in DF mode, it's merely micromanaging their targeting.

The limitation is that you can only DF one vehicle at a time, you can have several -in- direct fire mode simultaneously mind you (in case you like to switch around), however only the one you've currently selected will directly respond to your commands. The additional catch is that any vehicle set to DF mode will be more or less lobotomized without your input. So if you have two fronts you want to command personally, you're going to be really hopping to make sure one doesn't just sit there while it gets ravaged and you're not at the wheel.

Ironically, the tiger was far from the most feared tank of the war. While it was quite powerful, it was also a comparably uncommon tank, greatly prone to malfunction and breakdowns, and in comparison to the earlier and yet arguably superior Panther tank it was a distant contender. The Panther tank was vastly more reliable, considerably faster, much more common (about 6,000 made compared to 1355 Tigers) and widely spread throughout the Italian, Western, and Eastern fronts.

Add to that the ballistic properties of the 7.5cm KwK42 are actually superior to the larger 8.8cm KwK36. At 2km for instance the penetration (and 30 degrees obliquity) of a 7.5cm is about 95mm with a APCBC round while the 8.8cm musters about 83mm with a APCBC.

All of the above being said, I have no plans to make the Panther punch harder in-game because it's not meant to be balanced that way. The only weapon's power I've altered was merely to make two different versions of the .30 cal MG more akin to each other since they would be firing the same bullets, and rate of fire aside, their other differences did not account for their discrepancy in capability.

Hells_nuke  posted on May 06, 2009 3:33:54 PM - Report post

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Thanks for correcting me, lol I always thought that it was the tiger that was the most feared guess I was wrong
Lord Vader  posted on May 07, 2009 3:01:27 AM - Report post

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originally posted by knightpress


As of May 8th 2008, I can no longer completely support Ewiger Krieg with use in versions 2.300 and 2.301 of Opposing Fronts due to problems well beyond my control. This isn't to say that it won't work, because even with those versions it -can- work, but it's up to fixing the game itself rather than anything to do with the mod.

When I have absolute confirmation of a post-2.301 patch of the game that unquestionably works as well as pre-2.3, I will fully endorse it with open arms, and in the mean while my full support of Ewiger Krieg on all other versions is completely unchanged. Unfortunately I alone can not bring order to the chaos Relic Studios insisted on putting into 2.300 and 2.301, so until those bugs are addressed those two versions are somewhat "omitted".

I want to thank in advance anyone that's tried my Ewiger Krieg Mod, and I hope you like it (and if you do, rate it high please)

To expand some on what the mod's description explains...

The Ewiger Krieg mod is the end result of wanting to add ever more to the game and simply tear down every wall between the player and the options available to his faction (Panzer Elite or British Commonwealth). With this mod active you can not only access basically the entire roster of the Panzer Elite and British Commonwealth, but also the Wehrmacht and Allies (from Company of Heroes) as well including their buildings, defenses, and unit abilities!

Panzer Elite can now build directly (and without requirements or limits) Pioneers, Luftwaffe, Fallschirmjäger, Flakpanzer IV (Ostwind), Wirblewind Flakpanzer, Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG), Jagdpanzer 38(t) (Hetzer), Hummel (Artillery), Jagdpanther, Panzer IV (standard Wehrmacht), Panzer IV (infantry support), Panzer IV (standard Panzer Elite), Panther (standard Wehrmacht), Panther (Panzer Elite Standard), Panther (with extra Camouflage ability), Tiger I, and Tiger II (Königstiger, King Tiger) with build cap raised to 500!

I've not mentioned numerous units that are in the game by default or spawn from a building by default; those remain untouched in their places.

British Commonwealth can now build directly (and without requirements or limits) Engineers, Commandos, Canadian Infantry, Vickers Heavy Machinegun Squad, Sherman Firefly, M4 Sherman Calliope, M7 Priest, Churchill AVRE, Churchill Crocodile, Churchill (standard), and M26 Pershing (No building cap)

Basically, Ewiger Krieg has everything ULTIMATE Special Tank Mod has and many many times more, and countless additional options open to the player of either faction.

[Edited by knightpress, 4/19/2008 1:59:46 PM]

[Edited by knightpress, 4/19/2008 2:28:42 PM]

[Edited by knightpress, 5/8/2008 3:25:13 PM]

let me tell u one thing very clearly...ur Mods r amazing....awesome...they add a whole new dimension of enjoyment to COH. u have mentioned that some problems might arise if we use the mod with v2.300 and v2.301 of the game. what might those problems be? do let use know. thank you.

knightpress  posted on May 07, 2009 1:48:14 PM - Report post

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Well, as has long since been buried under dozens of pages of posts...

The 2.300 patch is the effective death-knell for mods unless you use an altered version of the game, in which I neither endorse nor will support. The 2.300 patch debacle effectively decapitating mod function was the primary impetus for the 2.301 patch which remedied that issue, however some (albeit an extremely quiet minority) have claimed that their mods continued to not function with 2.301.

That being said, I could and did, use Ewiger Krieg with 2.301 of the game for months without a single hint of difficulty, so I would lean toward the claims of some saying 2.301's problems were more to do with pilot error.

It's not that much of an issue at this point seeing as most are either updated to 2.501-2.502 or simply playing another version of the game so they are unaffected 2.300's mess.

[Edited by knightpress, 5/7/2009 1:48:35 PM]

Hells_nuke  posted on May 07, 2009 4:24:40 PM - Report post

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or people are getting the free trainers so there staying on the older patchs, who would want to lol, I got my unlimited account just a week or so ago and loving it ever since.

Any updates, like maybe a release date ... that was a joke by the way, but yeah any updates or things giving you the S***S

[Edited by Hells_nuke, 5/7/2009 4:26:30 PM]

[Edited by Hells_nuke, 5/7/2009 4:27:13 PM]

knightpress  posted on May 07, 2009 6:22:32 PM - Report post

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Indeed, perhaps many are choosing to play on an interim iteration of the game in order to have Ewiger Krieg and a trainer for free, I honestly don't know and have no vested interests either way.

I have made Ewiger Krieg, hosted, and supported it completely free regardless of version from day one... although if I had charged a dollar a pop I'd have some 17-18 thousand dollars off of it about now (You can make checks payable to... lol)

The trainers are made by CheatHappens' staff (of which I have no affiliation), and I do believe they have a legitimate claim to compensation for their efforts in continually supporting numerous games across constant updates and changes and all for a very nominal output given the value in access to support and sheer number of offerings.

As to the release update, it is coming along, and I while I detest developers using the phrase "soon", I can tell you that progress has been made and the results there of are forthcoming... I really wish I could say exactly when, but it has to do with the intersection between my free time and mental energy to invest with modding and repeated testing of the product to ensure quality. Add to that, relic's decision to rework the formatting of the .module files has forced me to constantly swap out module files to be compatible for modding, and then swapping back to be compatible with running the game and actually testing what I modified. It's not hard at all mind you, it's just another step and a repetitious one at that to wrestle with.

I can shine some good light however, this weekend should prove quite productive and conducive since for me it's a three day weekend, and one of the regular tasks that often eats a large chunk of one day in the weekend may well be rescheduled. So all in all, more time, and less of it devoted to things I don't want to meddle with should help me tend to all of my miscellaneous hobby and craft projects currently underway.

Hells_nuke  posted on May 07, 2009 7:24:04 PM - Report post

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Nice I think people would rather it be free instead of having to pay for it.

Well that sounds good that its a three day weekend for you, I have to work everyday plus when the army calls I also have to go to the base and ..... nevermind I bid you good luck

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