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The ultimate CHU survival challenge
EternalSlayer  posted on Apr 25, 2008 2:17:28 AM - Report post

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Heh, I own at these things. *waits*
nailan  posted on Apr 25, 2008 6:52:19 PM - Report post

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I reaload my gun and head on to the Hq. I say blessings for those i saw dead.
jane29  posted on Apr 25, 2008 7:34:27 PM - Report post

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i'll use my meds
*uses health pack*
Greendaysuks136  posted on Apr 25, 2008 7:45:11 PM - Report post

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I finally died. Don't worry, I don't stay dead for long.
Ho-Oh2224  posted on Apr 25, 2008 8:52:48 PM - Report post

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Hm...I'll kill the monster with my all-powerful shotgun...I am at close range after all...
latios_power  posted on Apr 26, 2008 11:19:26 AM - Report post

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Choice2: Run. It’s a narrow path you may take a hit but it may be better than wasting ammo and getting killed by this thing.
Elite  posted on Apr 26, 2008 5:04:46 PM - Report post

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Jane29: DR sniper rifle 6 bullets remain, Health: 2, flash grenadesx1 Med pack: 0 3 silver bullets
Ho-Oh2224: Pisces Shotgun has 8 bullets 5 spare Med packs: 1 Health: 2
The corrupter: Deceased
Planbskater: Deceased
1bobafettrules: ES Health: 2 90 bullets remain plus 100 spare Health: 3 (rocket used)
Latiosmaster47: LM revolver has 6 bullets left and 9 spare Health: 2 Med pack 0
Patr10t: Yosup Health: 2 100 bullets remain plus 40 spare Med pack: 1 Grenade:1
Yosup: Yosup Health: 2 89 bullets remain plus 200 spare. (Project 4 documents obtained)
Latios_power: ES Health: 2 AK has 100 bullets plus 20 spare
Bat_kid: Deceased
Nailan: Yosup health: 2 100 bullets remain plus 178 spare. (Project 4 documents obtained)
King-of-games: Elite 5 bullets 1 8round clip Health: 3
No1_saints_fan: Deceased
Ratchet Expert: Deceased
Ghost42: Deceased
ES: DR 5 bullets flash grenade x1 (starts with reduced ammo) Health: 2 3 silver bullets

Your shotgun packs a punch up close and knocks the pwiz imposter off his feet with 2 bullets and you finish him off with one more. You find a note (read ES’s results to know what’s on it). You find some sniper rifle ammo, which are of no use to you so you proceed onwards out of the park and towards CHU HQ.

You rub past the monster but it swipes you as you run past and reduces your health to 2. You manage to outrun only just and exit the park and continue on to CHU HQ.

King Of Games:
You head up the tunnel to your right. A huge zombified bear comes charging towards you. You see it quick and put 3 bullets in its head that and it falls to the floor dead. You head on past in and see light ahead. You finally emerge out of the tunnel. You can see the large tower of CHU HQ off in the distance and head on towards it.

Ghost 42:
You fire it several times but you handguns don’t seem to phase it much it knocks you to the ground and your health is reduced from 1 to 0.You are now dead.

Whether or not you went in the tunnel in this one depended on what weapon you had. A shotgun would have been a good choice if you went this way while the sniper rifle would have been rendered near useless. The right choice here of cause if you went straight on would be to take Pwiz out. If you had of read the apartment scenario GDS clearly said Pwiz was still being held hostage so it pays sometimes to read everything. In the apartment the window would allow you to escape the monster but this wouldn’t be too wise if your health is down to 1, as you would die instantly (as GDS found out). As some of you found out that fire is effective against the creature but the fire extinguisher would of also been useful for distracting the creature long enough to get away. And of its always best to avoid a fight when your health is down to 1 as there is a chance of taking damage which of cause would kill you.
Scenario 4 starts tomorrow.
Please leave comments either here or in my blog

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Elite  posted on Apr 27, 2008 2:40:04 PM - Report post

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Regardless of the direction you have chosen previously you have all now arrived at the same location.

-Scenario4 Path to CHU-

You see the tower of CHU HQ off far in the distance and you have now reached the very edge of CHU city. Up in front of you is a huge field but on this field is a gigantic maze separating you from CHU HQ you walk up to the front of the maze and there are 3 entrances. You are ready to decide your path when your phone rings which you answer. Its Insomniac and he says he’s escaped and will meet you at the center of the maze to help you get into CHU HQ. You agree and step up to the front of the maze. In front of you is a sign. It reads “By taking the most dangerous of the 3 paths great dangers you will face but reach your goal swiftly you shall”. Above each of the three entrances is a blank brightly coloured signpost. One is green, one is yellow and one is red.
Which entrance will you take into the maze? The green, yellow or red you have 24 hours to decide.

I do actually need ideas for this game so feel free leave any in my blog

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