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8675309  posted on Apr 05, 2008 6:34:45 PM - Report post

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Where do i find blaine the 7th gym leader!!!!??? Help
and where are the legendary birds please help me thanks ppl
Shibby  posted on Apr 05, 2008 6:53:45 PM - Report post

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Blaine is on Cinnibar Island

If you Surf south from Pallet Town you will eventually reach it.

The Gym is locked, you have to find the key inside the Mansion which is also on the island

8675309  posted on Apr 05, 2008 7:00:03 PM - Report post

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Potatoe chips thanks but i get lost in the manison you mind helping me in the manison please?
Shibby  posted on Apr 05, 2008 7:43:50 PM - Report post

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I'll start from the beginning

In the first room just follow the path to the stairs and go up them
From there go right and up and then left into another room and up the stairs
Flick the switch on the Statue of Mew and then go to the southern room, and there is two holes in the wall, now I forget which one it is, but I think its the first one (the biggest) and you walk through and drop into another room
From there go south and then down the Stairs
There is a small room here go inside and flick the switch, then the door by the sairs will open, go through and find another couple of rooms, flick the switch in the second one, and then carry on to a room with a table and the Key sitting on it, and just to the south is the Item TM 22 Solarbeam
Then just go out the way you came in, making sure to flick all the switches back to the way they were, then up the stairs to the previous level, and from there follow the path to the exit

H-TowN--Dem0N  posted on Jul 10, 2008 4:56:35 PM - Report post

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well...i dont know if you have found the legendary birds yet...but i see you have had help for the gym key so i will skip over that part and go straight to the birds...


Articuno is in the Seafoam Islands...the islands between Fuscia City (the city with Koga as the leader) & Cianwood City (the city with Blaine as the leader). You will need Pokemon that know Surf & Strength...once you get inside you find the random boulders...push them into their respective holes...and you will eventually come across Articuno when you have completed this...he is at the top of the screen in the farthest left body of water...i cant remember which floor its on though.


Zapdos is in the Power Plant...in case you dont know where that is...go to Cerelean City (with Misty as the Gym Leader) and go left like you were headed towards Rock Tunnel...once you get over to the Pokemon Center at the entrance to the cave...directly north of it is an entry into the body of water you need to follow around in order to get to the power plant. once you get inside of the power plant you will be attacked by numerous voltorbs, electrodes, magnemites, etc. but continue walking through it all the way to the last room and you will find Zapdos waiting.


Moltres is in Victory Road (im sure you seen him your first time going through...but to get to him you just go to the part where you had to push the stone alllll the way across to the far upper left with the ladder directly above the resting place for the boulder...you go in that staircase (if i remember correctly) and you walk to the right and you should see Moltres waiting.


all 3 are on level 50...so come prepared...articuno has peck & ice beam, zapdos has drill peck & thundershock, & moltres has peck & fire spin


I hope this has helped you through any hardship you may have encountered...for any more questions about Pokemon Yellow,Blue,Red,Gold,Silver,Crystal just get at me at
just make sure to let me know who you are when you add me

.: PEaCE :. love & hatred

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