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Super Smash ohko %'s
SWF  posted on Mar 22, 2008 11:22:38 PM - Report post

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I did a test of every character's super smash on a stopped target (samus) in training mode. Samus was in the middle of the stage when affected by every super smash. I will list the % damage that Samus had to have in order for each character to ohko (one hit ko) her. Keep in mind that these %'s will change if a different target is used, or because I was a little wrong about some %'s. I do not claim that any of these %'s are difinitative, and I agree that some %'s can vary up to or more than +/-20% of what I say. Also keep in mind that a lot of super smashes can do repeated damage so some %'s can be much lower if more damage is done durring the super smash period.

Mario: 382% damage (the VERY 1st hit and ONLY THAT hit to ko)
DK: 480% damage(the VERY 1st hit and ONLY THAT hit to ko)
Link: 28% damage
Samus: 17% damage
0 Suit Samus: 62% damage
Kirby: 112% damage
Fox: 112% damage (one shot from the landmaster)
Pikachu: 193%-198% damage depending on how you hit
Marth: 0% damage
Mr. Game & Watch: 121% damage (the VERY 1st hit and ONLY THAT hit to ko)
Luigi: unable to ko directly with super smash
Diddy Kong: 86% damage (ramming)
Zelda/Shiek: 8% damage
Pit: 141% damage (a single hit by 1 of those flying things)
Metaknight: 46% damage
Falco: 149% damage (one shot from the landmaster)
Pokemon Trainer: 28% damage
Ike: 35% damage
Snake: 96% damage
Peach: unable to ko directly with super smash
Yoshi: 101% damage (fire ball)
Ganondorf: 14% damage
Ice Climbers: unable to ko directly with super smash
King Dedede: data is inconsistant
Wolf: 91% damage (one shot from the landmaster)
Lucario: 62% damage
Ness: 92% damage
Sonic: 62% damage
Bowser: 68% damage (fully charged A-side smash)
Wario: 77% damage (fully charged A-side smash)
Toon Link: 33% damage
ROB: 91% damage (laser blast only not repeating laser)
Captin Olimar: 20% damage
Captin Falcon: 10% damage
Jigglypuff: kills a cpu standing still at 0% damage but I'm not sure it'd have the same effect on a human
Lucas: 92% damage

hope this helps

[Edited by SWF, 3/23/2008 5:01:51 PM]

Latiosmaster47  posted on Mar 23, 2008 11:06:09 AM - Report post

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I just did some experimenting with ike's great aether final smash, and at close range, he gets in another 10% hit. so, at close range, ike only needs 25% damage to get an OHKO, but at long range, he needs the full 35.

nice list, kudos for putting it together

SWF  posted on Mar 23, 2008 11:09:41 PM - Report post

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thank you =3 i just noticed that some suposedly ohko super smashes weren't really ohko (take link's for example), others like dk's were obviously not meant for koing >.> so i decided to find out the %'s to help myself in battle and figgured it'd be a good idea to post it here as well.

question to nintendo: if dk takes 480% to ohko then... y even have a super smash? doesn't "super smash" sound like it means kos at 30%+? it doesn't really make sense. dk can ko a person at 100% (maybe less) with his regular smash makeing his super smash more of an attack just to raise his opponents % which doesn't fit the name =P

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