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Worthy game ?
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    Massiveattack posted on Mar 11, 2008 11:39:15 AM - Report post
    There have been many roman city builders released recently, is this one of the better ones ?
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    GhettoAlchemist posted on Mar 11, 2008 4:06:52 PM - Report post
    Well it all depends on who u r. Like most romen games have the same bulding concept but there always something diffrent.
    P.S this game is worth it, pretty fun but still thats my opinion
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    hunterman52 posted on Feb 24, 2009 1:22:28 PM - Report post
    if you like to build big empires and watch it grow just like black and white 2 and 1 then this game is probley going to suit you also if you like to watch defend or attack then again this is the one .. stragety games are getting better and better .. give it a try. on the demo before buying though i recommend
    "A ruler who becomes strong well one day become weak"
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    McIntyre4206 posted on Aug 15, 2009 2:23:54 AM - Report post
    It's by the same makers of CivCity: Rome I believe. Which was one of the better roman builder games. Anyways I have tried to demo and it is by far the best one I have seen. The building part is far better optioned and set. There is no complications and every building even comes with automatic setting of little dirt roads. They don't give increased speed but are more for visual effects.

    All the buildings are complete perfect and the main building where the setters arrive is fantastic. It starts as a big property with nothing but the main building and you can expand it and get better bonuses with it for the buildings around them. Also every expansions allows more taxation. (better taxation system imo).

    The trading ability is great as well. There is no more checking the map to see which cities is near you for limited trade. You get a wide variety of options for buying and selling and best of all it shows the market price value of the product to see which ones you might want to focus on collected so you can sell the higher valued product for more money. Such as olive oil is pretty high valued in the game. Not as much as resources like stone, gold, iron, etc but still pretty good for a resource you basicly mass produce.

    Also the game allows for better strategies. All buildings need houses nearby or other-wise nobody will work there. Unlike the other builder games where you can build as much resource or other buildings as you want without worrying about housing the individuals.

    Also the markets are better in the game. All markets (one building) sells a variety of different products ranging from food to clothes. One building that sells it all to the civilians around it. Rather that previous games where you had to build multiple buildings to sell that individual product. The markets also has a much wider range so you can build more houses in the area without having to build addition school, market, taverns, etc buildings constantly.

    The military aspect of it is also great. It's not the best military game in the world but for a builder game and for a roman builder game it beats all else I have seen. All soldiers require the weapons for there specific type and also clothes provided by the same building civilians get theres and the clothes act as a upkeep. It makes it even more challenging but the fighting is also much improved. You can also build better walls and can now build gates.
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