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Gearhead Club
Greendaysuks136  posted on Jun 05, 2008 4:34:35 PM - Report post

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They already closed the GM plant here in OK.
SuperSkyline89  posted on Jun 05, 2008 4:37:23 PM - Report post

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That is one very nice collection you have there.
SKUD666  posted on Jun 05, 2008 9:26:42 PM - Report post

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originally posted by KodiakIV

Well. Time for my first post in this group .

I'm 18 years old, me and my father are Car Enthusiasts.

Our Daily Driver:
1991 Mercury Cougar XR7 5.0L V8
GReddy Supercharger (Stage 2)
Tokico Front Sport Suspension
Borla Dual Exhaust system (True)
Custom Header
Quite a Few Aftermarket Engine part Replacements.

Our Baby:
1974 Ford Mustang Boss 420
Too Many to Freaking List.. I'll let your imagination run wild, we have her at 650HP.

My Personal Project:
1998 Honda Civic CX
Acura Integra B18c Engine Swap
GReddy Stage 2 Turbo (20psi)
Custom made Header
Borla 2 1/4 Exhaust system
(Mod list is small on this one, just started it a few months ago)

Sounds like your off to a good start. How about posting some pics to show them off?

Chingy42007  posted on Jun 06, 2008 1:11:18 AM - Report post

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A Mercury Cougar?

Never liked those things, sorry, but the rest sounds pretty frikking aasm.

KodiakIV  posted on Jun 09, 2008 12:50:59 AM - Report post

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Haha, Thanks for the responses guys, I'll get some pics on here when I get the opportunity to do so :P

Til then, Let your imaginations run wild

SuperSkyline89  posted on Jun 14, 2008 4:46:13 PM - Report post

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This topic used to be popular so I thought I might resurrect it. Just some interesting news I read.

Video: Nick Faldo vs. the Mercedes-McLaren SLR
Mercedes-Benz has entered a strange contest with English golfing legend Nick Faldo by pitting its McLaren SLR Roadster against Faldo’s golf swing. It may seem a little unfair, but the SLR does have a major advantage. While the golf ball decelerates as it flies through the air, the 626hp (427kW) supercar only gets faster and in fact can reach 200km/h in just eight seconds. Follow the jump to see whether it’s the supercar or the golf ball that makes it to the finish line first. Link

Japanese bridges to generate power from vibration
It’s not the first time the Japanese have taken the novel concept to reality. A bridge over the Arakawa River already uses the vibrations from passing cars to power some of its lights at night. The new project will expand the technology to the other four bridges on Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway. Link

Caparo to debut at 24 hours of Le Mans
Caparo is set to make its first ever appearance at the 24 hours of Le Mans this year, after signing a partnering agreement with the Barazi Epsilon team. The team will be competing in the LMP2 category and will provide Caparo with the opportunity to develop lightweight structures and components to further develop its T1 road car and future projects. Link

The race with the SLR McLaren was pretty cool. And the Japanese bridge thing is just amazing stuff. Not that I'm really surprised, Japanese technology is just amazing stuff.

WAFFLES  posted on Jun 14, 2008 6:15:42 PM - Report post

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yeah u all have nice collections but im only 16 so im yet to purchase my first car but im saving up to buy my uncles 1967 camaro z28 black with metalic silver racing stripes and a 6 cyl 464 horsepower big block crate motor WITH a super charger and turbo no rust spots any thing sweet as hell hes saleing it for 12,000 dollars american hes was origonaly saling it for 45,500 dollars but im his nephew so 12,000 4 me

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SuperSkyline89  posted on Jun 14, 2008 6:23:15 PM - Report post

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I actually don't have a car of my own. I just drive my dad's van wherever I go.

But I'm going to work every summer between school and the money is going into GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificate). So I'm guaranteed interest on the money. I'm going to put around $6000 a year in there. So by the time I finish 4 years I'll have around $18000 before the interest I earned (That's only 3 summers because the summer after I graduate I won't be getting a summer job, for obvious reasons). Plus if I do masters I'll get another 2 years of money bringing that to $30000 before interest.

With that I'm going to go buy a Certified used Mercedes or Audi. Until then, I live at home during the summer, work at the same place as my dad, and live at school during the year so I don't need a car. But it'll be worth it to have a first car being a used $30000 Benz and maybe even an AMG.

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