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    blue_sky posted on Aug 28, 2010 6:07:05 PM - Report post
    originally posted by LordHammer

    The blues are in heavens peak not evernight forest

    I'll elaborate. The Blues' cave in the Heaven's Peak swamp, which is surrounded by poison clouds, is not connected to the cave where you find the green minions.
    Get the Greens - take your Browns through the Evernight Forest and into their caves; can be a bit confusing to make your way through, but pay attention to detail - then take your newly found Greens to the Blues' cave and clear the way with them.

    Unless you're fond of backtracking to swap minions, you'll have to take an increasingly multi-colored horde with you.

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    Hunter48 posted on May 31, 2011 7:28:47 PM - Report post
    Also, you might want to clear any vegetation you can in the Blue cave, as I've found that when carting the hive out the minions will get stuck multiple times because of blockage.
    Do, or do not. There is no "try".
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    Kakashi426 posted on Jan 13, 2013 8:23:48 AM - Report post
    First of all you have to go to the evernight forest and destroy one of the roots from the huge tree that contains one of the hero's which is the eternal slumber elf. After that you're gonna have to follow a weird path by using your right mouse and left mouse button to control your minions. You're gonna have to use some kind of poisonous fruit in order to defeat those monsters that are standing in group of three. After you defeat one group send all of your minions across the shore and hit Q in order for them to stay in place. Repeat the process over and over again until you get to the cave.
    Viridian Caverns ain't that much of a challenge so you should complete it fairly easily, once you get them grab some greens and had on to heavens peek to pick up some blues.

    Once you're there clean up the mess those zombies made and make your minions stationary at a place while you go ahead and hit the wall two times, to create a bridge. Once that's done go ahead and walk into the cave, clear the poisonous gas first of course, and follow the minions to the hive. Make sure you have at least 20 minions to control first since the hive takes 10 to control (Make sure the blue minion hive is actually carried by blue minions, if you don't have that many blue lifeforces go out of the cave and head on into the lake and kill those ugly birds to get some) and then later on you'll find a gold stash and you'll need 5 minions to carry it. You're also gonna need lots of mana so make sure you save it. At one part you're gonna find a wheel that's surrounded by few ugly birds and the only minions that have access there are the blue ones. You can use the blue's to grab an egg and run away or you can use your spell and burn down all the birds. Once that's done move your minions to the wheel and turn it. When you finished turning the wheel grab three minions and go on ahead and move the stone off of the gayser (or w/e it's spelled).

    You're gonna face a huge serpent also in the middle of the cave, you can defeat her by having your browns stand by at your command and using ONLY ONE OF YOUR BLUES to tease it so that the snake tries to snatch him. Once the snake's head is near you send your minions onto it and you attack it as well, once it moves back to its original position recall your minions, but make sure you click as many times as the number of minions you sent in because you don't want to pull the blues in and let them die.

    That's basically it, I'm sure you have a guide somewhere on youtube but yeah, this could help a lot too

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