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Missing Companion
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    Send a message to VinceChlortho
    VinceChlortho posted on Feb 07, 2008 8:29:44 PM - Report post
    I recently saved my game, with all party members alive and healthy.

    When I logged back in, Khelgar (dwarf monk) had dissappeared.
    All that was in the party spot was a picture of a shadow character. No health was in the health bar.

    I restarted- nothing happened.
    He is not in the Sunken Flagon.

    He just dissappeared.

    Does anyone know what happened/ Is there any way to get him back (via a cheat)?

    Last time I checked I had good influence, so I don't think he left party options, but if that did happen, is there anyway to get him back?


    VInce Chlortho
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    Nadroji posted on Feb 10, 2008 6:13:53 PM - Report post
    Hey Dude,
    I recently ran into the same problem and there was only one way to fix it that I found... First of all it happened only at one point in the game, and it only happened to the last character I had in my list... Every time I left the Docks, whoever was at the bottom of my portrait list would dissapear from my party (and if I went back to the Flagon they would be gone too)... Basically, if you go back to an earlier save-point, shorten your party to one or 2 people just for you next travel and then when you're done in that area, the glitch should be gone (or at least it was for me)...

    By the way, even familiars would dissapear, but they can just be re-spawned, other characters can't be, and I have no idea if they ever come back. But just in case you're stuck, I would assume the glitch would fix itself at some point, and you would find the missing character back at the Flagon like nothing ever happened...

    Hopefully that helps!
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    Send a message to mcerny01
    mcerny01 posted on Feb 11, 2008 4:39:24 PM - Report post
    I'm having the same problem....

    Im justing starting the second section of the game, and for some reason Neeshka has disappeared and theres only a shadow where her image should be, like mentioned in the original post.

    The only problem is, Im at the point in the game where you are not allowed to leave the city (have to become a squire), and when I try to even travel to the Market, nothing appears on the list for a point to travel to. So I'm stuck in the Docks with no where to go, and no previous saves! Any help is appreciated
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    Send a message to VinceChlortho
    VinceChlortho posted on Feb 12, 2008 9:23:31 AM - Report post
    I used a solution I read on the NWN2 boards from somewhere.

    You need to have a saved game with the missing companion in it.

    Go into my documents, neverwinter nights 2/ saved game folder.

    Find the saved game with the companion still there, copy the companion named file to the saved game file where the companion is missing. It is some sort of (.rps file or something).

    After I did that, Khelgar, my missing companion was back in the Flagon-where I was able to put him back in party upon leaving.

    A better explanation is on the NWN2 boards somewhere.

    it worked for me, but since I had played a while without the dwarf-he was short a few levels and only had the inventory of the earlier saved game, so if you need better stuff, just give it to the missing guy in the earlier saved game, save it. Copy that file into the one you are playing. And the person will be back with all the cool stuff.

    On the boards it said it had something to do with all the animal companions running around. They said to manually make your characters deatcivate their animals in their character AI page. If you need the animals you have to personally pull them out. But said to put them up before making a map move( they also said to animal your druid too).

    It worked for me, but not I am going to have to adjust his xp, but you need the dwarf to pass an ACT 2 quest with the temple of tyr and a priest named hlam.

    Hope this expalantion helps.
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    Send a message to Jcke
    Jcke posted on Sep 15, 2008 11:57:47 PM - Report post
    Maby you can try to make your party members limit higher with a cheat code. for example to 6 members.
    Press enter during the game and type in the chat window:
    ## DebugMode 1 and press enter again.Then press enter again for the chat window and type ## rs ga_party_limit (6) and press enter again.The code is case-sensitive.
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    Bider5 posted on Apr 04, 2009 10:03:47 PM - Report post
    i encntered this problem,but not in the first time i played the was about my sixed game that it happeneds and i dont know it was for that i edit modfils or sommoned to many animal and demons at once.but when this thing happens,the companion who is missing is simply lost in last place he was with you,when you pass a door and lose someone just get back and he or she will back to the party.
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