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Pacific Storm Allies Trainer
oleg_popov  posted on Mar 18, 2008 4:16:49 AM - Report post

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Yeah. An UK-Version of the trainer would be awesome.
raist86  posted on Dec 02, 2008 12:23:09 PM - Report post

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originally posted by knightpress

While it's not quite a trainer, there are ways to modify/edit the game for incredible power...

First you will need the ModTools: www.savefile.com/projects/808495177

That link has "Allies Mod Tools" as well as numerous other things, but I don't recommend fiddling with the others until you have a feel for the basics.

Now, before you use any tools I'm going to give you fair warning and STRONGLY suggest you back up each and every file you touch, 2 seconds of preparation can save a lot of time in headaches. That being said, I bare no responsibility for anything you monkey up, so please don't send me messages asking me to fix what you broke.

Now, since the blood of your mistakes is preemptively washed off my hands, let's have some fun!

Within the ModTools there is a wonderful program AttrConv, it will be your best friend as it will convert many of the XML files to a much more useful format that you can easily edit with Wordpad.

In your "Program Files\CDV Software Entertainment USA\Buka and Lesta\Pacific Storm Allies\data\params" folder you will find a file "GameParams", and it is the backbone of the game, so for God's sake make at least one backup that you will never EVER alter in case you foul something up. Once backed up, converting it is incredibly simple, drag and drop the GameParams file on top of the AttrConv program icon and it will automatically unpack it (it should go from about 2mb to a bit over 4mb or so).

Once it's unpacked, make another backup (I know it sounds tedious, but it's a relatively small file, and this can get you back to "unpacked and unedited" with a mere copy/paste).

To start editing the file, just right click GameParams and Open With -> Wordpad.

The basics of editing are pretty simple, first just about everything is listed as:

object name=

For instance, if I wanted to modify the Yamato class battleship(s), I'd do a find (ctrl + F) and type

object name="Yamato"

(including the quotes as there are other references to Yamato).

Below the object name= line, there are numerous values, some you can edit, but others you should either avoid messing with or just wait till you know what you're editing better so as to not break the mechanics.

To build the ship faster, the value you're looking for is:

float name="DTimeProd" value="180."
float name="NTimeProd" value="450."

And the number is the amount of days, so making that 180 & 450 into 1's means super fast Yamato building. I recommend using 1 for a really cheap/fast number because making things too low (fractional or nothing at all) can sometimes disagree with the game, however making it that cheap/fast is completely insignificant to your budget and time-scale in the game, and best of all the game is perfectly happy to use small numbers.

To make them cheaper look for:

float name="Money" value="40000."
float name="Iron" value="70200."

If you want to make them super cheap, make both of those numbers 1's and they will be cheap as dirt to build.

For now, I highly recommend not trying to change anything else with the ship and just use the pre-defined game mechanics as many other things of a ship/plane are inter-dependent with the parts they equip, so changing one thing on the craft may well not actually do a whole lot if the component that controls a stat isn't changed as well.

Now for Technology, both to make it super cheap and fast do another Find (ctrl+F) for the line:
object name="TechnologyByCountry"

Beyond that line is a VERY long list of technologies for all three main countries. If you want all the technology for the USA to be super fast and super cheap, run down the list for all the technologies with the value “USA” in:

string name="Country" value="USA"

Then any entry you see that is USA, look for two lines, one above and one below the Country Value:
integer name="Cost" value="57600"
integer name="MinTime" value="300"

It’s really pretty straight forward what the two mean, Cost is the price of the technology to research, and mintime is the minimum time to research it in days, so make them both 1’s and that tech will research in a day for 1 dollar (or the equivalent in Yen/Pounds given the game’s calculated exchange rate). Before you even ask it, YES, you can edit every single tech for one specific faction so that only you get the benefit and can be fully researched in a week or so, this includes the atomic bomb technologies.

I think for now I’ll leave off with the basics I’ve relayed here, it’s plenty to get an idea of what you’re doing and if you mess anything up it’s not too hard to track down the mistake or simply undo whatever it is you’ve done. If there’s enough interest I’ll look into making a more advanced tutorial on specific parts of craft to edit for simply ridiculous capabilities, but this is after all the goal of cheating.

I've modified the GameParams file as per instructed by you. However, nothing's changed when i start the game. It still takes 300 days to research something instead of 1 day. Anything i missed out? My GameParams file is 4.5mb. Do i need to compile it back to the original size? how do i do that?

borenson  posted on Jul 05, 2009 10:56:06 PM - Report post

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I know the post is old, but I thought i would respond to the last posted reply, the reason why your edited gameparams.xml file doesnt work, is cause with the 1.52 patch put out they packed a copy of the gameparams.xml inside the ach00002.sma or whatever its called, and they way the program work is that the .sma files are read before anything else, so editing the gameparams.xml in the data/params/ folder wont work anymore, there is a fix floating around for that the mod community member put up since everyone is use to the "/mod/" folder for modding, the only other way to get it to work is to go with a patch of the game before 1.52, US original retail comes installed 1.51, and the uk is 1.1 theres still a patch to 1.4 instead of 1.52.

this is the link to the 1.52 UK patch fix:

and on this page scroll down till you see number 40 on the list and thats the NA patch fix:

[Edited by borenson, 7/5/2009 10:58:42 PM]

gijas04  posted on Jul 24, 2009 4:39:10 PM - Report post

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Thanks for the info borenson. I had the same problem with tweaking the games params file but not seeing my alterations ingame while playing. I had the UK version and installed the 1.52 patch prior so that must have been why it was not working? Anyway, thank you for the enlightenment.

[Edited by gijas04, 7/24/2009 4:40:08 PM]

TENGILL  posted on Feb 22, 2010 11:00:18 AM - Report post

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I guess a trainer for the 1.6 patch is out of the question?
jtdude100  posted on May 05, 2011 6:59:08 AM - Report post

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same here. but when i lode the game with the trainer using the us 1.5 patch (which is the 1 ive alaways had) y dosent it work? it says it has a problem with the resources line, so i no its working but idk y the game wont let me. Help PLEASE! (ps. i enter a battle in arcade mod when im ina campain but when ever i quit the battle it alaways crashes. help me with that 2 if u could)
Crusader16  posted on Jul 26, 2011 7:51:06 AM - Report post

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Ok i have the U.S version of the game and have applied the 1.52 patch but the 1.52 doesn't seem to be doing anything when using the options. I have tried with the no cd exe as well.

Any ideas?

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