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Tips/Hints for hunting monsters?
Lionheart12  posted on Jan 24, 2008 7:43:23 PM - Report post

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can someone give me some tips and advice on how to get 10 of each monster in every area?
SoulSpark  posted on Jan 24, 2008 9:11:30 PM - Report post

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It's much easier than you think.

Here's what I recommend:

1) Customize First Strike on Tidus's capture weapon: (Return Sphere, you should have plenty from boss fights).

2) Run around the Calm Lands, and capture one of each monsters there. It's really easy. Just make use of Lulu's Demi, Wakka's Sleep Buster, and Yuna's healing capabilities, if you run into a Malboro, have Tidus provoke it, to disable Bad Breath, then pound on it as you want. Protect on Tidus will help lessen the damage he takes. Remember that the Stronger fiends are found more often in the north-west parts.

3) Go to Mt. Gagazet and capture a Bandersnatch ( the wolf), no need to capture anything else from there.

4) Return to the monster arena, and talk to the manager. He'll give you the chest with Yuna's Nirvana. Exit, then talk to him again, he'll fork over 60x Farplane winds. Use those to customize DeathStrike on Auron's Capture weapon.

5) Go to the Remiem Temple (train a chocobo with the lady, and go right from the Calm Lands entrance, then use the chocobo feather). Go left and check the sphere, then go right and ride the chocobo. Win the race the fist time, to get a Cloudy mirror. Now repeat the Race again, and win with 4 chests open, and no poles hit, you'll get 30x Pendulums. Use those to customize Master Thief on one of Rikku's armors.

5) Repeatedly fight Anacondaur's in the Arena and steal Petrify Grenades from them till you have 60 of them. Use those to customize StoneStrike on Wakka's capture weapon. 2 per steal with Master Thief. Steal 20 more and make a Stoneproof armor from Tidus.

6) Fight Bandersnatch in the arena over and over while stealing Dream Powders from them. Get as many as you can, they're immensely useful.

7) If you don't want to use Lu's Demi in capturing, go to Bikanel Island, and capture a Sand Worm there. Then fight it in the Arena over and over while stealing Shadow Gems from it.

Dream Powders and Shadow Gems, with StoneStrike and Death Strike on your weapons, will make short work from almost everything except a couple of Monsters inside Sin and in Omega Ruins.

-- Great Malboro: Use Tidus's First Strike Turn to Provoke it. This will prevent it from ever using Bad Breath. Now Cast Shell on everybody, Magic Break the Great Malboro, and pound away on it till it's captured.

-- Demonolith: Throw a Silence Grenade on them (Steal from Fungae enemies), then pound on them without fear of Phearo's Curse. Make sure to have Tidus equip his stoneproof armor first though, so Breath won't petrify him. With Silence on them and Tidus under Haste and Stoneproof, they're not hard. Just make sure to cure Zombie (from their attacks) before you heal yourself.

-- Varuna: Haste on Wakka and have try to petrify, easy.

-- Behemoth King: This thing hits hard, but don't worry, it'll be harmless for us. First thing, have Tidus Provoke it. Now it won't use anything but it's normal attack on Tidus. Set up Protect on Tidus, and keep him adequately healed. Before you finish Behemoth King off, make sure that Auron is in the Front line party, with Protect set up, and that he's defending. Have Tidus or Wakka finish off the Behemoth King. Now Auron is 100% guaranteed to survive Meteor (this is only needed in the NA version, because in the PAL or INT versions, he doesn't use Meteor when captured).

Just remember, make use of those Dream Powders, then assault with Stone/Death Strike. If the fiend is immune to both (very few), use Shadow Gems and magic to whittle down their HP.

-- Spirit: Have Tidus use Provoke on it. It will heal your party on it's turns.

BTW, using provoke on Zaurus, Halma, and Black Elements, will cause them to skip their turns all the time till the provoker is switched out of the front line. Make use of that.

If there's a specific fiend you need help with, or with anything else, I'm still here to help.

[Edited by SoulSpark, 1/25/2008 4:18:59 PM]

kpenfold  posted on Mar 09, 2008 8:23:08 PM - Report post

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u make it sound so easy...
SoulSpark  posted on Mar 11, 2008 1:03:28 AM - Report post

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If it can be done in NSGNSNCNO and NSGNSNCNI, it should more than easy in a regular playthrough. With the tips I gave, it should be pretty easy

NSGNSNCNO: No Sphere Grid, No Summoning, No Customization, No Overdrives.

NSGNSNCNI: No Sphere Grid, No Summoning, No Customization, No Items.

The two most famous No Sphere Grid Challenges. Or the two "uber" challenges of FFX.

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