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Editing Gamedata.pak
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    1crash007 posted on Jan 12, 2008 7:10:10 PM - Report post
    To edit crysis gamedata.pak its in the crysis\game\gamedata.pak

    rename the file to show .rar if you don't see the extension open the folder options in explorer and turn on show known file types.

    So what we are going to edit is vehicle damage.

    first google notepad2
    use it to open the files ( but we will get to that part)
    open the scripts folder in the archive
    then entities
    then implementations ( in this folder it contains how fast the vehicle can move and such)
    then open xml (this is where the fun begins)
    pick any vehicle
    for this example we will use the asian_ltv.xml
    extract this file to the crysis\game folder with directories intact
    open this in notepad2 using openwith command (just right click)

    Go down to the following lines

    DamageMultiplier damageType="bullet" multiplier="0.00" DamageMultiplier damageType="moacbullet" multiplier="0.02" DamageMultiplier damageType="gaussbullet"multiplier="0.15000001"
    DamageMultiplier damageType="melee" multiplier="0.050000001" DamageMultiplier damageType="fire" multiplier="0.050000001" DamageMultiplier damageType="collision" multiplier="0" DamageMultiplier damageType="explosion" multiplier="1" splash="0.25" DamageMultiplier damageType="frag" multiplier="0.25" splash="0.25"
    DamageMultiplier damageType="aacannon" multiplier="0.02" splash="0"
    DamageMultiplier damageType="c4" multiplier="1" splash="0.25" DamageMultiplier damageType="tac" multiplier="2" splash="2" DamageMultiplier damageType="avmine" multiplier="2" splash="0.25"
    DamageMultiplier damageType="scout_moac" multiplier="0.2"

    each one represents damage variables a 1 means instant explosion while using smaller numbers makes it take less of a beating now change collision to 0 (zero) and change some of the others if you want to.

    and that is how you edit a vehicle its fairly easy to edit when you use notepad2 cause everything is color coded
    have fun and try it with others.

    if you want i'll put up a tutorial to edit explosions size like my demo mod did.

    Important Update!!
    Upon further testing I still noticed the asian_ltv vehicle still took damage so in the file there is these lines

    engine / hull / wheel1 / wheel2 / wheel3 / wheel4 / wheel5 / fuelcan

    each of these contain the same info as above and edit them

    if you want to make the vehicle heavier or lighter there is one also called massbox = number change the number to anything. thats all I know for now. Will keep looking for more into these

    [Edited by 1crash007, 1/15/2008 7:18:32 AM]
    visit ---->
    Gamdata.pak tutorial for crysis
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    gsxr03 posted on Jan 14, 2008 4:21:14 AM - Report post
    Wow thanks man
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