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64bit timeline?
MeHoo  posted on Jan 12, 2008 2:08:17 PM - Report post

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As a website who offers a service and takes people's money to provide this service, i feel that an answer like "we don't have the tools.." is just not good enough.

I realize you are too poor to buy a 64 bit operating system since they are just soo expensive [free upgrade on 32 bit ones by paying only for shipping - directly through microsoft]. And i'm sure there are softwares that you need to use to make the trainer that are just not compiled for x64 yet [over 4 years after the first x64 operating system released]. Perhaps you don't have an x64 processor and just can't set up the system.. because building an x64 machine for this could cost you a whole 400 dollars...

But perhaps you can give us a timeline for when this will become a reality? As of now i have no faith that you will ever support those of us on x64 operating systems and because of this will not be renewing my subscription. IF i knew of a date that you planned to have this done perhaps it would ease my mind.

Hopefully you caught the sarcasm because frankly this is a retarded excuse to have and im not the only one here who is upset about it. Your customer service thus far on this topic is sad at best and hopefully you see this as an opportunity to change that.

And to the lesser minds who think by running the game in 32bit mode fixes this problem, going from 4 gigs of available ram to 2 is hardly efficient.

XtremeCheater  posted on Jan 12, 2008 2:21:44 PM - Report post

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I hope they will hear you buddy
dazza9075  posted on Jan 13, 2008 5:21:55 AM - Report post

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agreed, this is a joke, and the excuse that hardly anyone uses 64bit is equally stupid, from the steam survey it suggests that nearly 40% of CPUs are 64 bit capable (based on the fact that most 2 and all 4 core CPUs are 64 bit aware) yes it states vista 64 only makes up somewhere like 3% but im quite sure that doesnt include XP64, not to mention any linux systems. so the future is 64 and where are you going with it?

Remember, your providing a service, if you dont, then people will go else where, can you imagin when 32 bit kicked off, did people say, lets not write 32 bit software, after all, no one really uses it and it would cost us a bit too, i think not. T

Thats the same we're hearing now, and lets face it, how many of us use 16 bit OSs any more?

PWizard  posted on Jan 13, 2008 7:29:04 AM - Report post

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Thank you for the sarcasm, it's much appreciated.

I understand your frustration, but I think you should aim some of that frustration towards the game publishers. In 2007, of the hundreds of high profile game releases, how many actually had true 64-bit executable support? I can think of only two, Crysis and Hellgate. Now, surely if it were as simple as installing the OS and flipping a switch, wouldn't all of these game developers create 64-bit versions of their games seeing as how many of you users are out there?

While many people do have 64-bit CPUs, there are few actually running a 64-bit OS (as Polls have indicated). This is one of the problems. It's hard to justify dedicating tons of time and taking that time away from the majority of users to dedicate to the early adopters.

Our biggest issues have been time and available tools. Creating a trainer on the level of ours takes more than just T-Search and Trainer Maker Kit. We need good debuggers so that we can breakpoint the games and then must compile and protect the trainers. Where no tools exist, then we must create our own. This is not to mention what other challenges we must bypass to even learn and manipulate the 64-bit code.

I never said that we WEREN'T going to support 64-bit, I just said that we couldn't at the time. We've already ordered a new high-level PC with multiple OS's on it and working with 64-bit games will be one of it's purposes. Again, we'll have to work on it as time allows and as the proper tools are made available. We can't just stop making trainers for other games while we try and work out a single 64-bit trainer.

The last thing to consider is versioning. Take Hellgate for instance. There are 4 different executables for that game. 32-bit dx9 and dx10 and 64-bit dx9 and dx10. All different. Then throw in a completely different SEA version (with 4 different executables) and on some games the Steam and D2D versions. So far, we've created Hellgate trainers for both dx9 and dx10 versions through 4 different patch levels. Who else has done that? No one. However, when you add 64-bit into the mix, now we're having to update 4-8 separate trainers every time they decide to patch the game. THAT'S 8 DIFFERENT TRAINERS FOR ONE GAME. That takes a lot of time. If it's in a month like Oct and Nov when there are about 10-20 games coming out every week, you can see where it's difficult to justify the extra time involved.

To sum up, YES we know 64-bit is the future, as will be 128-bit and 256-bit one day. We are making preparations to start work on the 64-bit platform and will most likely be the first people to release a true 64-bit trainer just as we were the first to release true DX10-based trainers (and now we release DX10 trainers for every game that supports it). We will let you guys know as we make progress. Until then, please chill with all of the insults and sarcasm. Our programmer works his butt off making sure that we have trainers for virtually every game and patch released and I can assure you the games are not getting any easier to train.

The_CheatMaster  posted on Jan 13, 2008 1:49:46 PM - Report post

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Fair enough.Thanks for explaining.We will just have to wait.
After all,Cheat Happens is the BEST site for Cheat Codes,Hints and esspecialy Trainers.There isnt any website that's awesome like this one.It would be fair if we had patience.They have the best trainers.And if some doesnt work,they fix it.And how many sites are making,high-quality trainers and trying to fix them if needed?None.I,personaly,never encountered a trainer that doesnt work.
So,have a little patience,be fair.That's the least we can do for their hardwork.
hokkien  posted on Jan 14, 2008 1:28:23 AM - Report post

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be the first to made a 64bit trainer.
i know u can do it.
Caliber  posted on Jan 14, 2008 8:51:51 AM - Report post

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sorry i been under the weather (sick with flu or something) and didn't get a chance to read/respond to this thread with all the other work i been trying to do while feeling like crap but i think pwiz covered it all- couldn't have written it better myself.

i realize it is frustrating, especially when you fork over the money to get the most advanced, most expensive OS, vid card, etc. we just have to play catch up now with the tools and methods to get around this new world of 64 bit. i have had to write my own breakpoint tools, disassemblers, etc. to handle some of these newer games which don't fit into the same old category. imagine having to write a program just so you can debug/disassemble a game to make a trainer. well, we've had to do just that in many case.

there's no doubt that 64 bit is coming and the future is moving towards vista, dx-10, etc. we are making headway towards the goal of being able to make those types of trainers just as quickly and with the same quality as our trainers in the past. we appreciate some understanding and time to move towards that goal-

it's just as frustrating for us to deal with these games from our end!


MeHoo  posted on Jan 14, 2008 4:11:48 PM - Report post

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Thanks for the lengthy reply.

As to the sarcasm, i've seen numerous posts asking the same basic question i just asked get ignored or bypassed with a simple one liner that just didn't cut it for me. Sarcasm was to hopefully get your attention.

It worked.

To address the issue of 4-8 executables that you raised. If you make trainers for games, and want to charge money, you should accept that its not always going to be fun. There was no indication when i signed up that 64bit was not currently supported either. Also, if its only two games with 64bit executables, then why is it such a big deal to make 4-8 trainers? Its only two games. I've made lower level trainers before using simple apps, and i go way back to the days of scouring the codes with a gameshark to find that one infinite ammo tweak that didn't crash the game, so i understand the annoyances. I go back to the charging for a service issue.

All in all i wanted an answer and you pretty much gave it. All i can do is hope that with a game like Crysis that basically needs a 64bit OS and alot of ram to operate well, that we can expect a trainer for it soon.

With free trainers out there offering nearly the same experiences as yours, and often released just as quickly, this could be a huge edge above the competition IMO.

Once again thanks for the answer.

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