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Chingy42007  posted on Jan 27, 2008 4:53:27 AM - Report post

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She might be referring to real life again... >_>

Here's what I wrote in my FAQ. It focuses more on the racing itself, but not necessarily on the tuning, so I don't know. Have a look anyways.

Firstly, you need a car that has, on the stat bars, more handling than power. Most of these tend to be all-wheel-drive cars, a.k.a. 4WDs. Handling is essential in grip races, because it's all about going round a track, and not necessarily in a straight line. That's not to say power doesn't help, after all, you need quite a bit if you need to get round the track quicker than others.

There are a couple of ways of taking each and every corner:

- SLOW IN, FAST OUT: basically you approach the corner under braking, let go of the accelerator, turn in and then when you see the exit, you floor it. It's effective, but it's sometimes it's not the most practical or the most viable one.

- OUT-IN-OUT: approach the corner on the outside, then sharply turn in to the utmost inside (apex) of the turn. Accelerate on the way out, and don't turn much so that you occupy the outside of the exit of the turn. This is usually the fastest way of going through a corner, as the exit demands you to accelerate more than steer.

- POWERSLIDE: this is advanced, and is very similar to drifting. Your ABS, Traction Control and Stability Management must all be switched off, as they will interrupt your slide. Also, your car must be a rear-wheel-drive car, otherwise it won't work.

To initiate the slide, rush into a corner, brake a little, and do not turn the wheel until the last possible moment. Then, steer aggressively into the turn, and maintain your inertia using the throttle and a bit of counter-steer (turning in the opposite direction of the turn). Continue this to the exit, and straighten your car up.

Be warned - if this is not executed correctly, you will most likely spin out and damage your car. Asides from that, if the slide is not held correctly at the very end, it will position your car at an awkward angle, meaning it's more of an effort to straighten up, and more time-consuming. This means valuable seconds can be lost while attempting this.

- BLOCKADE: Occupy the middle line entering the corner, going through the corner, and exiting the corner. This is often the most frustrating maneuvre for your opponents, as they can't overtake without inflicting damage to the cars. In professional racing, this maneuvre is often used to psych out the opponents, as it frustrates and angers the driver, then the driver slips up and makes a mistake. Driving whilst angry = bad.

I don't know if that helped or not, just let me know. Sometimes it's not the tuning that wins the race for you, you know.
2hot4u  posted on Jan 27, 2008 6:23:32 AM - Report post

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On the game is a place to tune your cars,Chingy. I wasn't talking about real life. In THE TUNING SHOP there's a number to press that gives you info on tuning each area of the car,which helps you decide how you want each area tuned.
Chingy42007  posted on Jan 27, 2008 7:03:56 AM - Report post

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There's no "tuning shop", per se, it's just called the "garage".
JeanClaude32  posted on Jan 27, 2008 7:43:07 AM - Report post

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ok here's a kind of graphic to see how to tune your grip car:

Front Shock Compression Rate
Soft <-----|--+--> Stiff

Rear Shock Compression Rate
Soft <-----|--+--> Stiff

Front Shock Rebound Rate
Soft <-----|--+--> Stiff

Rear Shock Rebound Rate
Soft <-----|--+--> Stiff

Front Spring Rate
Soft <-----|--+--> Stiff

Rear Spring Rate
Soft <-----|--+--> Stiff

Ride Height
Low <-----+-----> High

Front Roll Bar Stiffness
Soft <-----+-----> Stiff

Rear Roll Bar Stiffness
Soft <-----+-----> Stiff

Front Tire Pressure
Low <-----+-----> High

Rear Tire Pressure
Low <-----+-----> High

Positive <-----+-----> Negative

Positive <-----+--+--> Negative

Positive <-----|----+> Negative

Steering Response Ratio
Loose <-----|----+> Stiff

this is my tuned porsche 911 turbo...and 2hot4u...trough your proto out the window cos it will only dream to be on 1st place against my 911 turbo

with this setup, you can easily win a race and leave your opponents behind with 1 lap or so ...so i highly recomend to tune up your car just like the graphic above...this is only the suspension i can also tell you how to tune your engine to squirt out some extra hp

2hot4u  posted on Jan 27, 2008 9:05:51 AM - Report post

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Its called "Tuning."
2hot4u  posted on Jan 27, 2008 9:10:58 AM - Report post

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Jean,I don't recall saying anything about a proto. If you mean the GTR Proto,I've never used one. I've used the GTR,which I know couldn't beat a 911.
SuperSkyline89  posted on Jan 27, 2008 9:47:38 AM - Report post

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"I mean, drags and wheelies I can turn chicken crap to chicken salad with some simple tuning but grip seems to get me"

There's a simple reason for that. Drag is basically the same every time, a straight and smooth track so it's easy to tune for that.

Grip is different, each track has it's own features and different types of turns. So a single tuning setup won't work with all the tracks. That's why you find it hard to tune for grip. One setup might work for a couple tracks but it can make your car handle worse in others. That's why I don't even bother with tuning, it's just too much work for something that isn't even real.

[Edited by SuperSkyline89, 1/27/2008 9:48:50 AM]

Dan_Sixx  posted on Jan 27, 2008 5:55:16 PM - Report post

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Thank you JeanClaude, thats what I have been asking for this whole time :P
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