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Do yu know i skipped a few steps?
Hailo95100  posted on Dec 16, 2007 3:41:49 PM - Report post

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After i got the floppy disk thing and went to the laptop,i finished the maze,the i came here and i did the piano thing.I got the paper,Then i went here again and saw a messge about the puzzle by the stairs.I did the puzzle and got the paper.Do you think i skipped a bunch of steps?
HardyGirl16  posted on Aug 21, 2009 8:24:31 AM - Report post

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No. You didn't skip any steps. Do you want to know what to do next? Did the fire happen yet and did you ask everyone about it? Has Rose told you you'll be alone in the house for awhile and that a messenger dropped off a letter for you in your room? Did Rose tell you she took one of the tapestries from your room to get dry cleaned? If, all that is done, go to where the tapestry used to be and you'll see a puzzle. There are a bunch of buttons that you need to press in some order. All the buttons have an animal on it. To figure out this puzzle, you need to go to Abby's room and find the book called The Zodiac and You. There is a list of all the chinese zodiac in there. It has a list of animals. All those animals are on a button for the puzzle. You need to write down the order of the animals and then push the buttons in the order. You will come to a combo lock. Instead of numbers there are chinese symbols. Remember the other tapesty: Listen my child to this story of dreams and know that the beginning is more difficult than it seems. When the ten daughters are reunited in order. When the four sided box loses its border. When the eye of the pheonix is in your hand when the bird of fire can see again...and so on. Remember how one word in each sentence was in gold letters while the rest of the words were a different colour? Like, Beginning and child and eye and everything? Well, you have to look for certain items around the house that has the chinese symbol for all these gold words. You have to do them in the right order. Child is the first one. You have to go down to the library and go inside louis' secret passage and you'll find a painting there that has a chinese symbol for Child. copy down the symbol. and then you'll see that on the tapestry, the next chinese symbol you need to find is Beginning. You'll find the symbol in the secret desk in the attic. Copy it down. The next symbol is Daughters. Go into Nancy's room and go to the fireplace mantel and you'll find a dragon statue that has the Daughter symbol. Copy it down. Then go back to the library and go to the table and you'll see a piece with the symbol for Four on it. Copy it. Then, go to the upstairs dumbwaiter and copy down the symbol for Eye. Then go to the dining room and look in the drawer and copy the chinese symbol for fire. Then, go to Abby's room and find the symbol for moon on her desk and copy it down. Then, go to the basement in charlie's passageway and copy down the symbol for king. then, go under the piano, then open the suitcase and copy down the symbol for River. Go back to Nancy's room and look at the letter from Emily and copy down the symbol for gold. Then, go back to the puzzle and punch in the animal buttons in this order: Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and then pig. You will then come to the lock with the chinese symbols. Do the combo lock. The symbols/code is this: the child chinese symbol, then the symbol for beginning, daughters, four, eye, fire, moon, king, river, and gold. You will find another puzzle. It has suns and moons. The way to complete this puzzle is to click on all the moons and suns until all of them are suns. Then, you will come to a pheonix puzzle. you have to scramble all the pieces until you have a pheonix picture. You will hear a crackle when you finish. You will see a red diamond! If you remember correctly, one of the pheonix's on the banister of the staircase has an eye missing. That is the eye. Make sure it isn't nightime and go down to the first floor. Go to the banister and put the eye in. There will be a rainbow pointing to the pheonix picture on the floor. You will find its stuck. use the crowbar on it to open it. You will find gold! You will hear evil laughter coming from....LOUIS! He smacks you on the head and it knocks you out. Once you wake up, he'll be putting the gold into a sac. You have to stop him. Go to the left side of the staircase once you wake up. Go to where the latch is on the other side that keeps the candelier hanging. Pull on that so it comes crashing down on Louis. Tada! It lands on him and he doesn't get away. Case CLOSED! Good job!
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